Ranking of payday loans from 18 years – loans for young people

Payday loan for 18 years have been a permanent item in the offer of non-bank institutions. All you need is an ID card. You do not need additional documents. You don’t have to confirm your income! Complete a simple online application and you will receive a credit decision in 15 minutes. Where to apply for a loan for 18 years? We present the ranking of payday loans for 18 years. The 12 best loan offers for young people ahead of you!

Payday loan for 18 years – where do I borrow the most?

Payday loan for 18 years - where do I borrow the most?

Fast Cash offers the highest loan amount. Apply for PLN 6,000 and pay back your loan for up to 65 days! Most importantly, the first payday loan is free. The borrower does not have to worry about costs. He gives back exactly the amount he received on the account. Freezl proposes a slightly smaller amount. For this company, you can apply for 5,000 PLN. The loan period is 35 days. In turn, Meta Credit offers the first loan for young people up to PLN 3,250 for 30 days. When searching for a suitable financial product, it is also worth checking the payday loan rankings or installment loan rankings.

Most loan institutions grant the first loan for free, except for Zengga and Porfel. Most importantly, you must show proof of income with an installment loan! Only in the case of Meta Credit the borrower may be asked to send copies of some documents.

The non-bank sector offer also includes a offer of payday loans for 19 years. Quick decision, transfer to the account – borrowing is simple and convenient.

Payday for 19 years have been offering:

  • Lus loan – payday pay for young people up to PLN 2,000 with APR 0%. The debt must be paid back within 30 days,
  • Globe loan – the first loan for young people for free in the amount of PLN 2,000. The loan period is 30 days,
  • Finance Key – quick loan from the APRC 0% in the amount of PLN 2,000 and with repayment time up to 30 days,

How to take payday pay for 18 years?

How to take payday pay for 18 years?

Applying for a loan for young people is extremely easy! After choosing a reliable lender, you must complete the formalities required by him.

Only four steps away from the payday loan for young people:

  1. Specify the loan amount and the time when you intend to pay it back.
  2. Fill out the form, providing basic information.
  3. Verify your identity as indicated by the lender.
  4. Wait for the loan decision and money from the loan.

The credit procedure is quick and uncomplicated, and most importantly – it is done 100% online. You do not have to leave the house to receive cash on your account. Money can be used in any way – it is enough to meet several conditions. It is also worth it

Who can benefit from a youth loan?

Who can benefit from a youth loan?

Age is not the only condition that lenders place. There are several other requirements you must have to receive payday pay for 18 years. What?

Payday conditions from 18 years:

  • Polish nationality,
  • permanent address of residence in the Republic of Poland,
  • steady income (you do not need to show proof of income!)
  • creditworthiness,
  • active mobile number
  • personal bank account in one of the Polish banks.

The key criterion is creditworthiness. Lenders accept various forms of employment, including specific work and commission contracts, as well as income from family benefits. Loan companies have a flexible approach to granting loans and adapt to the situation of customers.

Instant cash for young people and credit history

Instant cash for young people and credit history

Young people who have not used loans and credits so far may have problems getting a loan from a bank. But not at a non-bank institution! Although lenders are required to verify databases, they do not check every registry. And even if they look into the BIK database, the information contained therein does not necessarily prejudge the final decision. Each application is considered individually, therefore a loan without BIK for young people is possible!

Take a loan and start building your credit history, and the number of offers you’ll be able to take advantage of will increase quickly!

“Adults and adults can apply for loans from non-bank institutions. However, you must remember that these are well-thought-out decisions that will have a positive effect on our budget. Payday loans are supposed to serve our financial situation and not cause worse problems and contribute to the growing debt, “comments Zimon Zues