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Every entrepreneur knows that salary is the means of survival for all or most of their workers. He knows that it depends on the salary that the worker can pay for the services, take the food home and have the opportunity to move to the workplace and arrive on time, to start the workday.

He also knows that the worker’s willingness depends on the salary rotated in a timely manner and that the delay can cause a natural indisposition that results in a decrease in the company’s performance.

But unforeseen situations may occur that may hamper the expected payment of the payroll: the payment of the work performed by contract was not timely; the order of the product that is made in the small industry was reduced; Sales did not meet expectations, among others.

What to do, in such a situation, particularly if there is no reserve capital to face? Apply for a loan in a traditional financial institution … Don’t even think about it! By the time the solution arrives, it may be late.

View all payday advance loans online lenders information

But in Wurm, we present an unbeatable alternative, for small businesses that need an immediate solution: an online loan for payroll payments, without paperwork, without bureaucracy and with flexible terms and rates.

They are loans granted based on the performance of the business, and not on the credit history of the applicant, with simple interest rates of only 9% and annual interest rates of 9.99%.

The entrepreneur sends us the application incorporated into our website, with the requested data, and receives a response within minutes, during business hours.

Then, one of our financial specialists analyzes the case, formulates the recommendations they consider relevant and 24 hours after the project is approved, the money will be deposited in the bank account of the applicant.

The possibility of acquiring a payday advance online, at oak park financial logo can cover all your expenses.