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The Best Credit Cards for Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval in 2022


Credit cards can bring a lot of benefits for our financial routines — until you receive erroneous charges and are unable to pay them.

They can be a financial tool that allows millions of people to purchase items when they require them. It’s among the most efficient and quickest ways to receive cash in a flash particularly if you have a poor credit score.

It’s a bit difficult to sort through the hundreds of credit cards on the marketplace in the present. There’s a lot of information and options available that one can easily become lost among all the information that pops up. Knowing which credit card is best for your needs as a customer and user isn’t an easy task.

The correct cards aren’t easy to locate The wrong cards could only make your situation worse. This is why it is important to be patient and think about all the options you have. However, don’t worry because our experts have completed the legwork and reviewed the top credit cards that work for people with bad credit oak park financial logo.

Our list of the top credit cards that are suitable for those with poor credit has been specifically crafted taking your needs into your mind. We’ve reviewed each card in detail and assessed their fees, rates along with their interest rate and reward programs. We also have included our recommendations to this ranking of five top credit cards that are suitable for those with poor credit.

What We Searched For

We analyzed every credit card available and you don’t need to. We compiled the following list of criteria to review all credit cards with poor credit scores, including some elements like:

  • Annual Cost:Some credit cards charge an annual fee. The cost is added to the total amount due and you’ll have be responsible for paying interest on that cost and the purchase unless you pay your balance off every month in full. That’s why we looked for credit cards that have lower annual charges.
  • Security DepositsCredit credit card firms, typically, however, will require you to make a fee also known as a security security deposit. The security deposit can be refunded provided that you make all your payments punctually. Credit card companies can increase your maximum credit amount after a specific period of time if you pay all your bills punctually. So, we sought credit cards that didn’t require advance payment as security deposits.
  • Annual Percentage Ratio The annual percentage rate represents the interest you pay on credit card. Making sure you pay your balance at the end of each month on the due date can avoid this rate of interest. Therefore, we recommend these credit cards to avoid high interest rates.
  • Bonuses and RewardsWhile there was a lengthy collection of credit card provided by different providers We loved adding those that offer a variety of benefits to customers.

Things to Take into Account When selecting a credit Card

Around a hundred thoughts run through your mind when you are looking to purchase a credit card. The majority of them are focused on finding the most affordable deal, not on how bad a credit card is.

Certain factors determine whether your deal to be either a boon or a curse. Therefore, we’ve compiled these for you to help. If you decide to pick the right card, don’t ignore these aspects:

  • Association With Credit Bureaus

If you are applying for a credit card, you should ask the company if the card can help you develop credit. If you think so, ask which agency or credit reporting agency the card is reported to. If it doesn’t report your transactions to the firms that prepare the credit reports necessary for the evaluation of credit scores, then choose a different card.

Because prepaid cards do not require borrowing money, they will not have to be reported to credit bureaus.

  • A Free Credit Score

The majority of credit card companies offer accessibility to the credit scores of their customers. This means that you can keep an in check your score and keep track of your financial health as time passes. This could also help you to locate an issuer who rewards for good behavior, or other programs that could improve your credit standing.

  • Fees

A credit score, as well as a rating, can have a major impact on the interest rate you pay for your loan. When you compare your credit cards, you need to decide on the interest rate as well as the method of calculation. The reason behind this is straightforward — the better your credit score will be, the lower interest rate you’ll be charged.

A lot of credit cards that are not secured advertise that they require no deposit to apply, however you could pay several hundred dollars of charges. In general, secured credit cards have zero or a small annual cost.

The cards are also free of additional fees. A deposit is required to get secured credit cards, however, you’ll get your money back if you decide to cancel the card prior to when your first bill is due.

  • Upgrade Chances

A bad credit score could help you build up your credit over the time in which you’re paying off your debts and making timely payments. Once you’ve become a higher credit risk, an unsecured card could be easier to obtain since it is not necessary to close the account you have and then open another one.

Thus, choose credit cards that come with endless upgrade opportunities.

Denver Offer Sheet This Week (November 11, 2022)

Schuman Cos. acquired the north parcel of Loveland Outlets, a Loveland, Colorado shopping center called “besieged” and “essentially vacant,” for $15 million from an undisclosed seller. Schuman will redevelop the 169K SF property into a mixed-use complex called Loveland Yards, with retail, offices and flexible condos available for sale and rental. Condos are priced from $165 to $300 per SF.

Courtesy of Buis Photos

Loveland, Colorado’s Loveland Outlets – soon to be Loveland Yards.

The property, located just off the intersection of I-25 and Highway 34 in northern Colorado, is zoned for commercial, office and light industrial use. Schuman plans to close on an additional southern parcel at a later date.


35 Inverness Drive East, a 65K SF office and industrial building in Englewood that remains fully leased to manufacturer Telodyne Technologies, being sold for an undisclosed amount. A spokesperson for CBRE, which represented the seller, declined to name either party to the agreement.


California-based Amplify Development Co. has sold University Lofts, a 36-unit mixed-use student housing property adjacent to the University of Denver campus, to an undisclosed buyer for $24.5 million.


3330 Ames Street in Wheat Ridge, a 22-unit building built in 1958, sold for $4.47 million.


Capital Square announced the start of construction on Steamboat Basecamp in Steamboat Springs, a 119-unit, mixed-use, multi-family property with 8K SF of retail space.


Greystone provided a $30.4 million Fannie Mae DUS loan to refinance Parkview Terrace Apartments, a 206-unit multifamily property in Thornton.

Young people from Inverness take part in the mini Dragons’ Den

Bond for Life: Lachlan Jack, Emma Parks, Dominykas Adomaitis, Felicity Hill, Ana Georgieva, Adriana Quinn, Zoe Henderson, Hanna Thompson.

Young people in Inverness and the surrounding area got their first taste of corporate finance earlier this month, taking part in a version of TV favorite Dragons’ Den.

Teams from Millburn Academy, Culloden Academy and Glenurquhart High School took part in the popular TV series version of Young Enterprise Scotland (YES), pitching their product idea to a panel of local entrepreneurs.

Glenurquhart’s Copper Carnations have been awarded £65 to help kick off their plans for a range of handmade recycled copper jewellery.

Copper Carnations: Jakob Finkler, Dylan Turner, Emily Beckley, Keira Lewis, Kirsty MacKay, Jasmine Pocock-Murray, Shannon Jepson.
Copper Carnations: Jakob Finkler, Dylan Turner, Emily Beckley, Keira Lewis, Kirsty MacKay, Jasmine Pocock-Murray, Shannon Jepson.

The school’s second team, Sweet Treats, also won £75 to fund their pick ‘n’ mix style sweets idea.

Millburn Academy’s Glassology received £90 to develop its sea glass jewelery line while Culloden Academy’s Link for Life received £50 to produce manuals to help older people use internet services.

Glassology: Abby Greig, Raluca Florea
Glassology: Abby Greig, Raluca Florea

All participating teams have also been given some useful advice on how to move forward with their plans in time to set up their stands at Young Enterprise Scotland’s annual Christmas trade show in Inverness High Street, Inverness on Saturday 10 December, where they hope sell as much product as possible.

Linda Thomas, President of YES Highland and Moray, said, “Dragons’ Den is always a challenge for our teams as they refine their product concepts and sell them to the panel.

“As always, our teams rose to the occasion, impressing our Dragons with their energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

“Since the pandemic, it has become clear that participating in the Jeune Entreprise Entreprise program is not just about learning how to run a business.

“Our youth teams gain experience by working together, coming up with innovative ideas and managing change and difficult circumstances.

“All of this is great preparation for their careers and will stand them in good stead, especially in these difficult times.”

Sweet treats: yler Overmeer, Toby Dicken, Finlay Denovan, Riley Dicken, Maxwell Garrison, Fern Ireland.
Sweet treats: yler Overmeer, Toby Dicken, Finlay Denovan, Riley Dicken, Maxwell Garrison, Fern Ireland.

The Dragons’ Den panel members were: Stephanie Andrew – Highlands and Islands Enterprise; Graham Alexander – AJ Engineering; Sarah Holmes – Pencil Me; and Grant Wright – Everybody’s Having Fun.

The Young Enterprise Scotland Company program for Highland and Moray works in partnership with local schools and businesses in the area to encourage young people to discover the different challenges and opportunities that come with running a business.

Over the course of a year, individual school teams learn how to run a successful business by designing and manufacturing products, marketing them, and managing the financial side of the business.

The scheme is aimed at young people aged 15 to 19 and the teams are supported by teachers as well as a volunteer business adviser from the local community and an area team.

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Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Names J. Craig Bailey General Manager of Denver Market | New


DENVER, Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital has announced that J. Craig Bailey will be its new Denver Market CEO. Bailey brings 20 years of operational leadership in healthcare to her work in Reunion. He most recently served as a multi-site administrator for an outpatient surgery center in the Greater Colorado Springs area.

Bailey holds a master’s degree in kinesiology and business administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. During his career, he held several leadership positions at the American College of Healthcare Executives, where he worked alongside other industry leaders to make healthcare safer and more accessible to everyone.

Prior to his most recent administrative position in Colorado Springs, Bailey held senior positions in operations, strategy and business development. As CEO of Denver Rehabilitation Hospital Marketplace, he strives to make Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital a provider and employer of choice in the greater Denver area. Bailey will lead the Denver and Inverness teams to achieve positive performance results on overall clinical, financial and operational capabilities. Bailey will also lead hospital teams to provide exceptional care and positive patient experiences that are a hallmark of Reunion rehabilitation hospitals.

About Reunion Rehab Hospital Denver

Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital offers Denver patients access to two convenient locations (Reunion Denver and Reunion Inverness). Our hospitals are designed to provide high quality, comprehensive post-acute medical rehabilitation therapies to a wide variety of patients. At these state-of-the-art inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, our clinical teams are embracing new tools and processes to give patients with functional, occupational, or cognitive impairments positive outcomes and the ability to return to active lives. For more information, please visit www.reunionrehabhospital.com.

Media Contact:

Nhi Le, [email protected]

Copyright 2022 GlobeNewswire, Inc.

MP apologizes after failing to declare £150,000 loan to Russian-born businessman


An MP has apologized after failing to declare a £150,000 loan from a Russian-born businessman.

David Warburton has been found guilty of twice breaching the code of conduct for MPs by failing to record or subsequently report the payment he received from Roman Zhukovsky, through the foreign company Castlebrook Associates Limited, in 2017.

The MP for Somerton and Frome has come under scrutiny after it was reported that he had provided a favorable reference to Mr Zhukovsky with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in March 2021, before the full repayment of the loan, describing him as “extremely capable and an honest and straightforward person”.

It was alleged in a complaint to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Kathryn Stone, that the MP’s actions amounted to paid defence, as he was “effectively paid by Mr Zhukovsky in the form of a loan”.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Kathryn Stone (House of Commons/PA)

However, Ms Stone concluded that while the payment should have been recorded in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests and subsequently stated in Mr Warburton’s reference to the FCA, the MP did not seek to confer “a benefit financial or material” to the businessman. .

It therefore did not constitute paid advocacy, she said, adding that she was also “aware” that the letter had been submitted “substantially outside the six-month time limit set by the House’s paid advocacy rules.” “.

Mr Warburton told Ms Stone he did not register the loan at the time as it was ‘totally unrelated’ to his role as an MP or ‘any parliamentary business’.

He also pointed out that it was “neither free nor at preferential rates”.

Detailing the circumstances leading up to the reference, the MP said Mr Zhukovsky had “occasionally briefed” him on efforts to “clear up his past dealings with the FCA”.

Mr Warburton said the businessman told him he had been advised to get ‘personal references’ and was ‘pleased’ to help in a private capacity.

He said his “only mistake in this whole episode” was to provide the reference on a parliamentary document, which he admitted was “inappropriate”.

He did not consider declaring the loan when he wrote to FCA, as it was “not completely related in any way” to the reference, he said.

Ms Stone said she was ‘satisfied with the evidence that the loan had not influenced Mr Warburton’s words or actions as a member’.

She said the MP had agreed to rectify his breach of the rules.

He also wrote to her “accepting my decision, acknowledging and apologizing for the violation”.

“As part of the rectification process, Mr Warburton has also agreed to the Castlebrook Associates Limited loan being belatedly added to the register of members’ financial interests,” she added.

Mr. Warburton currently sits as an independent MP.

He had the Tory whip removed earlier this year following the emergence of allegations of sexual harassment and cocaine use. He reportedly denied any wrongdoing.

Highland Council older and younger champions target social care and support in cost of living crisis

Councilor David Fraser

Work is on track to support Highland Council Champions for the Elderly and for Children and Young People.

Six advisors took on roles that could target five focus areas that were identified to maximize the impact of the champions.

These areas are: adult social care, including adult protection and the role of carers, transport, housing, financial advice and the cost of living crisis and health.

In August, Councilors Lyndsey Johnston, Pauline Munro and Chris Birt were named Child and Youth Champions.

Councilors Isabelle MacKenzie, Thomas MacLennan and Bill Boyd were elected to serve as Seniors’ Champion.

Chairman of the Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Committee, Cllr David Fraser, said: “The role of the champions for both sectors is an ambassadorial role – their job is to act as a link between the council and the two sectors defended at Highland. Within the boardroom, champions are expected to amplify the voices of those they represent.

“The update highlighted encouraging early progress to enable champions to develop and shape the role on issues and themes of particular importance to Highlanders. This model will help define role assignments and ensure that a wide range of themes are organically represented by champions who have a genuine interest in advocating for these people. »

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Leo Varadkar defends government record as he prepares to return as Irish PM

Leo Varadkar has defended his record in government as he prepares to become Irish Prime Minister again next month (Rebecca Black/PA)

Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar has defended his record in government as he prepares to return as Irish Prime Minister next month.

He will succeed Taoiseach Micheal Martin under the terms of the deal which saw Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Greens come together to form a government after the last general election in January 2020.

Mr Varadkar said he had learned after 12 years in government that you don’t know what is going to hit you, referring to war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit and a global financial crisis.

When we took power 11-12 years ago we had mass unemployment, we had people forced to emigrate just to find jobs, we did not control our own public finances

Leo Varadkar

He made the comments to the media in Athlone on Friday night ahead of his party’s Ard Fheis on Saturday.

“I think what you want to have in any country is a proven party in government that is capable of dealing with crises, that understands that you need to build resilience to deal with any challenge that comes your way. to you, a party that you can trust in difficult times and a party that can give you the security in difficult times to know that your job, your business, your livelihood will be protected at all costs,” he said. he declares.

“I wouldn’t deny the huge challenges we face in housing, health and justice, but I think we should also recognize the huge progress that has been made over the past 10 years.

“When we came to power 11 or 12 years ago, we had mass unemployment, we had people forced to emigrate just to find jobs, we didn’t control our own public finances.

“Look how different it is now, full employment, a job for everyone who wants one, rising incomes, lower income taxes, huge economic opportunities that wouldn’t have existed in the past.

“We can stand on our record in government.”

Serious injury appears to have ended Arbroath’s loan spell


Mason Hancock: Serious injury appears to have ended Arbroath loan

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Dornoch companies invited to BID for a stronger future

THE newly appointed Dornoch Business Group Coordinator invites businesses to share their thoughts on how a Business Improvement District (BID) might work for them.

The Dornoch Business Improvement Steering Group appointed Paula White as its new BID Coordinator earlier this month, taking a significant first step towards forming a new BID at Dornoch.

Paula White, newly appointed BID coordinator, and Neil Hampton, DACIC member and chair of the steering group.

Ms White, who previously worked with the Lairg & District Learning Center and currently manages Dornoch Hub, will begin her new role working with the steering group and conducting surveys with local business owners.

Over the next 12 months, approximately 200 eligible businesses in the Dornoch area will be invited to share their vision of what a BID could do for them, before a vote on whether or not to implement the new process.

The group aims to follow the lead of other BIDs that have been established in the Highlands, such as Nairn Connects and Inverness City Center BID.

Several voting conditions must be met in order to establish the new regime – in particular a minimum turnout of 25% of eligible voters, a minimum of 25% of eligible rateable value and a majority of votes and rateable value in favor of his training.

The new initiative would be funded through a levy by eligible businesses, based on the taxable value of the property occupied or owned by each business.

If the ballot is successful, the result will be legally binding on all eligible businesses in the region.

Ms White said: “As a group, we are stronger together. We can have a stronger voice as BID and can solve problems together. If created, BID will have a paid person in place who is available to companies to lobby on issues for For example, to combat rising energy costs, we may have the opportunity to approach energy companies to speak on behalf of the entire Dornoch area to to get better prices.The same goes for waste management or council and government issues.

“I’ve spoken to some companies who say finding staff is a real problem at the moment. As BID, we can work with schools and colleges, as well as employment agencies, to help these companies .

“Of course, I could suggest many ways a BID could help Dornoch businesses, but it’s up to the businesses themselves to tell us what they want – we really want to know what they would like us to do. for them as BID.”

The new coordinator will hold her first meeting of the steering group in early December, then will spend the next 12 months talking to companies in the IV25 basin to learn more about the issues facing companies in the territory.

Business owners wishing to find out more are welcome to contact Ms White by email at [email protected] or by mobile on 07471 200103.

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Markey joins team of Merkley, Bonamici and Jayapal to introduce legislation to protect consumers from predatory payday lending practices


Washington (November 16, 2022) – Today Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) joined Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Reps. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR-01) and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA- 07) presenting the Stopping Abuse and Fraud in Electronic Lending (SAFE) Act. The SAFE Loans Act will protect consumers from deceptive and predatory practices that rob working families of wealth by cracking down on some of the worst abuses stemming from the payday loan industry, particularly in online payday loans.

Under the leadership of the Trump administration, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has backtracked on nationwide rules protecting consumers from payday loan predators. Without strong CFPB protections at the national level, state laws protecting consumers will be all the more important.

Many states enacted tough laws to end predatory lending, but payday predators continued to use online lending to prey on consumers by hiding behind layers of anonymously registered websites and “money generators”. prospects” to evade law enforcement. Payday lenders with access to consumers’ bank accounts also issue money from loans on prepaid cards, linked to those accounts, which include high overdraft fees. When these cards are overdrawn, the payday lender can then access the consumer’s bank account and charge the overdraft fee, accumulating new debt. Even when the loan violates the law, predatory payday lenders can drain consumer bank accounts before individuals have a chance to enforce their rights.

The SAFE Loans Act of 2022 would enshrine in law three major principles to make the consumer credit market safer and more secure:

1. Make sure consumers have control of their own bank accounts

  • Ensure that a third party cannot take control of a consumer’s account through remotely created checks (RCC) – checks from a consumer’s bank account created by third parties. To avoid unauthorized RCCs, consumers could pre-authorize exactly who can create an RCC on their behalf, for example when traveling.
  • Allow consumers to cancel a direct debit on a small loan amount. This would prevent an Internet payday lender from stripping a checking account without a consumer being able to stop it.

2. Empower consumers to take back control of their money and increase transparency

  • Require all lenders, including banks, to follow state rules for small payday loans they can offer customers in a state. Many states currently have much stricter laws than the federal government. There is currently no federal cap on interest or any limit on the number of times a loan can be rolled over.
  • Increase transparency and create a better understanding of the small loan industry by requiring payday lenders to register with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • Ban overdraft fees on prepaid cards issued by payday lenders who use them to access consumer funds and add to the already exorbitant costs of payday loans.
  • Require the CFPB to monitor all other charges associated with payday prepaid cards and enact a rule prohibiting any other abusive charges on prepaid cards.

3. Ban lead generators and anonymous payday loans

  • Some websites describe themselves as payday lenders, but are actually “lead generators” that collect applications and auction them off to payday lenders and others. This practice is prone to abuse and has led to fraudulent debt collections.
  • The SAFE Lending Act prohibits lead generators and anonymous websites in payday loans.

Joining Markey and Merkley in the Senate, the SAFE Loans Act is co-sponsored by Senators Tina Smith (D-MN), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Chris Van Hollen (D -MD), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Ron Wyden (D-OR), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Martin Heinrich (D-NM).

Joining Bonamici and Jayapal in the Chamber, the SAFE Loans Act is co-sponsored by Representatives Earl Blumenauer (D-OR-03), Jesús G. “Chuy” García (D-IL-04), Sylvia Garcia (D-TX-29), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18) , Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC-At Large) and Katie Porter (D-CA-45).

The SAFE Loans Act of 2022 is endorsed by Americans for Financial Reform, Center for Responsible Lending, Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, National Association of Consumer Advocates, National Consumer League, National Consumer Law Center, Public Citizen and UnidosUS.

The text of the final invoice can be found here.


Things to do if you run out of money before payday

Source: inc.com

Living from paycheck to paycheck can be very overwhelming. You’re under so much pressure on how you’re going to pay for everything you’re supposed to pay, so you forget to enjoy life. Unfortunately, there is a high percentage of people who live this way. It can become even more stressful if the person is constantly running out of money before the next paycheck.

Finding a way to stop running out of money before payday is often easier said than done. But, what if we could tell you that it is possible? In this article, you’re going to find great tips that will help you reach payday without scraping the bottom of your bank account.

Ask yourself: why am I always short of money?


First of all, you need to summarize how you spend the money. You need to be open and very honest about your financial situation. First, pay attention to your drinking habits. However, don’t judge yourself if you notice that you are spending more money on certain things than you are supposed to. Having an overview of your spending will give you a chance to grow your bankroll management strategies and save money. Also, once you start the process of spending your money, it will get you to the root of your money leaks.

Get a payday loan for bad credit

Source: kamloopsthisweek.com

If you really have a problem collecting money before payday, you can always turn to FlashApply and get payday loans with bad credit. First of all, you should know that this is a completely legal way to get money in a fast and very convenient way. Best of all is the fact that it is available in almost every state. The procedure is incredibly simple, it can be done in a few short steps. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this type of personal loan credit. The second requirement is that you must be a resident of the state in which you are applying for the loan. Finally, you will need to provide some of your personal information which you can check in the link above. In short, a bad credit payday loan will definitely save you a lot of stress and help you overcome financial hurdles.

Take a closer look at your monthly budget

If you find yourself constantly running out of money between paydays, you definitely need to create a strategy for managing your bankroll. This means you need to budget every dollar you have and see where your money is going. Your main goal is to start by tracking all your expenses. By doing this you will be able to identify potential reductions. By tracking your money, you’ll probably notice that you’re giving away too much money for unnecessary things. You gotta get serious when it comes to your budget and approach cutting expenses in a reasonable way that will help ensure that your expenses stay within your income limits.

Source: thebalancemoney.com

This way, you won’t find yourself in the situation of spending more money than you can actually afford to spend. You can, for example, reduce your spending on entertainment. Also, if you find out that you really can’t cover all the important things with your income, you will at least identify the extent of your shortfall. Specifically, you’ll be aware that cutting some things and managing your budget won’t solve your problems, so you’ll be able to start to focus on manufacturing some other changes. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find that it’s possible to reduce how you spend money in certain key areas and eventually have enough money to pay all your bills. If you’re not lucky enough, your goal is to stay on budget and make sure your money lasts as long as possible without unnecessary spending. It would be wise to put your money in different envelopes that are named after specific categories. Once you’ve put money in the envelope, don’t open it.

You can reduce your fixed expenses

We understand that it is very difficult for many people to reduce their budget enough to meet their income. Indeed, reducing some expenses will lead to a reduction in the pleasure of the budget. The reality may be that you won’t have anything for entertainment, clothes, gym or anything else after paying all your bills. The solution isn’t to cut all the fun things out of your long-term life. In fact, there’s a much easier way to make budget cuts than cutting all the things you enjoy. We are talking about reducing fixed expenses. Chances are your rent, mortgage, car payment, or anything else in the fixed expense group are your biggest monthly bills.


So if you focus on them and find a way to cut one down, you’ll only have to make one big change instead of giving up all of your entertainment habits. Plus, it means you can get a cheaper car, find a roommate if you’re paying rent, or move to a cheaper part of town. We understand that things like this can take a big tweak. However, it won’t be that hard to adapt to it once you realize how much you can benefit from it. You will finally have money to pay all your bills each month without worrying and stressing about collecting the money.

Find out about government benefits

You may qualify for a special government program that can make a huge difference in helping you pay all your bills. For example, you can see if you qualify for SNAP benefits, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, or specific state, county, or local programs. Finally, if you are not qualified for one of the programs mentioned, you can always decide to increase your income by taking up some side activities.

Housing company boss paid £170,000 same year boy died due to mold in flat

The managing director of a housing company in charge of a flat where a two-year-old boy had prolonged exposure to mold was paid £170,000 in the same year the youngster died.

Two-year-old Awaab Ishak died in December 2020 of a respiratory illness caused by mold in the one-bedroom housing association flat where he lived with his parents Faisal Abdullah and Aisha Aminin in Rochdale, New York. Greater Manchester.

Mr Abdullah had previously complained to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) about the mould, a Rochdale Coroner’s Court inquest heard on Tuesday.

RBH chief executive Gareth Swarbrick was paid £170,000 for the 2020/2021 financial year, according to the housing association’s report and financial statements for the year ending March 2022.

Awaab Ishak, two, who died in December 2020 (Family handout/PA)

The document also shows that Mr Swarbrick’s salary was then increased to £185,000 for 2021/2022 – the year after Awaab’s death.

The revelations drew criticism, with social housing campaigner Kwajo Tweneboa calling the amount Mr Swarbrick earned ‘disgusting’ while ‘failing to provide a decent standard of living for those for whom his organization is meant to provide a service’.

It comes after Housing Secretary Michael Gove accused Mr Swarbrick – who he said earned “north of £150,000” – of “hiding behind the procedure”.

“Honestly, it’s beyond belief that this guy is still in office. He’s coming here to explain to me why this tragedy could have happened,” Mr Gove said.

“This is an unacceptable tragedy,” he said.

Mr Gove said he summoned Mr Swarbrick to the Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities.

Awaab Ishak, two, who died in December 2020 (Family handout/PA)
Awaab Ishak, two, who died in December 2020 (Family handout/PA)

Mr Swarbrick said: ‘I can confirm that I received a letter from the Secretary of State for Levels, Housing and Communities today and will meet to discuss his concerns as soon as possible.

In an earlier statement, he said Awaab’s death should be a “wake-up call for everyone in housing, social care and health”.

Mr Swarbrick said: “We have and will continue to learn some hard lessons.

“We have not recognized the level of risk to a little boy’s health from mold in the family home. We allowed a legal process of disrepair, widely used in the housing industry, to prevent us from tackling the mold quickly.

“We have to make sure this never happens again.”

In a statement after the hearing, the youngster’s family said: ‘We cannot tell you how many medical professionals we have cried in front of and the Rochdale Boroughwide Housing staff we have implored, expressing our concern for the conditions that we and Awaab have experienced. .

“We shouted as loud as we could, but despite all that effort, every night we came back to the same problem.”

They said they felt ‘absolutely worthless’ by RBH and alleged they had been treated that way because they weren’t from the UK.

Sales increase in all sectors for Highland Industrial Supplies

Highland Industrial Supplies is headquartered in Seafield Road, Inverness.

Pre-tax profit rose for an Inverness construction equipment supplier.

Highland Industrial Supplies – which files as HIS Holdings – also sells to the engineering, agricultural, manufacturing, hotel and restaurant industries, as well as to the public.

The company is also involved in the leasing and development of commercial real estate.

Revenue also increased for the year ended January 31, 2022.

A strategic report accompanying the company’s latest accounts said: ‘Previous year’s figures were affected by government restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sales increased in all sectors, with only our hotel and restaurant supplies still being impacted by the restrictions.

“During the year, we expanded our range of building materials to include roofing products.

“Our internet sales have seen significant growth and we continue to invest more in our website, with many products being added daily for customers to view and purchase items online.”

Turnover rose from £42,618,612 in 2020/21 to £55,629,949 for the following 12 months. For the same period, pre-tax profit rose from £1,870,029 to £2,834,518.

The report adds: “The main business risks and uncertainties affecting the group are considered to relate to the impact of the crisis in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, competition from national and independent retailers and Internet sales. .

“The current economic climate will continue to bring difficult times ahead. Current global politics and the effect of Covid-19 have resulted in a nationwide supply shortage as well as increased fuel and power costs.

“The group has worked successfully to secure contracts and strengthen relationships with existing and new suppliers to best mitigate the situation.

“Cost control remains important to the business and as such, directors regularly review cost levels and key ratios to ensure costs remain at an acceptable level.”

The average number of staff fell from 221 in 2020/21 to 215 in 2021/22, while payroll costs fell from £7,168,143 to £7,879,031.

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Postscript: Barbara Fallon, her door and her heart were always open | Local News


Sometimes when Joe Fallon got up early to open his Inverness deli, it was not uncommon for him to find a stranger sleeping on his living room sofa or in the kitchen having a drink from the fridge.

This is because his wife Barbara believed that their “door is always open”.

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After graduating from King’s County Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn, New York, Barbar…

Joe's Deli

Joe’s Deli in Inverness was a favorite place to eat for 44 years until it closed in 2017. The first Joe was the late Joe Silvestro, shown holding his granddaughter, Amy. Silvestro left the deli to his son-in-law, Joe Fallon, seen here with his wife, Barbara (Silvestro) Fallon, who died Oct. 25.

‘You are my favorite’

Barbara Fallon and her grandchildren

Barbara Fallon, who died on October 25 at the age of 71, was the best girl a grandchild could have. She is seen here with her grandchildren Fallon and Jacob (back row) and Haylee, Dominic and Landon with her on the sofa.

A “first friend” for many

ALAN DOUGLAS: Nissan Ariya Evolve review


In a relatively short time, the electric revolution takes off. There’s never been more choice for anyone wanting to make the big switch, although you still have to dig deep to be one of the plug-ins.

No matter how good electric vehicles have become, there remains one big problem and that is the availability in the charging infrastructure. There are not enough public chargers and many of them seem to suffer from technical problems.

I’ve driven many EVs this year and lost count of the times I’ve been frustrated to find a 50kW fast charger available that isn’t already in use or working. In fairness, there seem to be plenty of smaller capacity, empty 22kW units out there, but unless you want or can leave your car plugged in for half a day, they’re pretty much useless.

If you’re going to go all-electric, you’re better off installing a wall charger at home, but for many people in our cities without a dedicated, cable-accessible parking space, that’s a non-starter.

The government has bigger problems to address, but hasn’t made it any easier by scrapping its interest-free electric car loan program for the purchase of new electric vehicles. Here in Scotland we can still access loans to buy a used electric vehicle and grants to install a home charger… if you can park right next to your house and not have to pull a cable on a sidewalk or road.

As for the electric vehicles themselves, one of the most impressive I’ve driven recently is Nissan’s Ariya family crossover SUV.


For starters, it looks pretty good, especially in the ceramic gray paintwork of the featured test car.

The designers have done a great job of coming up with something fresh and sleek while still maintaining the corporate look. Despite all the tech below the surface, the car has a clearly defined Nissan look.

The company led the way in electrification, innovating with its original Leaf compact when the rest of the industry held back. Although it had some downsides with a poor range of less than 100 miles, it showed the potential to go all-electric.

Looks aside, the Ariya is fun to drive and, as a mid-size machine, offers exceptional functionality, refinement and the appeal of electric power in the growing environmentally conscious market.

Like the rest of the plug-in car range, it’s not cheap, costing over £50,000, but it’s competitive with its rivals, although it has a tough fight against the Korean Hyundai Ioniq5 and the Kia’s EV6 and Niro EV. .

It’s about the same size as the conventional X-Trail with two battery options – a 63kWh entry model with 214hp, while the larger 87kWh version of the featured car produces

238 hp. Both are front-wheel drive, with a potential range of between 250 miles and 322 miles on a single charge.

Trim levels are nice and simple with only two choices – Advance and Evolve which were the test car specs. You certainly get what you pay for with a huge amount of equipment in addition to a comprehensive list of safety and comfort features including intelligent cruise control, speed assist, cross traffic alert rear, emergency braking with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists and lane keeping assist.

There are ten Bose speakers, a full 12.3-inch TFT screen, 360-degree monitor with moving object detection, wireless phone charger, LED lights all around, electric panoramic sunroof and a heated front windshield. You may find, however, that if you use all of these, you will drain your energy and significantly reduce your range.

The dash is delightfully clean and simple and the regeneration is very effective, eliminating the need for a lot of braking, adding to the overall smooth and effortless ride…exactly what automotive EV should be.

PRICE: £53,590 (£54,335 as tested)

ENGINE: 87kWh battery electric motor, automatic front-wheel drive

POWER: 238 hp


Performance: top speed 100 mph; 0-62mph 7.6 seconds

RANGE: 322 miles


CHARGING TIME: 130 kW fast charge – about 30 minutes

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Migrant crossings reportedly top 40,000 this year after new arrivals

The number of migrants crossing the Channel into the UK is believed to have topped 40,000 as dozens arrived on Saturday.

The provisional total of arrivals for 2022 was 39,913 before the weekend, with new crossings likely to take another step.

Border Force officials could be seen bringing groups of people ashore in Dover, Kent on Saturday, marking the first arrivals since October 31, following a spell of bad weather.

Groups of people could be seen arriving in Dover, Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Dozens were pictured outside treatment centres, including a young child wrapped in a blanket.

The crossings started early in the morning and continued throughout the day.

Official figures are expected to be released by the Ministry of Defense on Sunday.

It comes after two councils lost bids for High Court injunctions to stop hotels from hosting asylum seekers.

East Riding of Yorkshire council asked the High Court to uphold an interim injunction preventing migrants from being accommodated at the Humber View Hotel in Hull, which was granted after being contacted by the Home Office with a proposal for using the site.

Ipswich Borough Council has also sought an extension to an interim injunction to stop new asylum seekers being placed at the four-star Novotel hotel in Ipswich town centre, where 72 people were already staying hosted.

(PA graphics)
(PA graphics)

In a ruling released Friday afternoon, Judge Holgate declined to extend the injunctions.

This followed a failed bid by Stoke-on-Trent City Council on November 2 to uphold an interim injunction preventing migrants from being accommodated in the 88-room North Stafford Hotel near the city’s train station.

The number of people reaching the UK in small boats from France after navigating busy shipping lanes has risen steadily in recent years.

August 22 saw the highest daily total on record, with 1,295 people crossing in 27 boats.

Some 299 were detected in 2018, followed by 1,843 in 2019 and 8,466 in 2020, according to official figures.

Despite their growing numbers, small boat arrivals represent only a fraction of the number of people traveling to mainland Europe.

Data from the UN refugee agency shows that at least 120,441 people arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean by land and sea last year.

HHA restores Inverness building to glory

Developer Highland Housing Alliance (HHA) has completed the regeneration of Merchant House on Castle Street, Inverness, creating eight apartments and new retail space in the town.

Part of the 18th century Castle Street frontage, overlooking Inverness Castle, the B-listed building had fallen into disrepair in recent years.

It had become an eyesore for the local community.

The site has been transformed into a mix of one and two bedroom apartments, with a 1,000 square foot commercial unit on the ground floor to be owned and leased by HHA.

Aerial view of the construction phase. Image: Great Partnership

Aided by a £1.2m grant supporting the Scottish Government’s Partnership for Regeneration, private funding and City Region Deal funding, HHA worked with contractor Compass Building & Construction Services to ensure that most of the original building is retained.

The existing facade of the building has been removed and rebuilt stone by stone to provide a result that reflects the original character of the property, while using existing materials.

A common courtyard has also been revived, creating a private garden for the new tenants.

We have rejuvenated the original features of the building to create a new destination for people.

Gail Matheson, Executive Director, HHA.

Gail Matheson, Managing Director of HHA, said: “The restoration of the iconic Castle Street building marks an important milestone for HHA.

“Not only is this another building we have restored to its former glory, but this is the first time we have secured Regeneration Partnership funding from the Scottish Government.

“Alongside the project partners, we have rejuvenated the building’s original features to create a new destination for people, in line with Highland Council’s Inverness City Vision roadmap to strengthen the city centre.

“Ensuring there is a strong portfolio of high quality homes in Highland communities is paramount to ensure it (the region) remains an attractive destination for business and the workforce. .”

Inside one of the new apartments. Image: Great Partnership

She added: “We look forward to expanding our portfolio of properties in the North of Scotland, and this will include both private and mid-range rental schemes.”

The apartments include seven one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom penthouse apartment.

Housing Secretary Shona Robison said: ‘It’s fantastic to see these homes completed and the restoration of this iconic building in Castle Street.

“I pay tribute to everyone involved for the major work undertaken to achieve this development, while preserving the character and history associated with the building and its location in the city.

“Backed by £1.2 million in funding from the Scottish Government, these apartments will support the local community and make a real and lasting difference to the lives of new residents.”

110,000 affordable housing units by 2032

The government has delivered 111,750 affordable homes since 2007, including more than 78,000 for social rent, Ms Robison said.

Holyrood is “meeting our commitment” of 110,000 affordable homes by 2032, of which at least 70% will be for social rent and 10% in remote, rural and island communities, she added.

HHA is a not-for-profit development company that works with a range of private and public sector partners to deliver homes across the Highlands. It also provides a management service to its tenants.

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[HHA restores Inverness building to glory]


In Depth: Payday Loans and Offline Scams | Local News


As we move online, so do scammers.

But that doesn’t mean other types of scams are going away.

While the Better Business Bureau reports that phone scams have dropped 42% since 2015, the same data shows that text scams have grown from 11% to 30% in just 7 years.

SMS scams are also the method with the highest financial loss, costing consumers an average of $800.

“Many businesses use text messages to inform their customers, but so do scammers,” said Rebecca Barr, BBB’s communications manager. “They know we might get a text, we get a lot of it, so they’re making fewer phone calls and more texting. And probably because they can just put a link right in there, hoping you click on it. and it’s a phishing link that will take you to a fake website, hoping to capture your information, might also download malware, so while text messages are great for business, they’re also great for scammers.

According to a investigative study by the BBB, the latest culprit to join the network of scammers is payday loans.

From 2019 to July 2022, the study finds that 3,000 payday loan scams were reported, resulting in a loss of $3 million.

The Federal Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection describes payday loans as small, short-term loans, typically $500 or less, that are repaid quickly on the borrower’s next income.

When it comes to payday loan scams, it could be scammers pretending to be a lending company to get your information, or it could be a legitimate business taking advantage of it.

“During the pandemic and now with inflation, people turning to payday loans, it kind of created this perfect storm of predatory behavior to thrive on consumers,” Barr said. “So that means they could bury the fees in the fine print, they have triple digit interest rates. But it’s hard to know that because the interest rates aren’t APR – they’re only not on an annual basis due to the nature of payday loans – it’s short term.”

So all of a sudden, consumers are falling into a debt trap – seeing interest rates in the double or triple digits – more than the original amount they borrowed.

Barr said what makes payday loans even more confusing are the regulations and restrictions that vary from state to state.

“We have Idahoans contacting us concerned about the interest rates charged by these types of lenders,” said Rachelle Littau, consumer specialist with the Idaho Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. . “And unfortunately, there’s not much our office can do about that because there’s no law in Idaho that caps the amount of interest that can be charged on a payday loan.”

“We have people telling us the interest rate is 30, 40% on some of these loans.”

Littau said what Idahoans can do is contact the Idaho Department of Finance, which regulates these types of loans. And Littau said Idahoans should contact their lawmakers and let them know something needs to be done legally to regulate these loans.

The BBB and AG office said it’s important to ask questions, always read the fine print, and make sure you’re dealing with a reputable company.

“You want to deal with a reputable, licensed company when looking for a payday loan company,” says Barr. “Especially when looking online it can be even more confusing, so local will be better.”

Littau said when it comes to scam trends, they don’t necessarily see a consistent pattern. They go in waves and cycles.

“The scammers follow the news,” she said. “When COVID first hit there were a lot of scammers pushing fake cures and treatments. There were scammers pretending to be contract tracers so they follow these news cycles. Right now , I would definitely encourage people to be on the lookout for scammers related to student loan forgiveness because it’s a big topic in the news and scammers are watching it.”

While everyone is at risk, data shows that more and more young people are being scammed.

“Young people actually report losing money to scammers more often than older people,” Littau said. “However, when older people report losing money, the dollar amount is much higher than younger people.”

The AG’s office said its best advice for any scam is to watch out for the four Ps:

1. To pretend – scammers will always pretend to be a person or organization you know or know well

2. Problem or price – there will always be a problem they will try to get you help with or they will claim there is a prize at stake

3. Pressure – scammers want you to act fast

4. Pay – scammers will ask you to pay in very specific ways, such as gift cards or bank transfers

“We’ll often say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but for scams, we’ll reverse that as well,” Littau said. “If it sounds too bad to be true, it probably is too. They’ll tell you your social security number has been tied to a crime and if you don’t pay right away, we’ll send someone to your house for you. stop. It sounds scary and like it’s too bad to be true – it probably is.”

More information on scams and BBB rated companies can be found at bbb.org.

You can also find information or report online scams at Idaho Division of Consumer Protection.

Ministers plan to crack down on ‘outrageous’ waste as Chancellor plays Scrooge


Ministers are determined to clamp down on an ‘outrageous’ waste of public money while seeking billions of dollars in tax hikes and savings, as the Chancellor has warned he will play Scrooge in the next budget fall.

Jeremy Hunt has promised a ‘bunny-free’ statement emphasizing ‘certainty’ for families and businesses following the market turmoil caused by the £45billion tax cut windfall from his predecessor.

He is believed to be considering a range of options to address a so-called black hole in public finances, including a prolonged freeze on income tax and national insurance thresholds.

But while Mr Hunt warned there would be ‘horrendous decisions’ on taxes and spending ahead, the Chief Treasury Secretary said ministers would also seek to save money by ‘cutting waste’ .

John Glen said the government could be made ‘more efficient’ by speeding up the sale of underused buildings, particularly ‘expensive central London properties’, and ‘turbo-charging’ plans to digitize public services .

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, he said: “To keep delivering the things people care about in the face of inflationary pressures, without making the problem worse by extra spending at all levels, we need to make tough decisions and make government more efficient. It means eliminating waste.

“It is outrageous that public money – your money – is being sucked into the system when it could be funneled into areas that really need it.”

Insisting that the British public wants the Tories to be trusted rather than ‘popular’, Mr Hunt said the hope for the coming week was to show the Government had a plan to stabilize the economy .

In an interview with The Sunday Times, he said the “tragedy” of Trussonomics was that the former prime minister and his chancellor had the foresight to drive growth.

But he said it was a “mistake” to act without showing “that we can pay our way as a country”, adding that he will “put people before ideology”.

The disastrous mini-budget may have cost the country up to £30billion, according to the Resolution Foundation, potentially doubling the task at hand for the Chancellor as he seeks up to £60billion of savings and additional income.

(PA graphics)

Think tank economists estimate that Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng have spent £20billion on unfunded cuts to National Insurance and stamp duty, with a further £10billion lost as interest rates rise interest and government borrowing costs, the Observer reported.

Mr Hunt has suggested he won’t be pulling any rabbits out of the hat when he delivers his statement next week, unlike his predecessor – who slashed the top income tax rate drastically during his unfortunate ‘tax event’ .

“I think it’s fair to say that this will be the first bunny-free budget in many, many years,” he said.

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng's mini budget is estimated to have cost the UK tens of billions of pounds (Stefan Rousseau/PA)
Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget is estimated to have cost the UK tens of billions of pounds (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

“I’m sorry to disappoint but no, it won’t be the time for the bunnies, I’m afraid.”

He warned that people can expect ‘very awful decisions’ in an attempt to ‘get us back to where we are the fantasy land we all want to be’.

“I’m Scrooge going to do things so Christmas never gets cancelled,” he said.

Mr Hunt said he thought an official recession was “likely” after GDP fell 0.2% between July and September.

“The question is not really whether we are in a recession, but what we can do to make it shorter and shallower,” he added.

Jeremy Hunt said the
Jeremy Hunt said the ‘tragedy’ of Trussonomics was that the former prime minister and his chancellor had the foresight to drive growth (James Manning/PA)

He insisted the “first thing” he could do on Thursday was to help tackle skyrocketing inflation.

“If we, together with the Bank of England, can control inflation, then we can contain the global rise in interest rates, contain the mortgage rate hikes that people are seeing, contain the cost of loans that businesses borrow and have a chance to get back on track,” he said.

“But that stability is what was missing, mainly thanks to (Vladimir) Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This is a “made in Russia” recession and we must restore this stability as the first step towards growth.

He also advocated for “honest money” and “honest politicians”.

“For conservatives, we all understand that a prosperous economy, a vibrant economy, must have low taxes and a sound currency,” he said.

(PA graphics)
(PA graphics)

“But money has to come first and, you know, Margaret Thatcher said there’s nothing moral about spending money you don’t have.”

In a sign of what is to come on Thursday, Mr Hunt said ‘those with the broadest shoulders will bear the heaviest burden’.

It is understood that a reduction in the threshold at which the highest earners start paying the highest rate of tax is among the options on the table.

But he said a wider cohort will eventually be hit by rising energy costs as the government cannot afford to cut the sting of its bills indefinitely.

“We have to be honest with people – you can’t subsidize people’s energy bills indefinitely,” he said.

The Sunday Times said average costs are expected to rise for most households when the initial phase of the energy price guarantee ends in the spring – with the scheme being extended for another six months with just a third of previous funding.

But he suggested the Chancellor was considering a package of support measures to protect the most vulnerable, including pensioners and benefit recipients, from April.

A Treasury spokeswoman said: “Our number one priority is economic stability and restoring confidence that the UK is a country that pays its own way.

“The Chancellor will set out a plan to see debt fall as part of the November 17 Autumn Statement, alongside a full OBR forecast.

“The Prime Minister and the Chancellor have made it clear that this will require tough decisions, but protecting public services and the most vulnerable will be a priority.”

The ministry declined to comment on “speculation” around tax changes outside of tax events.

Breaking down GOLF’s 2022-23 Top 100 Courses in the US Rankings


Sand Hills is one of three Nebraska courses to make the list.

Getty Images

GOLF’s Top 100 Course Panelists are some of the most respected and traveled course raters in the game. They’re eager to share their opinions, too. In this GOLF.com series, we’ll reveal their unvarnished views on all matters related to courses. Discover the latest from GOLF Top 100 courses in the United States, The 100 best golf courses in the world, Top 100 courses you can play, Best Municipal Courses in USAand 100 Best Short Courses. Meet all our Top 100 panelists here.

GOLF recently unveiled its new ranking, the Top 100 courses in the United States What, if anything, jumps out at you about the new roster? Trends it indicates? Big surprises?

Jon Cavalier (panellist since 2020; played 97 of the Top 100): The trend of high quality restorations jumps out at me. Merion, Los Angeles Country Club North, Winged Foot West, Oakland Hills, The Country Club, Southern Hills, Congressional, Inverness, Sleepy Hollow, Oak Hill East, Old Town Club, The Creek, Bel Air, Scioto, Ridgewood and Aronimink have ​all have had significant work carried out to recover, rebuild or restore their character.

Chick Wagner (panelist since 2008; played 81 of the Top 100): The most influential trend of architects and their renovation/restoration projects has been their willingness to search through old photos and archives and realize that the original plans of architects of yore were wonderful. They kept it simple and didn’t move a lot of dirt, allowing mother nature to provide the natural drainage these properties already had.

Thomas Brown (panellist since 2015; played 95 of the Top 100): Wins for variety, natural sites and topography. Falling stray bullets, sidewalk. Fescue comes and goes. Some top courses on the list have given up the fight against overgrown grass, but the new Top 100 addition CapRock Ranch is a good example of successfully keeping bouncy fescue in the fairways. At the top of the Top 100 list, the debate over underground bunker liners continues, at least among those of us who are deep in the weeds. Do you like fast greens? Maybe not. I find mixed results in some of the historic golf course renovations, whose greens were not designed with modern speeds in mind. Three top golf courses are set to change ahead of the next Top 100 release. Personal tastes will vary based on design aesthetics, but advancements in turf science compete with the variety of green complexes and the number of hole locations available for the game.

Will Davenport (panellist since 2021; played 45 of the Top 100): I think restoration is already fully covered, but it’s an exciting change in the world of golf, from overhaul and refurbishment etc to restoration. The allegiance to the original vision, photos and lesson plans is a wonderful acknowledgment of the timeless works of ages past. However, that’s not to say that new builds can’t quickly make it into the great courses, as evidenced by the meteoric rise of Sand Hills. On a related note, are we seeing golf in the Midwest starting to take off? Sand Hills, Prairie, Southern Hills, CapRock and others seem to be growing in importance.

Among the golf courses you saw for the first time this year, which marked you the most and why?

Rider: The restored Congress made the greatest impression. I admit I never really enjoyed the Congress blue course, but after seeing Andrew Green’s renovation, I think it’s great and a lot of fun to play.

Brown: Valentine, Neb. The properties of CapRock Ranch (#59) and The Prairie Club, Dunes (#94) are only a few miles apart in the Snake River Canyon. Different styles in design and routing choices, but the lands found in this part of northwestern Nebraska are exceptional. Dick Youngscap started the Sand Hills trend nearly 30 years ago. We have three selections from Nebraska in the Top 100 and we will definitely see more in the future.

Are there any courses you think deserved to be in the Top 100 that weren’t?

Rider: The Philadelphia Cricket Club’s Wissahickon course is both a hometown favorite and a place that I think deserves recognition in the Top 100. Keith Foster’s restoration is exceptional.

Brown: Whispering Pines, Forest Highlands (Canyon) and The Loop at Forest Dunes are the ones I would put in the glaring omissions category, but your mileage may vary. Chambers Bay is another golf course that I think is worth including, but the bouncing in the fairways was missing from their summer championship. It will be interesting to see where Yale lands after the Hanse/Wagner restoration completes with its expanded maintenance budget. It should also be noted that the new golf courses that opened at the end of the summer have exceeded our evaluation deadline.

Sofa: I would say in line with the above that Wissahickon and Chambers are at the top of my list which I miss sorely. However, a few other notables would include the charming duo Mid-Pines & Pine Needles, as well as the Philly Flynn twins of Lancaster & Rolling Green. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Mountain Lake, Florida’s idyllic Raynor, and Colorado Golf Club, a modern gem that isn’t recognized enough, in my humble opinion.

CapRock Ranch debuted to rave reviews.

Brian Oar Photography

What new course or renovation are you most looking forward to seeing in the coming year?

Rider: CapRock Ranch is at the top of my list for 2023. It’s one of the few courses on this year’s list that I haven’t seen yet, and the idea of ​​a Hanse design in the dunes of Nebraska which runs along the caprock cliffs of the Snake River is tremendously exciting. In the photos, the course looks dramatic and thrilling, and the feedback I’ve heard from those who have ventured to play it has been rave reviews.

wagner: Indian Creek Renovation by Andrew Green. I am finally looking forward to my trip to Cabot Links and Highland Links now that all Covid travel restrictions are lifted for Canada. The trip to visit Sand Valley and the new Lido should be the most anticipated trip for any golf lover.

Brown: Point Hardy Golf Club in Cabot Saint Lucia. From the Life Ain’t Fair department, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw continue to have their pick of the select few spots in golf. Ben Cowan-Dewar’s growing empire is heading south into the Caribbean, and Dream Golf’s Mike Keizer is already listing the superlatives of his visit there. Early images of the clifftop par-3 holes 16 and 17 look set to compete with California’s well-known par-3 holes in the top category.

Sofa: Without a doubt (although I’m biased), working at Yale is the most exciting. The course has long suffered from neglect due to a paltry budget and lack of staff, so even if only for a few seasons hopefully the Yale course will return to its former glory, with some of the most more spectacular and on a large scale. greens in the world. Of secondary interest, McArthur’s new course promises to scare the Top 100 when finished, and I expect it to be magnificent.

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The defender hopes to help young Inverness stars Caley Thistle


Cameron Harper says the influx of young players into the Inverness Caledonian Thistle first team this season makes him feel like an old-timer.

Cameron Harper celebrates his goal.

Aged 21 today, Harper has already made 98 appearances for the Caley Jags in all competitions since making his debut on the bench in a Scottish Cup tie against Edinburgh City four years ago.

He was part of a potential golden generation of young talent who burst onto the Inverness academy scene, alongside Roddy MacGregor and Daniel MacKay, but the production line didn’t end there.

This season, Lewis Hyde has become a regular fixture in Caley Thistle’s squads, while Calum MacKay, Matthew Strachan and Keith Bray have also provided options from the bench.

With other prospects on loan at the moment, Harper says he’s starting to feel like one of Caledonian Stadium’s senior players despite his young age.

“I feel like an old-timer seeing some of the 17-year-olds come to practice and be on the bench,” Harper explained.

“It’s mental to say. I don’t know if I would say that I give them advice, but I will discuss with them.

“I’ve obviously known Dan’s little brother since I was 10, and he was even younger. Matty Strachan too – you could tell them to do some things that will help them.

“I always try to talk to them, but I don’t know if that’s advice. I just try to chat with them to help them relax. It’s what I needed when I was 17 – it feels like a long time ago.

“Just having someone to talk to in the first team, who is there all the time, puts you at ease more than anything.”

Caley Thistle has a budding history of developing players for the first team from his own system.

Ryan Christie made headlines after his breakthrough in late 2013.

He then played for Celtic and Scotland, now plying his trade in the English Premier League with Bournemouth.

Liam Polworth, too, has come through the ranks and now turns out for Kilmarnock in the Scottish top flight.

Dan MacKay has earned himself a move to Hibernian, and Harper and MacGregor are further proof that there is a path to senior football.

Now that the next generation is coming, Harper finds it odd to think of herself as a role model.

“Their career will be
similar to mine, Dan and Roddy’s so far,” he said.

“They will want to do exactly what we do
now – play in the team every week. You know they might look up to you somehow, but you’re just trying to
help them with little tips and give them encouragement.

“They are good players, so I have no doubt they will be able to rise to the occasion when the time comes.

“It’s kind of crazy to think they’re watching me. I still feel like I’m young. »

Do you want to react to this article ? If yes, click here to submit your thoughts and they may be published in print.

Revolution Beauty boss quits amid audit probe

Revolution Beauty boss quit amid investigation into company audits (Revolution Beauty/PA)

The Revolution Beauty boss has resigned as an investigation continues into the troubled make-up and beauty industry.

CEO Adam Minto has resigned from the company effective immediately, the company announced to investors on Wednesday.

It comes after an investigation was launched in September into its failure to complete its audit quickly enough, as the company also warned of falling profits.

Law firm Macfarlanes LLP and consultants Forensic Risk Alliance have launched an investigation into the company after its auditor, BDO, expressed ‘serious concerns’ about its failure to issue an audit report for the last financial year .

As a result, the company’s shares were suspended from the London Stock Exchange.

Last month, Mr Minto and executive chairman Tom Allsworth said they would step back from the day-to-day management of the business, although the company stressed that this was “not the result of a matter arising” of the investigation.

He said the company needed an operational chief who could “devote his full time and attention” to its management while the investigation continued.

Bob Holt took over the management of the company as interim chief operating officer.

On Wednesday, Revolution Beauty confirmed that Mr Minto had resigned and would continue to support the investigation into the company.

In a statement, it added: “The Revolution Beauty Board of Directors reiterates that the independent investigation by Forensic Risk Alliance and Macfarlanes is still ongoing and no conclusions have been reached.”

‘Shut down Manston’ – hundreds protest outside migrant center in pouring rain

Hundreds of people staged a protest in the pouring rain outside Manston Detention Center to demand its closure.

Detention and Deportation Action protesters chanted and banged metal pots outside the base in Kent, which has been at the center of the immigration crisis this week after it became dangerously overcrowded.

People in the umbrella-clad crowd shouted ‘shut down Manston’, while some unfurled a banner which read: ‘The enemy is not coming by boat, he is coming by limo’.

Protesters outside Manston Immigration Short Term Detention Center in Thanet, Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA).

Several people held up signs reading “no one is illegal”, “refugees welcome” and “Braverman out now”.

Videos posted online by protesters showed what appeared to be a mother, father and their baby waving at them from inside the facility.

Benny Hunter, 29, an educator from Lewisham, told the PA news agency he attended the protest in Manston to ‘demand the camp be closed’.

He said: “We have come together in Actions Against Detention and Deportation to show our solidarity with those illegally detained inside the Manston camp.

“We went there to demand the closure of the camp – and all other immigration detentions.

“Women, men and children are being held in appalling conditions when they could rather be in the community.

“Migration is a fact of life and always has been. We want anyone who comes to the UK looking for sanctuary to feel welcome and supported to rebuild their life here.

Mr Hunter said it was ‘horrifying to see children and babies behind barbed wire fences for no reason other than their immigration status’.

A man believed to be a migrant at the window of Manston Immigration Short Term Detention Center during a protest outside (Gareth Fuller/PA)
A man believed to be a migrant at the window of Manston Immigration Short Term Detention Center during a protest outside (Gareth Fuller/PA)

“I can’t imagine the trauma of being detained, without a warrant, without having committed a crime, without knowing when you will be released,” he added.

“These families came to save themselves and they were treated in such a brutal way.”

It comes after the former military base, which opened in February as a treatment center with the intention of holding a maximum of 1,600 people for 24 hours at a time, was revealed to be home to some about 4,000 for weeks.

Some asylum seekers described conditions inside as “prison-like” and asked for help.

A young girl on Wednesday threw a bottle containing a letter saying there were pregnant women and sick inmates inside the center over the perimeter fence at a photographer from the state news agency. ‘AP.

On Friday, Downing Street said the number of people in Manston had fallen to 2,600, of whom 1,200 had been removed from the site in the previous four days.

Skarda overtakes Blunk late to win women’s title | Sports


ACME — Alexis Skarda was the opener and took advantage of it.

Three riders left the peloton early in the Women’s Iceman Cometh Challenge at the Timber Ridge Resort in Acme, and there were only two left by the very end.

Savilia Blunk, 23, from Inverness, Calif., was in the lead, but on the last corner before the final sprint bridge, she slowed down as she passed a biker from one of the earlier races.

Boulder, Colorado resident Skarda took advantage and was able to pass Blunk and hold her off by a second for the win.

“We were just bar to bar on that last climb and I passed her at the top and then we met a double rider and there was a bit of a delay and she got around me,” Blunk said. “It was just a drag race to the finish line, and she had it at the line. But, boy, was it one of the most exciting finishes I’ve ever had. .

Last year’s champion Rose Grant, 40, placed third in her last race before retiring.

“Three of us broke up early rather than having a big enough group of us,” Grant said. “So there’s really been very little recovery, very little slack.”

Grant, a native of Columbia Falls, Montana, has placed in the top three in the three years she has competed in the Iceman, taking second place in 2017.

Skarda didn’t think she could make it after Blunk passed her on the final ascent.

“There’s one last climb before the finish and basically if you can climb the climb first you’re going to win,” Skarda said. “And Savilia walked around me on that climb and I was like, ‘Damn, I just lost it.'”

Skarda took fourth place last year in his first Iceman.

“I didn’t feel like I had the legs last year,” Skarda said. “This year, just because the racing season has been longer, I’ve just been a bit more prepared for this year.”

Grand Rapids’ Paige Onweller took fourth, with Arizona’s Erin Osborne, Grand Rapids’ Julie Medema sixth and Williamsburg’s Emma Schwab seventh. Jacqueline Larouche of Ann Arbor, Maria Doering of North Carolina and Heather Compton of Grayling round out the top 10.

“It was the three of us for most of the race, Rose, Savilia and me,” Skarda said. “It was fun working with them. It was tactical and it was a really good sprint to the finish, which is always exciting.

Skarda said being in the final push was so different from trying to finish far behind the leaders, like his fourth-place finish last year.

“The difference is at the end when you’re sprinting up the big punchy climbs, with everyone cheering,” she said. “And you have a chance to win. You just go a lot harder. It’s almost like your whole body goes numb.

Saturday’s races had a combined purse of $71,000. The male and female winners each earned $6,000, second place $5,500 and third place $4,800 in the women’s races.

OTHER ICEMAN RESULTS: Don Fedrigon Jr., the first Iceman winner in 1990, won his age group, men 65-69, in 1:53:44. … Marquette’s Evan Simula won the Fate Bike Race in 1:53:09, with Traverse City’s Allyson Schultz winning the Fate Tire Women’s title in 2:08:47. … Harrison Ford of Lake Orion won the Clydesdales Men’s 39 & Under title, with Canadian Sean Thibeault taking the group 40-49 and Mark Brown of Plymouth the 50+ category. … The Traverse City riders took the men’s singlespeed crowns, with Alex Primeau claiming the 39-and-under division and Steve Andriese the 40+ group.

Major culinary honor for the city’s Harbor Kitchen

The restaurant has earned an enviable reputation under Lach’s leadership.

The recognition caps a remarkable year for Lach Maclean, the chef who brought the restaurant back to the top following the challenges of Covid closures and difficulties recruiting staff.

Lach told the Gazette this week: “We didn’t expect to win. The competition we faced was really strong. Most of these guys are Michelin Guide and AA listed.

“In the past two months, we have won three awards, which is really satisfying for such a small restaurant and such a small team. Apart from Leila and me, there are only two full-time employees and the others are part-time.

“When we reopened, we made the decision to really focus on seafood which was quite high risk, but it paid off. There are a lot of challenges ahead with rising food prices and rising costs. energy, but for the moment, we are well placed”.

Eighteen months ago, Lach intended to add the former Digby Chick restaurant in Stornoway to his business, but staffing challenges put the expansion on hold, to be revisited at some point. given in the future.

Although Lach grew up in Stornoway, his parents are from Barra and South Uist. Part of his interest in food and good local produce comes from his father Donald and his uncle, Archie MacLean, who has run Gearraidh Mor Farm and Craigston on Barra Slaughterhouse since 1984, supplying many of the mainland’s top restaurants.

However, Lach says he owes the course of his career to the luck that a training development officer from Perth College visited Lews Castle College on the right day in 2003.

Unrelated to his visit, there was a “competition” between catering students that day and Lach emerged on top. The trained inspector was also a ‘spotter’ for the Gleneagles Hotel and at the age of 17 began his career at Scotland’s finest hotel.

Lach started out as chef clerk, the youngest employee at the Gleneagles Hotel and the youngest of 52 other chefs. “It was a great learning experience,” he says. “Then I became Chef de Partie, which is a little notch above what I was and so on in the ranks”.

Among the highlights of his career at Gleneagles was cooking for the G8 summit in ‘incredible security’ when guests included George Bush, Tony Blair and U2 singer Bono.

The norm for chefs is to move on after a few years to gain experience. He first followed his chef to a restaurant in Chester. Then head to the Ritz Carlton in London. Back closer to home in Inverness and four years at the Hilton in Glasgow.

His ambition, however, has always been to have his own place and that came to fruition in 2017 when he took over the lease of what became the Harbor Kitchen. The location has suffered a few false starts, but has become a true island success story.

The Highlands and Islands Food and Drink Awards jury said: “The food is absolutely fantastic and excellent value for money. Brilliant – and we would love to recommend you all to visit”.

The ex-Fratton Park loanee who created Portsmouth’s unwanted history – now the former Aberdeen and Swindon striker can inspire Hereford FA Cup upset

Now Miles Storey will look to finish on the right side of an upset FA Cup as he targets a win at Hereford.

In November 2014, Andy Awford’s League Two mid-table side traveled to Aldershot for a first round replay after a 2-2 draw at Fratton Park.

The result was a cup clash, with Mark Molesley scoring nine minutes from time to settle the game 1-0 in favor of the Shots.

Although previously a non-league side, winning the Southern League championship, Pompey won election into the Football League Third Division in 1920.

To date, Aldershot represents their only competitive defeat against a non-league side while in the Football League.

Now Danny Cowley’s men are heading to Hereford – where they will meet former moneylender Storey.

Aged 20, Storey arrived at Fratton Park in July 2014 on loan from League One side Swindon.

Miles Storey in action against Stevenage in October 2014. He made 22 appearances for Pompey on loan from Swindon – and is now at FA Cup opponents Hereford. Photo: Joe Pepler

A quick striker capable of playing wide, Robins had high hopes for their homegrown product and the England Under-19 international.

Dropping out of a league to join Pompey was designed to aid his development, but it proved to be a frustrating time for the youngster.

Of his 22 appearances, nine have come off the bench, while he has scored three times, including in his first game at Fratton Park, against Peterborough in the Capital One Cup.

After two goals in three matches, Storey retained his place for an FA Cup match against Aldershot in November 2014, resulting in a 2-2 draw.

Ricky Holmes celebrates with Miles Storey after Storey Nets against Carlisle at Fratton Park in November 2014. Picture: Joe Pepler

Awford dropped him for the replay, instead bringing Ryan Taylor up front, and the result was another Pompey low in a terrible few years.

The 5,374 people in attendance at the Recreation Ground and viewers watched as the 2010 FA Cup finalists were knocked out by Andy Scott’s side four years later.

Storey played for the final eight minutes – and only played three more times for the Blues before being sent back to Swindon in January 2015.

He finished the season at Newport County, with two goals in 18 appearances, and unfortunately his career at Swindon fizzled out.

The striker will spend six years in Scotland, representing Inverness (twice), Aberdeen and Partick, before joining Hereford in June 2021.

Now 28, Storey is in the frame to take on Cowley’s men at Edgar Street, looking to claim another piece of Pompey’s history, albeit on the other side.

Female CGA Player of the Year


Leigha Devine CGA Player of the Year for second straight season; Marilyn Hardy and Kaylee Chen also take home POY honors; Grace Burke Award winners named

By Gary Baines – 03/11/2022

(To note: That of men History of CGA Players of the Year was released earlier this week.)

The past 18 months have been a whirlwind of accomplishments on the golf course for Leigha Devine.

Last year, the Windsor resident qualified and competed in arguably the most prestigious women’s golf tournament in the world, the US Women’s Open, and won titles in the CGA women’s majors, the Match Play and stroke play.

This year turned out to be more or less the same, with a CGA women’s match play victory, a near miss in stroke play, qualifying for – and a good run – her first American women’s amateur and her first individual win. in a university tournament.

And, in 2021 and 2022, the year ends with a CGA Player of the Year award.

Devine, a 21-year-old who plays at Ptarmigan Country Club, joins a stellar list of female golfers who have earned CGA/CWGA Player of the Year honors in consecutive years of the 21st century. That includes three-time LPGA Tour winner Jennifer Kupcho this season (POY in 2014, ’15 and ’16); Mary Weinstein (2017, ’18 and ’19), now assistant women’s coach at Santa Clara; Somin Lee (2011 and ’12); Kim Eaton (2009 and ’10, as well as 2004 and ’07); Kelly Schaub (2005 and 2006, as well as 2003) and McKenzie Dyslin (2001 and 2002).

“Being named Women’s Player of the Year for the second time is an absolute honor,” Devine wrote in an email this week. “The CGA gave me so many opportunities to play and really provided me with an incredible environment to grow a player. To be in good company with people like Mary Weinstein and Jennifer Kupcho is a privilege and I hope to have the success they have had.”

Devine has won the CGA Women’s Match Play Trophy two years in a row.

Devine came close to becoming the first player since the late 1980s to sweep the CGA Women’s Major Championships for two consecutive years. Wendy Werley won the Women’s Match Play and Stroke Play in 1988 and 1989.

After beating Morgan Ryan 5 and 4 in the scheduled 36-hole Women’s Match Play final this year, Devine was tied with Kelsey Webster for the Women’s Stroke Play lead with three holes remaining. But missed short putts on the Colorado National’s final two holes — 3 feet on No. 17 and 4 feet on No. 18 — left the defending champion one shot away from title-winning Webster.

It stung a bit, but earning a spot in the US Women’s Amateur for the first time – and advancing to match play – was a satisfying accomplishment for Devine. The Rutgers University golfer also won her first national championship game before falling in the round of 16 at Chambers Bay in Washington.

“When I think back to the summer season, the memory that sticks out the most is my time at the Am,” Devine noted. “From qualifying for the Colorado National (where she finished second) to losing in the Round of 16, the whole experience was one I couldn’t be happier about. I feel like I really broke through when it comes to fit. As a player, I proved myself a lot by not playing to the cut line and going as far as possible.

Another first came in September as Devine earned the first individual varsity victory of his career, tied for first place in the Badger Invitational in Wisconsin. Her total of 209 of 7 under par for 54 holes was a better college for her.

“My biggest accomplishment so far in 2022 was winning my first college tournament,” Devine said via email. “We played at University Ridge, Wisconsin’s home course, and a track I’ve played at a few times. … It was a very exciting moment and a goal that I had been waiting for a long time to be crossed off the list.

Devine, a Fossil Ridge High School graduate, also finished second in another varsity tournament and has a 72.92 stroke average so far this season. She plans to play another season and a half at Rutgers.

Devine continues to work with Colorado Golf Hall of Famer Ed Oldham, an instructor who also assists Kupcho.

Here are the other CGA Players of the Year and their accomplishments in 2022:

A month after finishing second in the CGA Women’s Senior Stroke Play, Marilyn Hardy won the Texas Women’s Senior Stroke Play.

— Senior Female Player of the Year: Marilyn Hardy of Gunnison, Dos Rios Golf Club

Hardy, who splits her time between Gunnison and the Houston area, is now in her 60s but continues to be a regular contender in senior women’s events in Colorado — as well as some in Texas.

This year, Hardy teamed with Kristine Franklin to win the CGA Women’s Dunham Chapman on a breakaway on Hardy’s home course, winning by 21 strokes at Dos Rios. And last month she prevailed by two strokes at the Texas Golf Association Women’s Senior Stroke Play, an event she also won in 2011.

Hardy also finished first in the United States Women’s Senior Amateur Qualifier – earning a spot in her 44th USGA Championship – then advanced to the Round of 16. But he was waiting for three-time defending champion Lara Tennant of Portland, who won games 3 and 2.

Hardy has placed second in three separate CGA Women’s Championships – the Senior Stroke Play, an event she won in 2022; senior match play; and mid-amateur stroke play.

This is the first CGA Senior Women’s Player of the Year honor for Hardy, as Franklin and Eaton have dominated the honor in recent years, with only Christie Austin (2014) breaking their combined run which began in 2009 .

Kaylee Chen was Colorado Player of the Year in 2021 and 22.

— Female Player of the Year: Kaylee Chen of Parker

Chen, now a freshman on the New Mexico State Women’s Golf Team, ended her junior golf career with two straight Player of the Year awards as she was the Player of the Year. of the Junior Golf Alliance of Colorado in 2021.

Chen has played in a wide variety of golf events in 2022 – junior, collegiate, open-age amateur, national championships, and more.

On the junior side, the Cherry Creek High School graduate finished second in the CGA State Junior Championship women’s tournament and placed 10th in the AJGA Hale Irwin Colorado Junior. Chen is a “graduate” of the Hale Irwin Player Program at CommonGround Golf Course.

In the open-age amateur events, Chen placed fifth in CGA women’s stroke play and advanced to the CGA women’s match play quarterfinals.

With Morgan Miller, Chen advanced to the 32nd round of match play at the US Women’s Amateur Four-Ball, where they fell in 19 holes.

Chen’s best individual college finish in his first semester was a tie for 23rd at the New Mexico State Golf Iconic Classic.

– Grace Burke Award, given to female high school golfers who demonstrate character, leadership and personal integrity through their actions in competition and through participation in various golf programs

Molly Stratton of Centennial, Inverness Hotel & Golf Club

Noelle Thompson of Erie

Kaitlin Zingler of Lakewood, Pinehurst Country Club

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£880 annual increase in follow-on mortgage costs following latest base rate hike

People with a mortgage that directly tracks the Bank of England’s base rate will see their monthly payments rise by a further £73, usually following Thursday’s rate hike.

This is the latest in a series of base rate increases, meaning that since December last year the tracker’s average monthly mortgage payment will have risen by a total of £284.17, according to figures from the trade association UK Finance.

That’s an increase of around £3,410 a year, which tracker mortgage holders typically need to find within their budgets.

UK Interest Rates (PA Graphics)

The increase in the base rate from 2.25% to 3% on Thursday will mean a monthly increase of £73.49 – or around £880 extra per year – for the average holder of a tracker mortgage.

Just under one in 10 residential mortgages in progress (9%) is a tracker and about four in five (78%) are fixed rate transactions.

The average standard variable rate (SVR) mortgage will meanwhile increase by £46.22 per month, according to figures from UK Finance, if a borrower’s lender passes on the base rate increase in full.

SVRs are set individually by lenders, and borrowers often end up sitting on them when their initial agreement comes to an end.

The average monthly SVR cost for a borrower has increased by £178.70 in total since December, assuming base rate increases are fully passed on.

Bank of England figures released earlier this week showed mortgage approvals for home purchases fell significantly to 66,800 in September from 74,400 in August.

Base rate hikes aren’t the only factor used by lenders to price their mortgages.

Market volatility following the mini-budget led to a spike in mortgage rates offered by lenders, and many products were pulled from sale.

A recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey found that 48% of mortgage holders said they were worried about changes in interest rates on their mortgage.

The lowest rates of the past are long gone

Tomer Aboody, MT Finance

The increased affordability of mortgages will also affect the housing market.

Savills released a forecast on Thursday suggesting that average house prices in Britain could fall by 10% next year, before starting to recover from 2024 as expected interest rates and affordability pressures are attenuating.

While fixed rate mortgage holders are shielded from the immediate effects of the base rate hike, many could experience payment shock when they eventually break their agreement, with around 1.8 million fixed agreements that should be completed next year.

Alex Maddox, Head of Capital Markets and Digital at Kensington Mortgages, said: “Today’s result will hit households, homeowners and potential buyers hard.”

Sarah Thompson, managing director of Mortgage Scout, said: “Consulting with a mortgage broker would be a good idea if you’re ready to commit to a home, as they can help you find the best deal for you.”

Tomer Aboody, director of property lender MT Finance, said: “Rising inflation, coupled with the disastrous mini-budget, means that this rate hike has always been there. Borrowers must come to terms with the new normal of higher interest rates – the low rates of the past are long gone.

Brian Murphy, head of loans at the Mortgage Advice Bureau, said: “The industry is expected to see an upward trend in defaults on mortgage payments in the months ahead, and so we urge anyone afraid of having difficulty with mortgage payments to go straight to their mortgage lender for advice.

Putin ‘weakened’ by war in Ukraine but no leadership change expected ‘anytime soon’

Vladimir Putin has been “weakened” by the invasion of Ukraine, but the world should not expect a leadership change in Moscow “anytime soon”, Western officials say.

The Russian military has suffered a series of humiliating blows on the battlefield in recent weeks as the momentum of Ukraine’s armed forces heads into winter.

But it comes as some Westerners fear Mr Putin may resort to nuclear weapons as hopes of an easy victory remain out of reach.

Western officials believe that even if Mr Putin has been weakened, with reports of growing dissatisfaction with the conflict, there is no doubt that the war will continue to drag on.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Sergei Bobylev/Sputnik Kremlin Pool Photo/AP)

“This is going to continue to be a long and bloody difficult conflict,” a Western official said.

Western officials have yet to see signs that Mr Putin has a “plan B” as most of the world continues to side with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his government.

His “mistake” of invading Ukraine hurt the Russian leader internally, Western officials have suggested, with concerns reported among some elites about the impact of the war.

The Russian Defense Ministry recently announced that it had completed a partial troop mobilization, ostensibly fulfilling a promise to end the call for 300,000 troops.

A Western official said of the war: “He was weakened by this truly catastrophic mistake.”

Internally, people in Russia are “talking more about what’s next” and “imagining a life beyond.”

However, officials said that would not happen “anytime soon” with no “likely prospect of change in the near future”.

For now, Western officials believe Mr Putin is getting “better information” about the war than months ago, but he may still not be getting the “unvarnished truth”.

Separately, the British government has confirmed that Roman Abramovich’s former business associates will be among the last Russian oligarchs to face sanctions.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly confirmed on Wednesday that the government was sanctioning four new Russian oligarchs, accusing them of being involved in industries helping to support the Russian military amid the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov, believed to be associated with former Chelsea football club owner Mr Abramovich and former owners of large stakes in Russian steelmaker Evraz, are among those sanctioned.

The pair are believed to have an estimated global net worth of £4.1billion and £1.7billion respectively, with the government suggesting they have property investments in the UK worth £100million of pounds sterling.

Airat Shaimiev, who has an estimated global net worth of £902m, and Albert Shigabutdinov, who has an estimated global net worth of £977m, were also sanctioned.

Mr. Shaimiev is CEO of the Russian transport and construction company OAO Tatavtodor, while Mr. Shigabutdinov is the boss of the AO TAIF group, which owns about 96% of the chemical and petrochemical processing in the Tatarstan region of Russia.

All four will face a travel ban, an asset freeze and transportation sanctions.

Mr Cleverly said: “Putin continues to rely on his select elite cabal to maintain control of his industrial complex and fuel his illegal invasion of Ukraine.

“Today we sanction four more oligarchs who lean on Putin for their positions of authority and in turn fund his military machine.

“By targeting these individuals, we are increasing economic pressure on Putin and we will continue to do so until Ukraine prevails.”

In total, around 1,200 people and 120 entities have been sanctioned by the UK government.

Global Syndicated Loan Market to Hit $3,798.4 Billion by

Portland, OR, Nov. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to the report released by Allied Market Research, the syndicated loan market generated $1018.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $3798.4 billion by 2031 growing at a CAGR of 14.2% from 2022 to 2031. changing market trends, market size and estimates, value chain, key investment pockets, drivers and opportunities, competitive landscape and regional landscape. The report is a useful source of information for new entrants, shareholders, early adopters and stockholders in introducing necessary strategies for the future and taking essential actions to significantly strengthen and increase their position in the market.

Download the report (PDF of more than 260 pages with information, graphs, tables, figures):


Report coverage and details:

Report cover Details
Forecast period 2022–2031
base year 2021
Market size in 2021 $1018.7 billion
Market size in 2031 $3798.4 billion
CAGR 14.2%
Number of pages in the report 368
Segments Covered Type, Use of Revenue, Vertical, and Region
The increase in the development of large projects around the world has led to a huge demand from borrowers for syndicated loans.
Opportunities Growing demand for syndicated loans for the construction of dams, buildings and road infrastructure.
Constraints The growing likelihood of syndicated personal loans becoming a bad debt because such a huge amount is difficult for the buyer to repay.

COVID-19 scenario:

  • The COVID-19 outbreak has negatively impacted the growth of the global syndicated loan market due to barriers in developing large-scale projects due to lockdown. Apart from this, many big companies have either been suspended or canceled due to the strict restrictions imposed by governments around the world.
  • The rampant spread of COVID-19 has prevented lenders from financing any project due to the appearance of losses due to the lockdown put in place by the government to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific requirement on COVID-19? Ask our industry expert:


The report offers a detailed segmentation of the global syndicated loan market on the basis of type, product usage, industry vertical, and region. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of each segment and their respective sub-segment using graphical and tabular representation. This analysis can essentially help market players, investors and new entrants to determine and design strategies based on the fastest growing and highest revenue generating segments mentioned in the report.

By type, the term loan segment held the major share of the market in 2021, holding nearly two-fifths of the global syndicated loan market share, and is expected to maintain its leading status during the forecast period. However, the underwritten transactions segment, on the other hand, is expected to quote the fastest CAGR of 15.6% during the forecast period.

Based on product usage, the working capital segment held the largest market share in 2021, accounting for more than a third of the global syndicated loan market share, and is expected to maintain its leading status in during the forecast period. However, the others segment, on the other hand, is expected to quote the fastest CAGR of 15.9% during the forecast period. The report also includes segments such as acquisition finance and project finance.

On a vertical basis, the financial services segment held the leading market share in 2021, contributing nearly a quarter of the global syndicated loan market share, and is expected to maintain its leading position over the period. forecast. However, the high-tech segment, on the other hand, is expected to quote the fastest CAGR of 16.8% during the forecast period.

Based on region, the North American region market held the leading market share in 2021, holding nearly two-fifths of the global syndicated loan market share. However, the Asia-Pacific region is expected to maintain its leading status over the forecast period. Also, the same region is expected to quote the fastest CAGR of 16.9% during the forecast period. The report also analyzes other regions such as Europe and LAMEA.

Key players analyzed in the Global Syndicated Loans Market report are Acuity Knowledge Partners, Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA, Bank of China (BOC), Bank of the West, Capital One Financial Corporation, CLAAS Group, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD), JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc., PT Bank BTPN Tbk, State Bank of India, The SILC Group, Truist Financial Corporation, Union Bank of India, AXYON .AI, and HUBX.

The report analyzes these key players in the global syndicated loan market. These market players have effectively used strategies such as joint ventures, collaborations, expansion, new product launches, partnerships, and others to maximize their foothold and prowess in the industry. The report is useful for analyzing recent developments, product portfolios, business performance, and operating segments of major market players.

Main benefits for stakeholders

  • This report provides a quantitative analysis of the Syndicated Loans Market market segments, current trends, estimates and forecast dynamics from 2021 to 2031 to identify the current Syndicated Loans Market opportunity.
  • Market research is offered with information related to key drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
  • Porter’s Five Forces analysis highlights the ability of buyers and suppliers to enable stakeholders to make profit-driven business decisions and strengthen their supplier-buyer network.
  • In-depth analysis of the syndicated loan market segmentation helps to determine the existing market opportunities.
  • Major countries in each region are mapped according to their revenue contribution in the global market.
  • The positioning of market players facilitates benchmarking and provides a clear understanding of the current position of market players.
  • The report includes analysis of regional and global Syndicated Loans market trends, key players, market segments, application areas and market growth strategies.

Key market segments


  • term loan
  • Revolving loan
  • Subscribed transactions
  • Others

Product use

  • Working capital
  • Acquisition financing
  • Project funding
  • Others

industry vertical

  • Financial services
  • Energy and power
  • High technology
  • Industrial
  • Consumer products and services
  • Others

By region

  • North America (US, Canada)
  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Rest of Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, Rest of Asia Pacific)
  • LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East, Africa)

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Singapore student loan market By Type (Federal/Government Loan, Private Loan), By Repayment Plan (Standard Repayment Plan, Graduated Repayment Plan, Pay As You Earn Revised (REPAYE), Income Based (IBR), Others), By Group Age (24 or Under, 25-34, Above 35), by End User (Graduate, High School, Other): Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2031

Student loan market By Type (Federal/Government Loan, Private Loan), By Repayment Plan (Standard Repayment Plan, Graduated Repayment Plan, Pay As You Earn Revised (REPAYE), Income Based (IBR), Others), By Group Age (24 Years or Under, 25-34 Years, Above 35 Years), by End User (Graduate Students, High School Students, Others): Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2021-2031

About Us

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business consulting division of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global corporations as well as small and medium enterprises with unparalleled quality of “Market research reportsand “Business Intelligence Solutions”. AMR has a focused vision to provide business insights and advice to help its clients make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market area.

We maintain professional relationships with various companies which helps us to extract market data which helps us to generate accurate research data tables and confirm the utmost accuracy of our market predictions. Allied Market Research CEO Pawan Kumar helps inspire and encourage everyone associated with the company to maintain high quality data and help clients in every way possible to achieve success. All data presented in the reports we publish are drawn from primary interviews with senior managers of large companies in the relevant field. Our secondary data sourcing methodology includes extensive online and offline research and discussions with knowledgeable industry professionals and analysts.


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[email protected]

Must-Have Dinner favorites from Sam’s longtime No. 3.


I didn’t like Sam’s No. 3 the first time I visited almost eighteen years ago. Or the second time. Or even the third. It was a favorite of my then partner’s family, so I kept following along, perusing the sixteen-page menu filled with over a hundred items, and familiarizing myself with the servers at the Aurora location, many of whom had worked there since the establishment opened in 1998, seven decades after the chain launched in downtown Denver. Then I tried Tex Mex Chili, and everything changed.

The Armatas family has a long history in Denver, one that’s explained right on the cover of Sam’s No. 3’s massive menu (which is accessible via QR code these days) and more in-depth in a timeline on his website which matches the family’s history with world events: Sam Armatas, a Greek immigrant, opened the first Sam’s No. 3 at 1527 Curtis Street in 1927, the same year construction began on Mount Rushmore.

It was the third location of a small chain of Sam’s restaurants run by Armatas and his business partner, Sam Selavenitis. Sam’s No. 4 was added in 1929 and a place called Sam’s Coney Island opened in 1930. “I asked him why this one was called that, and he said he had had enough of the numbers” , explains Spero Armatas about his late father. When Sam’s partnership dissolved in 1931, Sam Armatas retained Sam’s Number 3. “Fortunately, Number 3 survived the Depression,” Spero says of the company, which made some moves around of Curtis Street over the years.

In 1998, Sam’s current ownership group took shape, bringing together Spero and his sons Sam, Patrick, and Alex, who opened Sam’s No. 3 on Havana Street in Aurora that year. In 2003, they brought Sam’s No. 3 back downtown, to a location on Curtis Street across from where the original had opened seventy years earlier. A third Sam’s debuted at Glendale in 2013.

Click to enlarge

Sam’s No. 3 in Glendale was added in 2013.

Molly Martin

The foundations of the family story have been told dozens of times in Westword and other publications, as well as on TV shows that have featured the popular restaurant. But after losing staples such as the Breakfast King, Tom’s Diner and Denver Diner, now seems like a good time to pay homage to the restaurant that has become my place of comfort over the years.

Sam’s is widely known for its huge breakfast burritos and frequently features on our annual list of Denver’s Best Green Chilies. But not this year. While his kickin’ pork green pepper is Diners, drive-ins and dives famous (you can even find the recipe on the Food Network website), it’s the Chili Tex Mex bowl that still reigns supreme for me. And Spero agrees. “That’s what I get,” he says when I tell him it’s my favorite.

The Tex Mex bowl is a combination of Sam’s green chili (also available in a vegetarian version) and the unsung hero of this spot, the beanless red chili. The combo is served over pinto beans (which I’m omitting), with cheese and diced onions on top and a tortilla on the side.

The recipe for the chili pepper, made with ground beef, is the same one used since the opening of the original Sam’s. “My dad developed this recipe,” notes Spero. For decades, red pepper was the only pepper at Sam’s. -he. But when green chili began to gain popularity, it was added to Sam’s mix of classic dishes and Greek specialties, as well as a selection of other Mexican dishes. Sam now uses 50 gallons of green chili a day between his three locations.

Click to enlarge

Tex Mex Chili is a must.

Molly Martin

Although I rarely return to the same place more than once or twice these days as I try to keep up with Denver’s ever-changing food scene, there are a handful of places that are my longtime favorites. , and Sam’s is the one I always visit most often. That’s where I went to celebrate when I got the job Westword‘s food and drink editor a year and a half ago, and where I went on a recent Sunday to cure a hangover with one of Sam’s large mimosas made with a generous pour of bubbles.

Over my countless visits, I’ve amassed a list of must-have commands (and sections of the massive menu to avoid). Once, a Tinder date who knew I was a regular asked me for advice on what to order. I shared my usual recap and advised him to skip the burgers – there are much better options, I told him. He listened carefully and ordered a burger anyway. When he didn’t like it, he spent the last half of the date complaining about Sam. We never went out again.

That night, I had my most common order: the must-have Tex Mex bowl and salad combo, opting for the Wedge, which has lots of bacon bits and blue cheese and my favorite addition: two onions. crispy rings held by toothpicks. My daughter prefers French toast, but we always have a plate full of chili cheeses (half red for me, half green for her) to share.

Click to enlarge

Cheese curds are the perfect way to start a meal.

Molly Martin

Many of my other favorites can be found in the Original Coney Island Specials section of the menu, which features red chili. There’s the Coney Hamburger Steak, a half-pound patty covered in chili and cheddar, served with house fries (ask for them extra crispy), sliced ​​tomatoes, pickles, and Texan toast. When I’m more indecisive, the Cheesy One of Each is a favorite – a Coney Dog chili cheese (split and grilled) with a quarter-pound Curtis Street Burger (the only exception to my burger rule here) topped with chili , American cheese , mustard and onion.

The heartiest red chili dish, though (and my favorite for a hangover cure), is the Trailblazer Works. Once called the Ram, it’s a huge plate of homemade fries smothered in chili, cheese and onions, topped with two eggs however you like them and a toast for just over $10.

Although chili is involved in most of my go-tos, there are a few exceptions. Beaten and fried cheese curds are a crowd-pleaser; here they’re served with marinara, but a side of ranch drizzled with hot sauce is a smart addition. And because Sam’s has seen it all when it comes to custom orders, you can even go a little crazy and ask to add these curds to a burrito, or whatever your sweet tooth desires.

Click to enlarge

Meatloaf Melt is better than a burger.

Molly Martin

Sandwich classics like the club or BLT (listed on the menu with five Bs) are solid, but the Meatloaf Melt is the stuff of comforting dreams. It eats more like a huge, thick burger (and tends to be juicier than actual burgers, which is why I skip them) and is loaded with melted cheddar, ranch, and BBQ sauce on sourdough bread. Like many entrees at Sam’s, it comes with your choice of eleven side dish options. While the mac and cheese may not be the best in town, it’s a must along with the Meatloaf Melt.

If you want to pack veggies with your meal, don’t sleep on the side village salad. This simple combo of cucumbers, tomatoes and feta with a vinaigrette is a nod to the Greek roots of the Armatas family. The large Greek salad as a starter is also a winner, as is the gyro in a grilled pita.

“I love breakfast,” Spero says of his most frequent order next to Tex Mex Chili. “It’s probably the best comfort food. I love our Hollandaise and I love our fresh fruit.”

No matter what someone orders, however, one thing is always true: everyone leaves Sam’s Number 3 completely drunk. But if I had room for a dessert, it would be a pie or a smoothie.

Yes, Sam’s will add any available pie or cake flavor into the ice cream and mix it in – because at Sam’s, all your dining dreams can come true.

Mortgage approvals for homebuyers fell significantly in September

The number of mortgage approvals given to homebuyers dropped significantly in September as borrower costs rose (Gareth Fuller/PA)

The number of mortgage approvals granted to homebuyers declined significantly in September as borrowing costs rose.

The Bank of England said mortgage approvals for home purchases fell to 66,800 in September from 74,400 in August.

Much of the mortgage product disappeared from the market after the unveiling of the mini-budget on September 23, and lenders repriced their mortgages upwards. Many announcements made in the mini-budget have since been cancelled.

Hikes in the Bank of England’s base rate also pushed up mortgage rates.

Karim Haji, head of UK financial services at KPMG, said: “As we saw in September, lenders reacted to market turbulence by repricing mortgage rates or withdrawing products altogether.”

The situation worsened considerably when former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng unveiled his radical budget plan

Alice Haine, Bestinvest

Alice Haine, personal finance analyst at investment platform Bestinvest, said: “The panic in the market in the first three weeks of September may have been driven by rising interest rate expectations – the Bank of England raising the base rate by 50 basis points on September 22 to 2.25% – but the situation worsened dramatically when former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng unveiled his sweeping tax cuts plan unfunded taxes a day later.

“The mini-budget spooked the financial markets.”

She said “the mortgage pain is far from over,” adding that those whose agreements are expiring soon will have tough decisions to make.

The “effective” interest rate – the actual interest rate paid – on newly drawn mortgages rose to 2.84% in September, according to the Bank of England.

Rising energy bills on top of sky-high mortgages may make some homes simply unaffordable for people to stay in this winter

Karen Noye, quilter

This is the biggest monthly increase since December 2021, when the Bank of England’s base rate started to rise.

Karen Noye, Mortgage Expert at Quilter, said: “Particularly as it gets colder, rising energy bills on top of sky-high mortgages may make some homes simply unaffordable for people this winter. …

“Later this week the Bank of England will likely raise interest rates again in an attempt to get inflation under control.”

Mark Harris, managing director of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, said: “With further interest rate hikes likely this week, borrowers concerned about their mortgage should seek advice from a broker to find out what options are available. .”

Remortgage approvals, which only take into account remortgages with another lender, also fell in September, from 49,500 in August to 49,100.

Households also collectively deposited an additional £8.1bn with banks and building societies in September, up from £3.2bn in August.

It is the biggest increase in household deposits since June 2021, when the figure was £9.9bn.

When deposits to NS&I accounts were also included, a total of £8.9bn was paid into the accounts, which was well above the average monthly net flow of £5.3bn seen during of the last six months.

Savings rates have risen in recent months amid an increase in the Bank of England’s base rate.

Meanwhile, the annual growth rate of consumer credit, which includes credit card borrowing, personal loans, overdrafts and auto financing, accelerated slightly to 7.2% from 7.1% in August. in September.

This is the highest rate since March 2019, when annual consumer credit growth was also 7.2%.

In the latest total, the annual growth rate of credit card borrowing slowed from 13.2% in August to 12.1% in September, while the annual growth rate of other forms of consumer credit fell from 4.6% in August to 5.2% in September.

Rates paid on new personal loans fell in September, but those on interest-bearing credit cards and overdrafts rose, according to the Bank’s Money and Credit report.

Households will likely become even more cautious

Gabriella Dickens, Pantheon Macroeconomics

Gabriella Dickens, senior UK economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said: “Looking ahead, we think households will remain wary, given that consumer confidence is still at an all-time low.

“Also note that households will likely become even more cautious as unemployment begins to rise in the coming months, as businesses seek to save in response to soaring borrowing costs.

“At the same time, the uneven nature of these savings surpluses means that some households have already exhausted their savings…

“Furthermore, the new surge in mortgage rates following the mini-budget will likely lead homeowners to increase their savings rate in order to pay off part of their mortgage when they come to refinance.”

The report adds that UK non-financial businesses borrowed £2.6bn in bank and building society loans in September, including overdrafts, on the net, compared to £7.6bn in net lending in September. august.

Local Developers Carry On Despite Construction Obstacles | New


OIn the coming weeks, Darsey Nicklasson hopes to achieve a goal she’s been working towards for two years: moving the first residents to Mosaica, her apartment project in southeast Colorado Springs.

It was a long and difficult process.

“We are finally getting closer,” she said. “It’s like we just dragged our way through it all.”

Nicklasson, founder and president of Places Management, has a waiting list for families who want to move into the 15 apartments in the first three Mosaica buildings, but has not yet started accepting applications.

“Once we do that, and we commit to someone having an apartment by a certain date, and that gets pushed back, it puts all of us in a tough spot,” she said.

This statement – and the accompanying weary sigh – reflects the delays and obstacles that Nicklasson faced for many months: huge increases in construction and material costs – 30-50% across the board; labor shortages – and “those who come to work may only have one or two years of experience, which makes the job more difficult”; repeated delays in the delivery of materials such as concrete; and an increase in interest rates on its financing — “we started with 3 ½%; now we are at 6 percent.

“I love what I do,” she said, “and I love my industry, but it’s wearing us down.”

The same delays and obstacles have plagued projects funded by social housing tax credits, and it is only through perseverance and creativity that they are moving forward.

Lower rents

Nicklasson is an innovator who launched an apartment renaissance in downtown Colorado Springs with her first-ever project – Blue Dot Place – and followed it up with the equally successful Casa Mundi.

These buildings were small, elite and designed to appeal to young, affluent tenants who wanted an urban lifestyle.

Mosaica, at 2155 Hancock Expressway, was a different project from the start. Its 223 units were designed as a neighborhood for middle-income working families, a mosaic that reflects the diversity of the community.

A second project in southeast Colorado Springs, the 150-unit Kaleidos on Murray Boulevard and Pulsar Drive, also aims to provide quality, accessible housing for the workforce. Kaleidos sits on 9.5 acres that once housed Atlas Preparatory School; it will consist of 30 five-unit buildings with similar amenities.

PS_090222 Mosaica SE Construction CSBJ photo by Bryan Oller 9 copy 2.jpg

Affordable housing projects are difficult to develop currently due to rising labor and construction costs.

Nicklasson assembled a group of investors to purchase the 20-acre property on which Mosaica sits. The plans included 48 buildings with no more than five apartments each and a mix of sizes ranging from studios to three-bedroom units. Several four-bedroom units are planned to accommodate multigenerational families.

Walkways wind past the porches; common areas function as backyards where children can play. A neighborhood center and playground anchor the community.

Nicklasson’s intention was to keep rents as low as possible – she initially envisioned around $1,500 per month on average.

Rents have yet to be set, but based on his early projections, Nicklasson said: “We’re probably looking at increases of 45% because that’s what the cost increases have been.” Interest rates alone will increase costs by $300,000 to $400,000.

“We are moving forward because our community needs housing,” she said. “If we stop, and there is even less supply on the market, it just makes things worse and worse.

“We’re already in the stages with Mosaica where we’re all building, and we’re fully funded on Kaleidos,” she said. “We will continue to do our best for the community in terms of rents. We will always create a great neighborhood to live in and contribute to the South East in many other ways by being a local owner and local management company.

The project includes a commercial component along the Hancock Freeway which will be an opportunity for local businesses.

“We don’t know what it will be,” Nicklasson said. “The only thing I’ve made a commitment to the community is that we won’t be opening fast food restaurants.”

Nicklasson decided to finance his projects through conventional investors rather than using social housing tax credits.

“It’s a completely different business plan,” she said. “I have no experience in this type of project. They are complicated and take years to complete, adding years to what we are already experiencing. So, when we set up the project, I didn’t feel capable of undertaking something very vast and new like that.

Affordable projects

Other projects in southeast Colorado Springs are funded by state and federal low-income tax credits.

While affordable housing projects are underway throughout the city, the Southeast is the busiest area for affordable housing construction, said Katie Sunderlin, senior affordable housing coordinator for the City of Colorado Springs.

Projects representing nearly 1,000 homes are under construction, have received tax credits or have applied for tax credits in the Southeast, she said.

Earth was laid in late April on the four-story, 77-unit village at Solid Rock, a project that stems from the generosity of the Solid Rock Christian Center. The church formed the Solid Rock Community Development Corp. and partnered with Commonwealth Development on the project.

Pastor Ben Anderson, the church’s senior pastor and executive director of the development corporation, said preparatory work was underway at the site.

The development will house renters earning between 30 and 60 percent of the region’s median income in one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

PS_090222 Mosaica SE Construction CSBJ photo by Bryan Oller 12 copy 2.jpg

Greccio Housing will manage the development, which is expected to be completed in summer 2023.

DBG Properties of Portland, Oregon opened Academy Heights Apartments at 1350 Inverness Drive in March 2021.

DBG secured a $22 million Freddie Mac loan for the project and received funding from the El Paso County Housing Authority and the Colorado Investment Fund.

The additional funding included 4% low-income housing tax credits, which restrict property rents for renters to 30, 60 and 70% of the region’s median income.

The project, which will consist of three four-story buildings with one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, is expected to be completed in March 2023.

Construction is set to begin this fall on Paloma Gardens, a 75-unit low-income senior housing project on the site of the former Laurel Manor Care Center at 920 S. Chelton Road by the Virginia-based Volunteers of America National Services.

The organization already operates the 50 Laurel Gardens apartments, which will be renovated and will become part of Paloma Gardens.

Tax credits were also granted for a 50-unit development by Silver Key Senior Services at 1575 S. Murray Blvd.; and for Panorama Heights, a 133-unit development by Kansas-based Cohen-Esrey Development Group, Overland Park.

GPR Partners, consisting of Greccio Housing, Partners in Housing and Rocky Mountain Community Land Trust, applied for tax credits to rehabilitate 24 units and build 168 additional units at Bentley Commons on 7 acres off the Hancock Freeway near Blvd. Astrozone.

Construction on Draper Commons, an affordable 280-unit multifamily project in two buildings on a 6.44-acre site at East Fountain Boulevard and South Wahsatch Avenue, is also set to begin this fall.

Developer Toby Gannett, president of BCR Management, plans to build 14 studios; 210 one-bedroom, one-bathroom units; and 56 two-bedroom, one-bathroom units that will be rented to families with incomes between 30 and 70 percent of the region’s median.

Creative financing

One of Patke’s main concerns in the Southeast “is to generate more affordable housing without being cataloged as the community’s affordable housing zone. And the Southeast needs economic opportunity at the same time it needs more housing options.

What’s also needed, he said, is “the creativity and investment of people who have resources that maybe don’t have to depend on the housing tax credits for the disabled. low income to get these things done.”

Developers can apply for rebates on various development charges, including Colorado Springs land use review, planning, public works, and utility charges.

“Affordable housing projects are experiencing huge shortfalls due to rising construction and labor costs, and interest rates,” Sunderlin said. “Being able to pay back a few hundred thousand dollars at the end of a project fills a huge need right now.”

Pressure mounts on Sunak to back down from climate summit denial

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak enters his first full week in office with growing pressure over his Cop27 snub and the reappointment of Suella Braverman as interior minister.

He is considering reversing his decision not to attend the UN climate conference in Egypt next week, according to reports.

His earlier insistence that he should focus on ‘depressing domestic challenges’ rather than going to the top sparked a backlash within Tory ranks.

The government’s climate czar Alok Sharma said he was “disappointed” by the decision, while former Tory Chancellor George Osborne questioned why Mr Sunak would “destroy” the party’s environmental record.

Questions about Ms Braverman’s return to the Home Office, six days after leaving, also continue to plague the Prime Minister.

A leaked email has cast further doubt on the Home Secretary’s claim that she quickly pointed out her mistake by sending a sensitive document to a Tory MP and member of parliamentary staff from a personal account without permission.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s conduct is under scrutiny (Victoria Jones/PA)

The email, obtained by the BBC, appeared to contradict her timeline, as Ms Braverman asked the recipient to ‘ignore and delete’ her original message several hours after it was sent.

Mr Sunak has resisted calls for an inquiry into the matter as Labor prepares to force the Government in Parliament to publish risk assessments of the breach.

The government is also facing demands for an investigation into another security issue, as reports indicate that former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ phone was hacked by Russian agents.

Ms Braverman has also come under scrutiny for her handling of worsening conditions at Manston asylum processing center in Kent, where alleged overcrowding only escalated when 700 people were moved from a migrant center in Dover which was set on fire.

It plans to house migrants in hotels alongside the public instead of booking entire hotels, in a bid to reduce overcrowding, the Telegraph reported.

Ms Braverman allegedly failed to heed legal advice that migrants were being held at the facility for long periods unlawfully, the Sunday Times reported.

But her Cabinet colleague, Michael Gove, dismissed claims that she ignored any advice and defended her as a ‘first-rate, top-notch politician’.

People arriving at the Manston facility in Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)
People arriving at the Manston facility in Kent (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Mr Gove also urged people to judge the government “by our actions” on the environment rather than by attendance at Cop27.

But Lord Deben, chairman of the climate change committee, warned the UK’s bid to tackle emissions was “off track”.

The pair told the Independent that it would be ‘very valuable’ if Mr Sunak went to the climate summit.

The prime minister’s allies have indicated he might go after all, the Financial Times and I have reported.

The sources said that while dealing with the economic crisis is his priority, he could visit Egypt if enough “progress” is made in preparing the November 17 budget, according to the newspapers.

Downing Street has been contacted for comment.

Why throw this away because you don’t want to fly to Egypt?

Former Conservative Chancellor George Osborne

Mr Sharma, the outgoing Cop26 chairman who was recently demoted from the Cabinet, told The Sunday Times he was ‘quite disappointed the Prime Minister is not leaving’, saying attendance would send a signal about ‘the UK’s renewed commitment on this issue”.

Mr Osborne said Mr Sunak had ‘mishandled’ the situation.

Touting the Tories’ environmental record, the ex-Chancellor told Channel 4’s The Andrew Neil Show: ‘Why throw this away because you don’t want to fly to Egypt?’

Speculation that Boris Johnson, Mr Sunak’s predecessor at No 10, could visit the UN conference has increased pressure on the Prime Minister.

It added to a wider dispute over UK representation, after the king was advised by Downing Street not to attend the Sharm el-Sheikh summit.

Charles will host a reception for 200 guests, including US climate envoy John Kerry, at Buckingham Palace on Friday to mark the climate conference, with Mr Sunak expected to say a few words.

Gove insists on having ‘robust protocols’ in place amid reports of Truss phone hacking

Michael Gove has refused to deny an inflammatory report that Liz Truss’ home phone was hacked by Russian spies, with the government facing accusations of ‘bad discipline’ and not taking national security ‘seriously enough’ .

Mr Gove, who returned to Cabinet this week as an upgrade secretary, insisted the government had ‘very robust protocols’ in place.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Kremlin operatives who hacked into Ms Truss’s phone when she was foreign secretary were said to have gained access to sensitive exchanges with foreign officials about Ukraine, as well as conversations private with Kwasi Kwarteng.

Loose lips can sink ships when it comes to (national security) matters

Michael Gove Secretary Upgrade

Asked about the allegations, Mr Gove told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge program on Sunday: ‘I don’t know the full details of the security breach, if any, that took place.

“What I do know is that the government has very robust protocols in place to ensure that individuals are protected, but also that government security and national security are also protected.”

He said he couldn’t discuss national security issues because “loose lips can sink ships when it comes to these issues.”

The newspaper also claimed details of the breach, apparently uncovered when Ms Truss ran for Tory leadership this summer, were ‘suppressed’ by then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case.

Mr Gove said: “I am sure that Liz, both as Foreign Secretary and as Prime Minister, will have followed the advice given to her by the intelligence and security communities.

“The more we talk about these things in detail, the more we risk giving information to people who wish ill for this country and its citizens.”

Michael Gove during the Sunday broadcast (Jeff Overs/BBC/PA)

Opposition parties demanded an urgent investigation into the alleged attack.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said the allegations raised questions about “cybersecurity… the role of hostile states, but also allegations that a cabinet minister used a personal phone for serious government business, and serious questions about why this information or story was leaked or told at this time.”

The alleged phone hack, along with the reappointment of Suella Braverman as Home Secretary just six days after she was expelled for a security breach, “raises wider concerns about how the government is not taking serious enough about these national security issues”. said the Labor MP.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under pressure over his decision to reinstall Ms Braverman in her role after she was expelled for sharing a sensitive document with a Tory MP from a personal email without permission.

The former British Army chief said Ms Truss’ use of a personal phone indicated ‘poor discipline’.

Lord Dannatt told Times Radio: “Our leaders must be disciplined enough to communicate only by authorized means, which themselves are encrypted and secure.

“We’ve seen it with Suella Braverman, apparently sending messages she shouldn’t have done on personal email, and now we’re getting it with Liz Truss.

“That, frankly, is not good enough.”

He added that politicians’ failure to use secure means of communication “is poor discipline and, frankly, reflects their judgment very poorly.”

Inverness legend Caley Thistle is set to return to the Highland League tomorrow for County Nairn against Keith

ROSS Tokely is set to make his County Nairn debut tomorrow in Keith after agreeing a deal last night.

Ross Tokley.

Caley Thistle legend and appearance record holder has returned to the Highland League at the age of 43 after impressing manager Steven Mackay with his fitness levels and form in the North Caledonian League.

Tokely enjoyed an incredible senior career after Aberdeen was rejected as a child, joining Steve Paterson’s Caley Thistle from Huntly in 1996 and rising up the divisions to the Premiership.

He made nearly 600 appearances, winning three league titles and a Challenge Cup at Caledonian Stadium, before ending his SPFL career in Ross County.

Tokely went on to win the 2013/14 Highland League with Brora Rangers and then managed the club from December 2016 to May 2018. He has since played regularly with Tain St Duthus.

Nairn was due to issue a statement on the signing last night, with Tokely initially agreeing to terms until the end of the season.

“He’s 43, yes, but probably as lean and balanced as I’ve seen him since his Ross County days,” said manager Mackay, who also played into his 40s. “He took care of himself. I’ve seen his running times and I know it’s not easy to run 10km for 40 minutes.

“There is a very high level of fitness there. I know from personal experience that it’s hard to play regularly in your 40s, but if you take care of yourself like he does, I don’t think it’s a major issue.

“All the positives about Ross far outweigh the fact that he is 43 years old. Yes, that will raise some eyebrows, but we are looking at what he will bring to the team in terms of experience.

“He’s a born winner, a leader, he organizes – all the qualities we need at the club, given our position and the number of goals we lose.

“I’m more than confident he’ll come and have a huge impact. I know how Ross is. He wouldn’t go into this if he wasn’t ready for it.

“I know he is looking for a new challenge and very excited to return to the Highland League. I look forward to working with him.

Mackay plans to use Tokely’s experience and communication skills on defense, with attacking traits an option should the circumstances call for it. Nairn is also working on a player loan deal with an SPFL club.

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Spittal resident’s anger over BEAR Scotland’s A9 road issue letter

A resident of Spittal is furious after learning that a section of the A9 running through his hamlet is ‘not a priority site for further investigation’ in relation to the installation of traffic calming measures.

Eddie Rowan spoke about the problem last month saying speeders regularly flout the 50mph restriction on the A9 via Spittal and more needs to be done to slow them down.

“It’s an accident waiting,” Mr Rowan said. “Bear Scotland having no warning sign for HGVs crossing Spittal is a serious disregard for the safety of residents. There is no sign to inform vehicles that there are two secondary roads linking the ‘A9 and a quarry entrance. Bear Scotland puts vehicles speeding through Spittal before the safety of residents or pets.’

Eddie Rowan walks his dog next to the section of the A9 through Spittal which he says is dangerous for pedestrians and pets due to motorists breaking the speed limit. Photo: DGS

Mr Rowan says he often walks his dog along the stretch in the evening and takes ‘proactive measures’ to protect himself by wearing a high visibility vest and carrying a torch, but it ‘doesn’t make the slightest difference and they always accelerate by “.

He also shared a picture taken in Achandunie, which is near Alness and which he says is similar in size to Spittal, showing a 40mph restriction in place. “Truck speed is 40mph on A roads in Scotland, except the A9 from Perth to Inverness which is 50mph.”

The Threipland Place resident himself has nearly 50 years of heavy-duty driving experience, said many heavy-duty drivers exceed the speed limit on the road which has a blind peak, dangerous bend and a bus stop without warning lights.

“There was never any consultation with the people of Spittal,” he wrote in an email to Bear Scotland – the road maintenance and management company responsible for the area in question.

Mr Rowan shared a picture taken at Achandunie in Rosshire which has a 40mph restriction.  He says Achandunie is similar in size to Spittal and the same speed limit should apply.
Mr Rowan shared a picture taken at Achandunie in Rosshire which has a 40mph restriction. He says Achandunie is similar in size to Spittal and the same speed limit should apply.

In a letter dated October 19, Bear Scotland road safety manager Richard Perry told Mr Rowan that a review of the A9 via Spittal had not identified it as a “priority site for a further investigation at this time.”

He further said: “The signage associated with the 50mph speed limit on the A9 via Spittal has been reviewed by experienced road safety engineers from Bear Scotland who have confirmed that it complies with national regulations. The signage is also regularly inspected and in good condition. Public lighting is also provided, which accentuates the presence of dwellings and pedestrians.”

The safety manager said there was no record of any road traffic accidents with bodily injury at the site over the past five years and, in relation to a point raised by Mr Rowan regarding fatalities suspected animals, he told her that “the collection of domestic, agricultural and wildlife animal collision data is not considered when prioritizing crash reduction programs.”

Eddie Rowan walks his dog, Medard, along a grassy edge near the A9 in Spittal.  He says there should be warning signs to warn motorists of pedestrians.  Photo: DGS
Eddie Rowan walks his dog, Medard, along a grassy edge near the A9 in Spittal. He says there should be warning signs to warn motorists of pedestrians. Photo: DGS

The area in question did not meet the requirements for a safety radar, but it was also said that a site selection exercise is currently underway across Scotland and “if this location is identified as a stretch of route that meets the minimum requirements, a camera deployment will be considered”.

Mr Perry ended his letter by saying: “The choice of speed and course is solely that of the driver. Unfortunately, some drivers may choose to disregard a clearly and correctly posted speed limit or behave inconsiderately, regardless of the presence of measures to encourage greater compliance.”

Mr Rowan called the company’s response ‘totally unacceptable’ and accused Bear Scotland of prioritizing traffic speed over pedestrian safety.

“The people of Spittal will not rest until something is done for our safety. Remember that life cannot be replaced – it is your responsibility, Bear Scotland. We now have the intention to seek legal advice.”

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‘Huge boost’ as Forres Mechanics top scorer Ben Barron signs new contract

FORRES Mechanics have been given a “huge boost” as top scorer Ben Barron put pen to paper on a new contract.

The 17-year-old originally joined the Cans on loan from Inverness Caley Thistle towards the end of last season, before signing a permanent deal when he was released by the Championship side.

Ben Barron signed for Forres Mechanics this summer… Photo: Daniel Forsyth..

Having scored eight goals already this campaign, and with other clubs sniffling around, Nairn-based Barron has committed his immediate future to mechanics.

“It’s a huge boost that we can keep these boys,” manager Steven MacDonald said.

“It shows others that we are trying to attract that this is the path we want to go, that we want to keep these top players.

“Ben already has eight goals and he wants to score a lot more than that. I hope he can keep this form.

Forres Mechanics' Ben Barron celebrates his opener against Keith.  Photo: Daniel Forsyth
Forres Mechanics’ Ben Barron celebrates his opener against Keith. Photo: Daniel Forsyth
Ben Barron fires a shot on goal in Forres' 4-3 win over Rothes.  Photo: Daniel Forsyth
Ben Barron fires a shot on goal in Forres’ 4-3 win over Rothes. Photo: Daniel Forsyth

“He feels comfortable in the environment he is in, enjoys playing with the players he plays with and has gotten a lot of minutes which is great for him as well.

“He’s levelheaded, knows what he wants and playing is important to him.

“For us, we want to improve while we also have these boys. This season is pretty much in the top half, but we want to continue from there.

On the pitch, Forres was beaten 4-1 by title-chasing Brora Rangers at Dudgeon Park on Saturday – but the scoreline was not necessarily a reflection of the game, manager MacDonald said.

Ali Sutherland and Mark Nicholson led the hosts to two at half-time, before Craig Mackenzie halved the deficit in the 73rd minute.

Mackenzie was then sent off for a second booking in the build-up to Brora’s third, scored by Ross Gunn, before ex-Can Andy Macrae finished the scoring.

“We played well in the first half and they maybe only had three shots on goal and scored two,” he said.

“The half-time goal was a killer but the game plan was to make it tough and stay in the game and we were right in there. We scored before us.

“Craig was very good at intercepting a ball on the edge of the box and returning it from outside the box and we went back there for a few minutes.

“But we lost the third goal too quickly and resigned ourselves to keeping it respectable after Craig’s red card.

“We went all the way. Although it sounded bad at 4-1, it didn’t feel like a hammer blow.

“I’ve seen limp displays at Brora when the teams don’t contribute, but that wasn’t it. The Brora staff were impressed with some of the boys so it was encouraging to hear.

“A year from now these experiences will benefit the team. We hope they grow and learn.”

Matches don’t get any easier for the Cans going forward – with Buckie Thistle away and then Fraserburgh at home.

“We will have the same difficulties as going to Brora – they are another top team with a lot of quality.

“But if we put up a similar display, we can compete.”

Tax cuts to help first-time buyers clear the Commons’ first hurdle

The Stamp Duty Land Tax (Reduction) Bill will get a second reading (Yui Mok/PA)

Proposals to make it easier for first-time buyers to access the housing ladder cleared their first hurdle in the Commons, but MPs doubt they will return for further scrutiny.

MPs voted 288 to 152, a majority of 136, to give the Stamp Duty Land Tax (Reduction) Bill a second reading.

But some have questioned whether the bill will survive Rishi Sunak’s coronation as Tory leader, with Labor and the Liberal Democrats suggesting a U-turn could await the legislation in the near future.

The bill is one of the few measures that survived Liz Truss’ mini-budget bonfire from the economic turmoil it caused, alongside the repeal of the National Insurance hike.

These stamp duty reductions will mean that approximately 43% of transactions each year will pay absolutely no stamp duty.

Felicity Buchan, Treasury Minister

This would raise the threshold for non-payment of stamp duty on properties worth £125,000 to those worth £250,000.

Treasury Minister Felicity Buchan told the Commons the bill would also extend the ‘generosity’ of the stamp duty holiday during the Covid-19 pandemic ‘to ensure first-time home buyers pay zero duty stamp duty on purchases up to £425,000″.

She added: “The maximum purchase value for which first-time buyers can claim the relief has also been increased from £500,000 to £625,000.

“These stamp duty reductions will mean that approximately 43% of transactions each year will pay absolutely no stamp duty. This is up from 25% before the provisions of this bill.

“No one buying a second home or investing in a buy to let property will be exempt from paying stamp duty as the 3% surcharge on the purchase of additional accommodation will continue to apply.”

Ms Buchan told MPs the Bill will ‘enable more people to buy and move every year’, adding: ‘It will also mean more business for painters, decorators, removal companies, plumbers, electricians and all industries that depend on a healthy housing market.”

Shadow Treasury Minister James Murray has slammed the government for delaying the remaining stages of the bill, which were due to be considered on Monday evening.

He said: “This last-minute parliamentary business U-turn sends the message that it is open to the new Prime Minister and his Chancellor to change their minds on stamp duty changes.

“By delaying the remaining stages of the bill, the government has introduced even more uncertainty into the housing market, which is frankly the last thing anyone needs.”

Mr Murray told MPs that voting for the bill would not be ‘fair’ or ‘responsible’.

He added: “At a time when our economy is reeling from the long-term damage the Tories have caused, when current and future buyers are facing spiraling and prohibitive mortgage costs, and when we are still flying in the black as the Tories have refused to release the OBR forecast, now is not the time to spend £1.7billion a year on this tax cut.

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron told the Commons: ‘It is very difficult to support a proposal which is the only trailing survivor of a disastrous mini budget and it is suspected that the only reason it has survived is because the people who suffers are the people who live in communities that the government thinks it can take for granted. Well, they can’t, and they shouldn’t be allowed to.

The MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale added: ‘I fail to understand why the government is clinging to this proposal which will do so little good even for the people it will help, and which will cause so much harm to those to whom it will hurt, while she has the chance to think again.

“I urge them very strongly to do just that.”

Economic decline ‘accelerates’ as UK output slumps

The UK’s economic slowdown deepened in October, with private sector growth slowing to a new 21-month low, new figures show (Peter Byrne, PA)

The UK’s economic slowdown deepened in October, with private sector growth slowing to its lowest level in 21 months, new figures show.

Output fell for the third consecutive month after a period of political turmoil that rattled financial markets.

The influential S&P Global/CIPS flash UK Composite Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) posted a reading of 47.2 in October, below September’s reading of 49.1.

It also fell below the market consensus of 48.0, although analysts at Pantheon Economics predicted a more accurate PMI of 47.0 reflecting political and economic uncertainty weighing on private sector companies.

Gross domestic product set to fall in Q4 after likely contraction in Q3, meaning UK is in recession

Chris Williamson, S&P Global

Any score below 50 is considered a contraction in the economy, while any score above is considered growth.

The index showed there was a sharp drop in production in October as manufacturers continued to face supply shortages and a slowdown in demand.

Meanwhile, business activity in the service sector, which includes hospitality like restaurants and pubs, fell for the first time in 20 months and at the fastest rate since January 2021.

The survey polled thousands of businesses on their transactions every month and is closely watched around the world.

Tight household budgets, recession fears and delays in business investment decisions due to political uncertainty were all cited as factors that led to lower output this month.

CIPS said the drop was “not a big surprise” given companies are worried about politics, rising interest rates and historically high costs.

As a result, optimism levels among manufacturers and in the service sector have fallen to a two-and-a-half-year low.

Chris Williamson, chief economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said outside of the Covid shutdowns, the index was the lowest since March 2009.

He said: “October PMI flash data showed the pace of economic decline accelerating after recent political and financial turmoil.

“Increased political and economic uncertainty has led to a drop in business activity at a rate not seen since the global financial crisis of 2009, excluding the months of lockdown linked to the pandemic.

“Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is therefore expected to fall in Q4 after a likely contraction in Q3, meaning the UK is in recession.

“Business confidence has meanwhile slumped, slipping to a level not seen before in 25 years of surveying, meaning businesses are increasingly nervous about the outlook.”

Staff hiring was hailed as a relatively “bright spot” in October as employment figures were boosted by post-pandemic business stimulus plans.

Nevertheless, the rate of job creation in the private sector was the slowest in 20 months, the survey found.

Families are paying over £530 extra on mortgage because of Liz Truss, Labor says

Families are paying more than £530 more on their mortgage than at the same time last year, according to a Labor Party analysis.

Blaming Liz Truss’ ‘disastrous premiership’, Labor says a family with a mortgage on an average property is paying £537 more a month than they would have been a while ago 12 months.

MP Lisa Nandy, secretary of Shadow Leveling Up, said tens of thousands of families would be paying higher mortgages for years “because the Tories have brought the economy down”.

The Conservatives simply cannot be trusted for the economy

Lisa Nandy

“This is a Tory crisis, made in Downing Street and paid for by working people. Tens of thousands of households will be paying higher mortgage bills in the years to come because the Tories have taken the economy down,” she said.

“Despite the U-turns, the damage is done. Even now, families are paying even more because the government has lost all credibility.

“The Conservatives simply cannot be trusted in the economy. Only Labor offers the leadership and the ideas to get Britain out of this mess, which is why we need a general election now.

The current average price of a property in the UK has been estimated at £295,903.

Labor’s analysis applies the median loan-to-value ratio for UK mortgage sales, which is 70%. A 70% mortgage for a £295,903 house would be £207,132.

Lisa Nandy (Peter Byrne/PA)

The average term of a mortgage reached a record 30 years in June.

On October 20, 2020, the annual interest rate was 2.25%, while on October 22 last year, it was 6.65%.

At 2.25% interest the monthly mortgage payments on a £295,903 property would be £791.75, while at 6.65% they would be £1,329.72, a monthly increase of £537.96.

Over two years, that would add up to an additional £12,911.06, according to Labor figures.

UK Finance expects 1.8 million people to repay next year, around 26% of all mortgages.

Responding to Labour’s analysis, a Treasury spokesman said: “Growth requires confidence and stability.

“A central responsibility for any government is to do what is necessary for economic stability, and we have done that.

“But the UK’s long-term economic outlook remains positive as we deliver on our growth mission, and according to the IMF, the UK is on track to experience the fastest growth in the G7 this year.”

Man charged in Colorado supermarket attack still incompetent | National


BOULDER, Colo. (AP) — A man accused of killing 10 people in a Colorado supermarket last year is still unfit to stand trial, a judge ruled Friday, suspending his charges.

Legal proceedings against Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 23, have been suspended since December, when a judge initially found him mentally incompetent. The rulings mean he is unable to understand court proceedings or work with his lawyers to defend himself.

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College support worker scammed for work not done

The Inverness Justice Centre.

A SUPPORT worker defrauded a specialist college for young adults with special needs out of over £1,600 by failing to carry out work he had charged for.

Daniel Balfour, of Ord Terrace, Invergordon, had started his own business and worked at Cantraybridge College in Croy between 8 November 2019 and 23 November 1019.

But Inverness Sheriff’s Court was told Balfour failed to complete his 10 hours a week of duties required to help a service user with tasks such as shopping and cleaning.

Despite this, Balfour still submitted invoices for the time required until an audit was carried out on the service user’s property and it was discovered that no cleaning had been carried out.

Balfour admitted a charge of fraudulently obtaining a total of £1672.75 from the organisation.

When charged, Balfour told police he had been declared ill.

Defense barrister Patrick O’Dea said his client’s career in the care industry was over and he was in “emotional and financial pain”.

He added: “It was a new adventure for him. He knows he let the service user down and he would like to refund that money.

“But he will struggle right now. He is looking for a new job.

Sheriff Neil Kinnear said he was considering a fine and compensation, but postponed the 32-year-old’s sentence until November 10, for a substantive report.

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Dr Alastair Noble, chairman of the Nairn Improvement Community Enterprise (NICE), renews his calls for a new town development plan

Doctor Alastair Noble. Photo: James Mackenzie

The chairman of the Nairn Community Improvement Enterprise (NICE) has renewed calls for a local plan to guide future development in the town which he says has not gotten its ‘fair share’ from Highland Council, central government, and NHS funding.

Dr Alastair Noble, who is also chairman of the Nairn West & Suburban Community Council, was speaking at NICE’s annual general meeting, citing the need for investment in infrastructure, a bypass and the town centre.

“We are therefore the body within Nairnshire to drive forward Local Place Planning (LPP). We will achieve this by working with community councils, local businesses, all local people and facilitating the involvement of Highland Council, Highland & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Government and NHS Highland.

“A Local Place Plan is exactly that – it should be led by local people,” said.

Dr Noble said there had been many meetings and discussions about Nairn’s future vision.

“There are some very clear and easy to understand messages which I think will resonate with everyone in Nairnshire.

“The first big message is ‘Infrastructure First’ – no more sprawling property developments on our beautiful surrounding green fields until we sort

our critical infrastructure.

“We need a bypass and if the money isn’t there to overtake the A96 we still need a bypass. The responsibility lies with the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland.”

On sewage issues, Dr Noble said: “We need to upgrade our Victorian sewage system and stop polluting the River Nairn and our beaches. The responsibility lies with Scottish Water and SEPA.”

Nairn’s Fishertown, he said, was the “most risky” part of the SEPA zone covering Highland and Moray Flood risk-Fishertown is the most risky part of the SEPA zone covering Highland and Moray and it stressed that the new Nairn Academy was key to replacing the existing condemned building with high quality new construction

“We have too many empty or underused properties in the city center – the responsibility lies with Highland Council and private

area to bring all of these properties back into service. »

Dr Noble said all investment needs in Nairn come at a price.

“A reasonable estimate is between £5m and £600m. This money obviously comes from different budgets and includes private sector investment.”

He added | : “We need to address the idea of ​​fair weighted capitation budgets. All the data and information I have seen confirms that Nairnshire is consistently underfunded. The biggest gap is in the integrated health and social care budget , probably millions of pounds but it exists in all other budgets – education, leisure and recreation etc.”

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Banksy’s ‘ex-girlfriend’ donates never-before-seen artwork to MediaCity exhibition

A woman who claims to be Banksy’s former girlfriend has lent a collection of unseen artwork to an upcoming exhibition at MediaCity in Salford.

Among the pieces are handmade birthday cards, leaflets and an A painting for her corset shop in Bristol which she claims the anonymous graffiti artist painted for her while they were together from 1994 to 1998.

The famous street artist is said to have emerged from the Bristol underground scene where he painted one of his first major works, The Mild Mild West, depicting a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at the police.

Banksy’s artwork Girl With Balloon before it tore apart after selling for over £1million at auction (Sotheby’s/PA)

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she donated six works of art to the traveling exhibition, The Art of Banksy, to give the public the chance to see them for the first time.

Michel Boersma, curator and producer of the exhibition, said: “Being offered these wonderful and unknown works by Banksy was surprising and really exciting.

“I couldn’t believe what I was reading when the email suddenly appeared in my inbox two weeks ago. If true, these were completely unknown and very personal works by Banksy .

“We then established the authenticity of the owner and the works she offered. While speaking with her, many details about the early life of the now world-famous artist were shared.

“Fascinating little anecdotes about her and their life at the time. The six additional pieces have now arrived at the exhibition and are ready for public viewing for the first time.

The Art of Banksy exhibition, which will feature 145 authenticated works including prints and canvases, is due to open at MediaCity, Salford on October 21 and close on January 8.

The traveling art exhibition, which has ended its stay in London, is not authorized by the artist and all works are on loan from private collectors.

Among the collection are works from 2002 to 2017, including pieces that brought the artist international recognition such as Girl With Balloon (2002).

The 1,200 square meter site also includes Flower Thrower (2003), Rude Copper (2002) and Brace Yourself (2010).

The average UK house price hit a record £296,000 in August

The average UK house price hit a record £296,000 in August after surging by £36,000 a year, official figures show.

But experts commenting on the data said expectations had changed significantly in recent weeks due to rising mortgage rates, with the likelihood of a dampening effect on house price growth.

Annual house price growth slowed to 13.6% from 16.0% in July, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

(PA graphics)

He added that there had been volatility in house prices a year earlier due to stamp duty changes.

Average house prices in the UK rose by 1.1% between July and August this year.

ONS Deputy Director of Prices Division Matt Corder said: “House prices rose slightly during the month, with the annual growth rate falling due to the sharp price increases seen at this time. last year at the end of the stamp duty holiday.”

The average house price in Scotland rose 9.7% in the year to August, hitting a record high of £195,000.

In Wales, typical house prices also hit a record £220,000 after rising 14.6% over the year.

A record was also set in England at £316,000 after house prices rose 14.3% a year.

The average price of property in Northern Ireland has increased by 9.6% per year, reaching £169,000.

In England, the South West recorded the strongest annual growth in house prices in August, at 17.0%.

The weakest annual house price growth was recorded in London, where average prices rose 8.3% in the year to August.

Average house prices in London remain the most expensive of any region in the UK, with a record average price of £553,000 hit in August.

The North East continued to have the lowest average house price, at £164,000 in August, although this was also a record for the region.

Stamp duty was reduced in the recent mini budget, however, mortgage rates have surged in recent weeks amid the recent economic turmoil following the tax event.

According to figures from Moneyfacts.co.uk on Wednesday, the average two-year fixed rate mortgage in the market has a rate of 6.52% and the average five-year fixed rate is 6.36%.

Those who can are suing and making deals ahead of further increases, while others have put plans on hold to digest events.

Chris Druce, Knight Frank

The Bank of England’s base rate hikes also pushed mortgage rates higher. At the start of December last year, two- and five-year fixed mortgage rates averaged 2.34% and 2.64% respectively.

There are about 900 fewer mortgage products than on mini-budget day.

Chris Druce, senior research analyst at Knight Frank, said: “Current activity in the housing market is shaped by mortgage status.

“Those who can are pushing and making deals ahead of further increases, while others have put plans on hold to digest events.

“With affordability expected to be a growing barrier for many homebuyers in the months ahead, we expect house price growth to slow from here, with price declines in 2023.”

We expect this to have a more pronounced dampening effect on house price growth in the near term.

Nicky Stevenson, Fine & Country

Sarah Coles, senior personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “The August figures reflect demand in May, when we could see some warning signs starting to appear, but not the giant flashing red lights that adorn the market right now.”

Anna Clare Harper of property investment platform IMMO said: “A lot can happen in a matter of weeks.”

She added: “Going forward, the rate of house price growth is expected to slow.”

Nicky Stevenson, managing director of estate agent group Fine & Country, said: “Market interest rate expectations have changed significantly in recent weeks and we expect this to have a more pronounced moderating effect. on the growth of real estate prices in the short term.”

Even a 10% price drop, which some predict, would bring us back to where we were a year ago.

Tomer Aboody, MT Finance

Jonathan Hopper, managing director of Garrington Property Finders, said: ‘Despite being collected just a few weeks ago, the ONS figures are from a different age and a different property market.

“The vibe on the property’s front line has changed almost beyond recognition at this time.”

Tomer Aboody, director of property lender MT Finance, said: “Even a 10% drop in prices, which some are predicting, would take us back to where we were a year ago.”

Jamie Durham, economist at PwC UK, said inflation and rising interest rates “will affect whether people are able to buy, and if they are, how much they are willing to pay. As a result , over the next few months, a decline in property prices seems quite likely.

Jason Tebb, managing director of real estate research website OnTheMarket.com, said: “Higher inventory levels, combined with inflationary pressures, higher energy bills and rising mortgage rates, continue to have an impact.”

This will make it harder for first-time buyers

Iain McKenzie, The Real Estate Professionals Guild

Nick Leeming, president of Jackson-Stops, said, “This will be a long-term adjustment to a new normal that will likely take time to settle in.

“Yet we expect the market to remain most active at the high end, where spot buying persists and is much less impacted by economic headwinds.”

Iain McKenzie, chief executive of the Guild of Property Professionals, said: “The average price of a house in the UK is now close to £300,000.

“This will make it harder for first-time buyers who are already struggling to get on the ladder due to rising interest rates and the availability of mortgages.”

Black History Month bike ride offers ‘sense of place’

Three avid cyclists have described the “great emphasis on joy” within their cycling collective after their second annual Black History Month bike ride.

The 22-mile ride through central London was organized by the Together We Ride (TWR) team, a black-led collective aiming to empower people through cycling, as well as ‘uplift’ each other and get more people into the sport.

Nevin Sunderji, Kamar Omar and Mona Musa-Gray all joined the group of more than 60 people who cycled through the city on Sunday, stopping in front of 10 of the capital’s blue plaques and monuments commemorating black people to tell their stories .

Starting at London Bridge, their stops included the home of Bob Marley on Oakley Street in Chelsea, a bookseller who published the first work of a black writer in English, Phillis Wheatley, in Aldgate, and the Gilt of Cain sculpture commemorating the abolition of the slave trade in the city’s Fen yard.

“As a group, as black people visiting these landmarks, it gives us a sense of belonging,” Ms Sunderji, a 56-year-old cycling instructor and business travel consultant from Hounslow.

Nevin Sunderji, Mona Musa-Gray and Kamar Omar joined a group of over 60s for the Black History Month bike ride (Kamar Omar/PA)

“Knowing they were there long before, but it’s not taught in our history lessons here in the UK… We’re made to believe that all black people were slaves – it’s very degrading, it’s all sad and poor.

“And no, it wasn’t like that. We have lived lives, we have had our riches, we have doctors, neurologists, many people in high places and it has never been celebrated properly in the UK.

“So it was very, very moving and joyful, some were a little sad… But it’s pride, huge pride.”

Ms. Musa-Gray works for Black Unity Bike Ride, a series of “activations” that promote well-being within the black community and which is made up of more than 20 black-led cycling collectives.

The cycle was organized by Together We Ride, a black-led cycling collective (Kamar Omar/PA)
The cycle was organized by Together We Ride, a black-led cycling collective (Kamar Omar/PA)

She described the bike tour as “an important space” for black people to come together, but also spoke of the “sad reality” of the history behind many monuments.

“When we go to these different sites and see the breadth to which these different people, from artists, politicians to civil rights influencers and doctors… It was just such a variety of people and skill sets” , the 38-year-old said. PA said.

“At some point it’s up to us to try to honor what we can, but it definitely brings back that sense of belonging.

“And sadly, I also have to say this for me personally, it reminds me of the degradation with which we have had to endure and overcome and the denial of our freedom and the denial of our excellence.”

The group stopped in front of monuments and blue plaques commemorating black people across the city (Kamar Omar/PA)
The group stopped in front of monuments and blue plaques commemorating black people across the city (Kamar Omar/PA)

Ms Musa-Gray also said the ride and being part of TWR allows the group to “spread the love”.

“It is very important for us to be able to have spaces where we can meet,” she said.

“We are not excluding anyone, we have people from all walks of life and all colors joining us, but I feel like having black led or owned clubs is very important for us to continue to thrive in cycling.

“And when you’re with a group of people who are loud, loud, who just want to start singing… You do it and you don’t feel like, ‘Oh, they’re looking at me like I’m crazy.’

It was Ms Omar's first cycle with TWR (Kamar Omar/PA)
It was Ms Omar’s first cycle with TWR (Kamar Omar/PA)

“It’s that space that stands for each other… It’s a cycling club but there’s a big emphasis on joy.”

It was undergraduate TWR for Ms Omar, a 33-year-old teaching assistant at a primary school in Wandsworth, who said it was ‘amazing’ to be part of the History Month bike ride blacks.

“I absolutely loved it, it was so welcoming,” she said.

“And everyone seemed so happy.

“I just feel like Black History Month should be celebrated all year round.”

The cycle was 22 miles long (Kamar Omar/PA)
The cycle was 22 miles long (Kamar Omar/PA)

Ms Omar said it was “so interesting” for the group to find out “who these people were and what they went through”.

“They’ve been through a lot and not everyone knows the real story,” she said.

“And so when some of the lovely pilots that were with us were reading the real story, it was so interesting.

“And it pushes me to go back and learn a little more about our history.”

Ms Sunderji added that while the tour could also have worked for runners or walkers, cycling is “a different feeling”.

“We’re a family that loves being on two wheels, I think it just has that extra element of freedom,” she said.

The group visited the Gilt of Cain sculpture, commemorating the abolition of the slave trade, in Fen Court (Kamar Omar/PA)
The group visited the Gilt of Cain sculpture, commemorating the abolition of the slave trade, in Fen Court (Kamar Omar/PA)

“When I’m on my bike, I feel so liberated.

“You’re up there, and you’re just flying.”

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In a single week, you may have to repay $30 or more in fees

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Payday loans are debt traps for millions of Australians: Report

These “predatory” loans were taken out by around 1.77 million Australian households and generated around $550 million in net profits for the lenders.

Payday Loans (also called Small Amount Credit Agreements or SACCs) are high cost quick loans of up to $2,000 for a period of 16 days to one year.

The report revealed that one loan can quickly turn into several, with an equivalent annual interest of between 112.1% and 407.6%.

The popularity of loans is attributed to digital platforms: ten years ago, only 5.6% of payday loans came from the Internet.

By the end of 2019, this figure is expected to reach almost 86%.

Meanwhile, the number of women using payday loans has grown from 177,000 in 2016 to 287,000 in 2019, 41% of them single mothers.

The report was released today by the Stop the Debt Trap Alliance, a coalition of more than 20 consumer advocacy organizations.

Consumer Action CEO and Alliance spokesman Gerard Brody said the research was commissioned to investigate the real damage of payday loans.

“The harm from payday loans is very real, and this latest data shows that more Australian households are at risk of spiraling into debt,” Brody said.

“Meanwhile, predatory payday lenders are taking advantage of vulnerable Australians with an estimated net profit of $550 million in the last three years alone.”

Consumer groups call for reforms

It has been more than four years since Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg launched the review of SACC and the government accepted the recommendations of that review three years ago.

The Alliance wants these recommendations passed before Parliament finishes sitting for the year.

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg are taking strong action on big banks and financial institutions, following the Royal Commission on Financial Services,” Brody said.

“Why are they letting payday lenders escape legislative reform, when there is broad consensus in the community on the need for stronger consumer protections?

“The consultation period for this legislation is over. Now is the time for the Federal Government to do its part to protect Australians from financial harm and bring these changes to Parliament as a matter of urgency. »

In a statement in September, Deputy Treasurer Michael Sukkar said the government was making progress with the changes.

“We recognize the need for reform in these areas and that reforms must strike the right balance to strengthen consumer protection, while ensuring that these products and services can continue to play an important role in the economy,” said said Mr. Sukkar.

What makes payday loans so dangerous?

Payday loans cannot exceed $2,000 and carry a maximum fee of 20% when the loan is taken out, as well as a monthly fee of 4%.

When you compare their fees to credit card and bank loans, you pay over $170 more in fees with a payday loan in just three months.

payday loan Credit card Bank
Amount borrowed $600 $600 $600
term of the loan 3 months 3 months 3 months
Total fees and equivalent interest charges $192 $19.07 $13.04

Note: cost of payday loan charged at legal limit; credit card cost charged at 18.97% APR (average platinum card rate); bank loan cost charged at 12.99% APR (typical bank rate).

The report found that payday lenders generally target the most vulnerable households, helped by the ease of access to digital platforms.

In the analysis, households in financial difficulty are defined as those who generally “cope” with their current financial situation, for example by borrowing short-term from family, friends or by juggling several credit cards.

Households in financial difficulty are defined as those who do not meet their financial commitments when due, exhibit chronic repetitive behavior and are more likely to benefit from social security.

From 2016 to 2019, the number of Australian households in financial difficulty and struggling with payday loans rose to 310,913.

The growth was cited as particularly worrying as these people are persuaded to take out high-cost borrowing to meet an immediate need, which inevitably leaves them stuck in a debt trap.

Number of households with payday loans

Source: Consumer Action

Which state has the most payday loans?

The report found that Victorians lead the country in net growth of households using payday loans as well as the value of loans taken out.

Every month, $24.7 million in loans are taken in Victoria, followed by New South Wales at $22.7 million.

Of the 509,000 households that used payday loans between 2016 and 2019, approximately:

  • 148,000 were from Victoria,
  • 136,500 from New South Wales,
  • 82,500 from Queensland,
  • 54,500 from Western Australia.

Payday loans are also growing rapidly in Western Australia and Tasmania, with these households showing the highest growth rates at 13.5% and 15.5% respectively from January to July this year.

Average value of new payday loans per month by state ($M)

payday loan value

Source: Consumer Action

Liz Truss apologizes for her ‘mistakes’ and promises to lead the Tories in the next election

Liz Truss has apologized for her ‘mistakes’ and pledged to lead the Tories in the next general election as she fights for her job after a bonfire of her tax cut plans.

The prime minister said she had “adjusted what we were doing” after the government’s fiscal policies spooked markets, putting in place a new chancellor with a new strategy to “restore economic stability”.

We have gone too far too fast. I recognized that

Liz Truss

“I think that’s the mark of an honest politician saying yes, I made a mistake,” she said.

The prime minister is fighting to save her job as prime minister after her economic agenda was torn to shreds by the dismantling of her former chancellor’s historic mini-budget.

Speaking after being silent in the House of Commons for around 30 minutes as Jeremy Hunt – the new Chancellor – told MPs he was cutting the energy support package and abandoning most of the tax cuts announced by his predecessor, Ms Truss said she wanted to ‘accept responsibility and apologize for the mistakes that were made’.

“I wanted to take action…to help people with their energy bills, to fix high taxes, but we went too far too fast. I recognized it,” she told the BBC.

Ms Truss became Prime Minister after winning the Tory leadership race on promises to drastically cut taxes.

But she has been humbled by a series of U-turns after last month’s so-called “tax event” sparked chaos in markets.

In the three weeks after the ex-chancellor’s mini-budget, the pound hit its lowest point in history, the interest rate on government loans hit a 30-year high and London stocks crashed to a 19-month low.

The turmoil eventually led to the downfall of Kwasi Kwarteng, with Mr Hunt – a supporter of Ms Truss’ rival Rishi Sunak in the Tory leadership race – chosen to take the reins of the Treasury.

Liz Truss with Kwasi Kwarteng (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

On Monday, he tore up the prime minister’s economic strategy, backing away from cutting the basic income tax rate in April and freezing alcohol taxes from February.

The government had already scrapped plans to scrap the 45p income tax rate for high earners and backed away from its promise not to raise corporation tax.

The pound and UK government bonds rallied in response to Mr Hunt’s emergency declaration, while economists suggested the Chancellor’s approach could lessen the need for dramatic interest rate hikes.

Plans to reduce national insurance contributions and reduce stamp duty, already under discussion in Parliament, will continue.

Ms Truss told the BBC she could not deliver ‘everything’ she had hoped for, but is committed to following her growth agenda.

(PA graphics)
(PA graphics)

“Yeah…I couldn’t deliver everything I wanted,” she said.

“I have provided the energy price guarantee and the national insurance and we will continue to work to ensure the economic growth of our country.

“This week we are introducing new legislation to ensure rail services run smoothly and commuters can get to work, and we were dealing with militant unions. We will therefore continue to implement our program.

Asked if she felt humbled by the drastic change of course, the prime minister said things hadn’t been “perfect”, referring to a “difficult time”.

“I expected it to be tough, and it was tough, I think it’s fair to say,” she said.

She said it had been ‘painful’ to fire Mr Kwarteng, but insisted she had made the ‘right decision’.

I will stay in the job to deliver for the national interest

Liz Truss

“It was right that we changed our policy. It is true that we have a new chancellor. And now what I’m determined to do is make sure it works,” she said.

There has been speculation that Ms Truss could become the second Tory leader to be ousted this year.

But she told the BBC she was ‘staying’ because she had been ‘elected to deliver for this country’, adding: ‘I will lead the Conservatives in the next general election.

“I will stay at work to serve the national interest.”

Under current party rules, Ms Truss is protected from a leadership challenge for 12 months, but that could change if enough Tory MPs demand it.

The pressure on the prime minister grew on Monday night, with five Tories now openly calling for him to leave after just six weeks in office.

I think his position is untenable. She put her colleagues, the country, through an enormous amount of unnecessary pain, upheaval and worry.

Mr Charles Walker

Sir Charles Walker was the latest to plead for his release.

He told Sky News’ Beth Rigby: ‘I think his position is untenable. She put her colleagues, the country, in a huge amount of unnecessary pain, upset and worry.

The situation “can only be corrected” with “a new prime minister”, he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s press secretary said there was no moment on Monday when Ms Truss thought her time was up.

Conservative Party chairman Jake Berry said the focus was on “unity” as Ms Truss addressed a rally by the One Nation group of Tory MPs in Westminster.

He said she had been “exceptional” and that he hadn’t heard any irritation towards her at the meeting, although it continued.

Wealthy Journalist Wins Fight With Ex-Wife Over Length Of Marriage

A wealthy journalist has won a High Court fight with his estranged wife over the length of their marriage.

Angela Jilina, 49, and Walid Abu-Zalaf, 64, who have links to former Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair and his wife Cherie, had asked Judge Mostyn to make decisions regarding the breakdown of their marriage.

Ms Jilina, who is from Russia, said the marriage broke up in 2020, Mr Abu-Zalaf, editor of the Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds, said it broke up in 2013.

Lawyers had told Judge Mostyn his decision would affect the amount Ms Jilina walked away with under a prenup agreement – and said hundreds of thousands of pounds were at stake.

The judge had considered the arguments at a recent hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London and ruled in favor of Mr Abu-Zalaf on Monday.

He said the case was “just a matter of money”.

Angela Jilina, 49, leaves the Royal Courts of Justice (James Manning/PA)

Judge Mostyn heard that Ms Jilina and Mr Abu-Zalaf had racked up solicitors’ bills of more than £400,000 between them – and suggested the case was unique.

Ms Jilina told the judge how she had been involved with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and how she and Mr Abu-Zalaf attended the wedding of the Blairs’ daughter, Kathryn, three years ago.

The judge also heard that Mr Blair and Ivanka Trump, daughter of former US President Donald Trump, had previously been among the dinner guests at their London home.

Judge Mostyn learned how Ms Jilina and Mr Abu-Zalaf got married in 2012.

A family court judge had issued a nisi decree in 2013, a decree that signals the end of a marriage, after a request by Ms Jilina.

But she was told the nisi decree was never made absolute, a decision that legally ends a marriage.

Ms Jilina says there was reconciliation in 2014 and the marriage finally broke up in 2020.

She says the 2013 nisi decree is “now obsolete and obsolete”, should be overturned and wants to file a new divorce petition.

Mr Abu-Zalaf told the judge ‘we never reconciled’ and said they were only ‘technically married’.

He wants the nisi decree of 2013 to become absolute.

It’s all about the money, and only the money

Mr. Justice Mostyn

“The position of the wife is superficially curious and it is very unlikely that the facts of this case will be repeated in the future,” Judge Mostyn said in a written decision.

“One could ask: why does it matter that she is divorced under the decree of November 15, 2013, or under a divorce order that has not yet been issued?

“The answer is that the prenuptial agreement provides for increasing levels of provision to be made to the wife according to the length of the marriage (which is to be measured in full years from the date of the ceremony to the date of the separation).”

Judge Mostyn added: “If the decree is set aside and this marriage is deemed to have lasted eight years, the level of provision is increased quite substantially both in respect of free capital, trust capital and periodic payments to the spouse.”

He continued: ‘I calculate that the agreement would give the wife an additional £1.7m housing capital (to be held in trust for her benefit during her lifetime as long as she remains unmarried) in addition to the 2 million pounds of this trust housing capital already provided; a lump sum of £250,000; and additional spousal support of around £13,500 a year, on top of existing child support, with indexation, at £123,000 a year.

“So that’s the reason for the wife’s request.

“It is not a question of proclaiming to the world the truth of the facts as she now says they are. It is not a question of correcting a false conclusion as to its status. This is not about correcting a public injustice.

“It’s a question of money, and only money.”

Judge Mostyn said the evidence fell “far short of showing” that the conclusions made about the state of the marriage, when the decree nisi was granted in 2013, were wrong.

“The evidence shows that the parties had a very flawed marriage which was rightly put out of its misery by the making of the nisi decree,” he said.

“For reasons that have not been explained, for 12 months after the decree was issued, but before the ‘reconciliation’, the wife did not request that the nisi decree issued in her favor be made absolute.

“This delay is very confusing, in November 2014 she and the husband resumed a toxic, damaging and unhealthy relationship which had none of the qualities of marriage and which cannot be called marital reconciliation. This relationship lasted until March 2020, when it ended.

“However, I am fully satisfied that at any time after the nisi decree, their marriage was and remained irretrievably broken.

“I conclude by pointing out that if there had been a genuine marital reconciliation between the parties in November 2014 and after, a request could have been made by the woman at any time thereafter…for an annulment of the decree nisi on the grounds that The parties have reconciled and have both consented to the termination.

“The fact that the wife did not make such a request speaks volumes.

“For these reasons, the wife’s claims are denied and the husband’s claim is granted.”

Attorney Sara Hannell, who is based at the law firm Alexiou Fisher Philipps and represented Mr Abu-Zalaf, said in a statement following the ruling: “Mr Abu-Zalaf is pleased that the judge supported his request for an absolute decree and rejected Ms. Jilina’s attempt. obtain substantial additional sums of money from him, in addition to the generous financial settlement provided for her in their prenuptial agreement.

“Mr. Abu-Zalaf welcomes the court’s clear ruling that the marriage did indeed end in 2013 when Ms. Jilina applied for and was granted a nisi decree and that their subsequent relationship did not constitute a reconciliation of marriage.”

She added, “Mr. Abu-Zalaf’s wish now is to work amicably with Ms. Jilina…and put this private matter behind them and move on.”

Pioneering work by railway engineers William and Murdoch Paterson who helped ‘fill in the gaps’ in the Highland landscape – including the ‘masterpiece’ of Culloden Vidauct

Culloden Viaduct.

The Cromarty History Society got back to work with a fascinating lecture on civil engineers who had a huge impact on the Highlands.

The September conference was the first of the new 2022-23 season. A spokeswoman said: “We sincerely hope that after the last two years of false starts, we will race again for a full season from September to April.

“Our speaker was freelance writer Anne-Mary Paterson, who has a particular interest in railways, due to her belonging to a local family of civil engineers, who were engaged in building railways in the 19th century. .”

Although the concept of a Highland Railway was pioneered by Joseph Mitchell, a man trained by Thomas Telford, it was Anne-Mary’s great-great-uncles, both of whom went to work with Joseph Mitchell, who were largely responsible for the design and construction of the Highland Network we see today.

Murdoch Paterson.
Murdoch Paterson.

William and Murdoch Paterson were brought up in Inverness and attended the Inverness Royal Academy. Despite different career beginnings, they both end up as railway engineers.

Anne-Mary showed fascinating photographs of the construction of some of the network’s classic viaducts and bridges and scenes of Victorian trains. There were many stories associated with ‘filling in the gaps’ and the enormous challenges faced in the rugged Highland landscape. Many viaducts and bridges were built with stone from local quarries and a few even with wood to reduce costs. Some landowners also needed to be appeased and may have influenced the routes taken and the appearance of infrastructure on their own land.

Key examples of Murdoch Paterson’s work include the Kyle Line, now recognized as one of the greatest rail journeys in the world, and his ‘masterpiece’, the Culloden Viaduct. It was his last project and he died before it was opened to passengers in 1898. He was, however, pushed through the structure using a bogie (railway truck) to allow him to give his final orders.

Murdoch was conscious of the welfare and safety of those working under him and was very popular. He was publicly mourned in Inverness after his death.

The lecture made listeners aware of the incredible technical achievements of the time, based on the skills and determination of people like the Patersons. Many of their structures are still part of the fabric of today’s railway network in the Highlands.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 20th October at 7.30pm in West Church Hall, Cromarty. The speaker will be Anne Coombs and her subject “The Herring Gutters of North East Scotland 1840-1950”. Visitors are always welcome to our meetings and further information is available on the website: www.cromartyhistory.scot

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Britain’s Royals crowned on ‘worthless piece of Perthshire rock’, author of controversial new book claims

The legendary Stone of Destiny, currently on loan from Westminster Abbey and on display at Edinburgh Castle, is a medieval fake, according to writer Andrew Neil MacLeod in his latest book.

The author’s latest novel The Casebook of Johnson and Boswell Vol. II: The Stone of Destiny is the second volume in a historical fantasy series following the release of MacLeod’s The Fall of the House of Thomas Weir last year.

Cover of The Stone of Destiny by Andrew MacLeod.

In the new work, MacLeod recounts how Edward Longshanks – the cruel and tyrannical hammer of the Scots – who brought the stone back with him to England by force, had reached the Scottish border in mid-March 1296 but it would take his army of invasion three months to reach Scone Abbey.

“Lots of time, in other words, for the cunning Scots to substitute their sacred coronation stone for a fake one. After all, the ancient chronicles depict a very different object from the featureless lump of sandstone that now circles around,” explains MacLeod.

He says this means the real Stone of Destiny, described as “cut from a solid block of basalt with curious hieroglyphics around its circumference”, is still somewhere, albeit hidden, and just waiting to be discovered. .

Author Andrew MacLeod's new book is about the Stone of Destiny.
Author Andrew MacLeod’s new book is about the Stone of Destiny.

“In the end,” the author explains, “it didn’t really matter what Longshanks brought back with him to Westminster. It was a token act – his way of saying, ‘I am now king of England and Scotland “.” ‘

It’s a controversial theory shared by a number of reputable historians, including 18th century literary giants Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, who find themselves swept up in a great search for the truth of Enlightenment-era Edinburgh. to the western isles in the new book .

“The Stone of Destiny is essentially a road novel, and so episodic in form, with an overarching quest for the lost relic that for 700 years was used to crown the High Kings of Alba,” MacLeod says of his book. “Each clue leads the heroes to the next location, where they find another set of mysteries to solve.

“However, they are not the only ones searching for the holy relic. Hot on their heels are the Culdees, a holy order of monks who have vowed to protect the Stone of Destiny at all costs, and will stop at nothing to prevent it. to fall. to fall into the hands of the enemy.”

The author says he first got the idea for a book series while reading A Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle, where Holmes describes Watson as the “Boswell to his Johnson”. “The real Doctor Johnson had a genuine interest in the occult, and with Scotland’s rich folk vein, it wasn’t a big step to recast the two friends as paranormal investigators, embarking on their famous tour of the Scottish Highlands.”

Described by its author as “The DaVinci Code meets Indiana Jones”, The Casebook of Johnson and Boswell Vol. II: The Stone of Destiny releases October 31.

There are special copies for advance reviewers which can be downloaded at: bookhip.com/HKSSFJW

The first in the trilogy, The Fall of the House by Thomas Weir, is available from Amazon as a Kindle edition (£2.99) or as a paperback (£7.64).

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Recruitment firm Be Personnel opens an office in Dunfermline

Recruitment firm Be Personnel opens an office in Dunfermline

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ASFA Responds to New CRL Report on Installment Loans | Ballard Spahr LLP

On July 28, the Center for Responsible Lender (CRL) published a new report regarding the “persistent damages of high-cost installment loans,” claiming that such loans come with an “operating cost” in fees and interest that far exceeds the amount borrowed, often causing irreparable harm to borrowers. CRL notes that the high-cost low-cost loan market has recently seen the rise of high-cost installment loans with atypically longer terms, typically over a period of months, unlike traditional payday loans, which are typically due at once. sum within fourteen days.

CRL is concerned about the increase in these longer-term loans because they have similar characteristics to other payday and car title loans, including lack of underwriting, access to bank account or car title. borrower as collateral, “structures” that make it difficult for borrowers to repay, excessive rates and fees, and a tendency for loan reversal or stressed reborrowing. CRL concludes that borrowers cannot afford to repay these loans, whether they are structured as an installment or lump sum loan.

The data used in the report was collected via an online survey of 1,000 adults who took out at least one high-cost personal loan in 2019, 2020, or 2021, with samples of 100 black adults and 100 Latino adults who took out high-cost personal loans. such loans. . In addition to the survey, CRL hosted two virtual focus groups with high-cost installment loan borrowers. To be eligible for inclusion in the focus groups, participants had to have taken out a high-cost installment loan, with terms longer than two months in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

Among other things, the CRL report includes the following findings:

(1) Adverse terms of high-cost installment loans led most loans to be refinanced at least once. For the significant share of borrowers surveyed who have missed or made late payments on their loans, the consequences have been severe.

(2) The burden of repaying high-cost loans has often caused borrowers to default on other obligations, resulting in additional debt or a larger financial deficit, which aggravates rather than alleviates pre-existing financial difficulties.

(3) Borrowers understood that these loans hurt their credit rating and delayed wealth-building activities such as buying a house or car, investing in a business, or saving money. retirement, but circumstances led them to believe they had no other option to cope with in the short term. -term financial needs.

The American Financial Services Association (ASFA) replied to the CRL report, noting that the CRL groups traditional installment lenders (TILs) and other lenders of titles other than payday and auto into a single category identified as “high-cost installment lenders.” By “misleadingly grouping all forms of installment lenders under one umbrella”, ASFA argues that CRL is confusing both policy makers and consumers because, despite CRL’s assertion that these loans share similar characteristics with other payday and car title loans, this is simply not the case. for TILs. According to the AFSA, unlike these loans, TIL lenders “underwrite and assess customers’ ability to pay; they do not need to access customers’ bank accounts; the terms are clear, with standard monthly payments, no hidden fees, no lump sum payments or prepayment penalties, and credit bureau reporting. »

ASFA also notes, contrary to CRL’s assertion, that there is a great deal of research on the “effects of predatory lending on consumers’ financial status and the benefits of responsible small-dollar lending to consumers, particularly those who have subprime credit ratings” and that CRL’s “fallback policy of imposing interest rate caps to protect consumers” is unworkable and will lead to the proliferation of predatory lenders that CRL opposes.

[View source.]

Households struggling with mortgages ‘could hit 2008 peak next year’

The proportion of households struggling to make their mortgage payments is set to reach its pre-financial crisis peak by the end of next year, the Bank of England has warned. (Joe Giddens/PA)

The proportion of households struggling to make their mortgage payments is set to reach its pre-financial crisis peak by the end of next year, the Bank of England has warned.

The Bank’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) said households with high cost-of-living-adjusted mortgage debt-service ratios would soar if interest rates rise in line with market expectations.

The category measures those who spend more than 70% of their take-home pay on mortgages and other essentials.

These households will struggle to meet their payments and will have to cut spending, and could default on their loans.

It will be difficult for some households to manage projected increases in the cost of basic necessities as interest rates rise

Financial Policy Committee

“Assuming rates follow this implicit market path, the share of households with high cost-of-living-adjusted mortgage debt-service ratios would increase by the end of 2023 to the highest levels reached before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC),” the bank said.

“However, households are in a stronger position than when approaching the GFC, so UK banks are less exposed to household vulnerabilities.”

There are fewer households with mortgages than at the time of the GFC and Britain’s household debt-to-income ratio is well below where it peaked before the crash of 2008.

“Nevertheless, it will be difficult for some households to manage projected increases in the cost of basic necessities as interest rates rise,” the Bank said.

He came as the Bank warned that the outlook for the global economy has deteriorated significantly in recent months.

The Bank said recent problems in the UK government debt market had spilled over and were impacting global markets.

“The global economic outlook has continued to deteriorate significantly, and more than expected, while geopolitical risks have remained heightened since July,” the FPC said.

He added that interest rate hikes would also lead to higher costs for businesses.

Staging for clashes across the state’s four largest classes


BOZEMAN — With the scent of the October playoffs in the semi-bracing air of fall, this is getting real as the high school football regular season enters its final two weekends.

After a relatively uneventful week for the 406mtsports.com High School Football Rankings – save for another Saturday of 6-man carnage – major showdowns are on the immediate horizon as the teams battle for playoff position. playoffs.

The top five spots remain unchanged after Week 7, but some shuffling is looming after Friday in Montana’s four biggest classes.

Meanwhile, although No. 1 Big Sandy (7-0) and No. 2 Broadview-Lavina (7-0) stayed the course in 6-Man, the next three teams fell as Bridger, Chester -Joplin-Inverness and Power -Dutton-Brady suffered setbacks with No.9 Denton-Geyser-Stanford-Geraldine.

New No. 3 Custer-Hysham-Melstone (6-1) has now won six in a row since his season-opening 49-48 loss to two-time defending state champion Froid-Lake (4-3), who made his presence felt again after a three-fight losing streak (all against ranked enemies).

People also read…

Class AA: All five ranked teams served on Friday, and Bozeman (5-2) makes his presence felt after five straight triumphs following losses to No. 1 Helena Capital (28-21) and No. 3 Missoula Sentinel (29-7) . ).

Next class AA match of the week: Sentinel (6-1) tries to erase the sting from their other game against a school Helena by moving to face Capital (7-0) at Vigilante Stadium. Honorable mention: In the first seemingly even grudge game between the schools, upstart No. 5 Bozeman Gallatin (6-1) takes on Bozeman at Van Winkle Stadium.

Class A: With four shots and a bye for No. 4 Polson, the top five spots remained locked. No. 1 Hamilton (7-0) won 42-7, No. 2 Lewistown (7-0) beat 55-18, No. 1. No. 3 Billings Central (7-0) batted 35 -0 and No. 5 Columbia Falls won 69-12.

Still on the outside waiting for someone to stumble is Dillon (5-1), who only lost to Hamilton (34-7).

Next class A match of the week: Eastern prominence will be on the line when Lewistown hosts Billings Central on Friday night.

Class B: The state’s most balanced class didn’t see much movement other than the fall of No. 4 Jefferson after a 12-0 loss to a formidable Manhattan team. No. 1 Bigfork (6-0), No. 2 Townsend (6-1) and No. 3 Florence-Carlton (6-1) all took care of business.

So is No. 4 Huntley Project (7-0), who is quietly lurking on the east side of the state. Worth noting: the Red Devils own decisive victories over Malta no.5 (21-0) and Glasgow no.7 (42-14) – the only defeats of the two teams.

Next class B match of the week: All eyes will be on the west when Bigfork hosts defending state champion Florence-Carlton.

8-Man: As the top four spots continue to be held by undefeated teams, led by Drummond-Philipsburg (7-0), a salvo from the east came from No. 5 Culbertson (6-1), who sent then the No. 1. 5 Fairview 28-8. Keep an eye out for the top No. 8, who is 7-0 despite disbanding his co-op with Alberton.

Next 8-Man game of the week: Northern supremacy will be on the line when the No. 2 Belt (8-0) heads to the Hi-Line to take on the No. 3 Chinook (7-0). The Huskies outscored six opponents 261-48 (one forfeit) and the Sugarbeeters outscored seven opponents 286-136.

6-Man: Despite the late momentum of Custer-Hysham-Melstone and No. 6 Roy-Winifred (6-1), it might be prudent to keep an eye on the two-time defending champion and now ranked 10th Froid-Lake, who was all but written off after the first three losses, but has dismantled the mighty Savage and Jordan over the past two weeks.

Next match at 6 of the week: 4 Centerville (5-2) was a surprise, and the Miners will have their job done but on Winifred’s red turf when they face the Outlaws.

Class AA

3. Missoula Sentinel (6-1)

5. Bozeman Gallatin (6-1)

Class A

3. Billing center (7-0)

5. Columbia Falls (5-1)

Class B

3. Florence-Carlton (6-1)

4. Draft Huntley (7-0) (+1)

8 men

1. Drummond-Philipsburg (7-0)

6 men

2. Broadview-Lavina (7-0)

3. Custer-Hysham-Melstone (6-1) (+4)

4. Downtown (5-2) (+2)

6. Roy Winifred (6-1) (+4)

8. Chester-Joplin-Inverness (5-2) (-4)

9. Power-Dutton-Brady (5-2) (-4)

Application for Househill Courtyard battery energy storage facility set to face objections from Nairn River Community Council over housing proximity fears

Fordtown Battery Storage in Kintore

NAIRN River Community Council must oppose plans to install battery energy storage south east of Househill Courtyard.

Council recently agreed to oppose the plan because of its proximity to housing.

At the meeting, secretary Veronica McKinnon said: “Initially they wanted to put it on the ground which is now the new Showfield. Now (the proposed site) it stands opposite Househill Court.

Chairman Hamish Bain said: ‘I think this may not be the right place. The council at one point thought it was too close to the accommodation.

He said plans had been approved for similar storage facilities at Blackpark (farm) which he thought would be preferable as it was not near the accommodation.

Since the meeting, news has emerged of a new request for another battery storage facility at nearby Blackpark Farm.

Mr Bain said a location (in Blackpark) near the Grigorhill industrial estate would be more suitable.

The proposed battery storage site at Blackpark Farm
The proposed battery storage site at Blackpark Farm

Highland Council’s transport planning team have requested assurances of visibility flares for access to the Househill site.

Planners have welcomed news that the access gate has been moved back 15m from the A939, which will allow entry to ‘industry access standards’.

During the nine-month construction phase, a construction traffic management plan (CTMP) will be applied.

There are no other objections to Househill’s proposals. Whirlwind Energy Storage Ltd’s application is for the construction and operation of a battery energy storage facility comprising up to 50 containerized battery storage units, auxiliary transformers and inverters, a connection building, an office and an on-site store, fencing and landscaping.

The site is arable land 250 meters from Househill House and the purpose of the project is to import and store electricity from the power grid in the event of excess production (wind farms) and then export it again in the event of potential deficit. .

The app states: “This ‘Grid Balancing Service’ helps ensure decarbonization as it effectively reduces the degree to which renewable energy generation needs to be ‘trimmed’ (turned off) by helping to store excess generation.”

It adds: “Energy projects of the type proposed here can only be located where they can be connected to the electricity grid at points that have the capacity to import and export electricity.”

The Househill project has secured such a connection point via the Nairn substation, 650m to the northeast. The project would be connected to the substation via an underground cable.

The claimants added that the land is owned by Margaret and Gordon Nicolson, who have farmed the area for 36 years. Househill Mains is a 300 acre mixed beef and arable farm.

“The family have also developed Househill Courtyard on the original farm which includes a farm shop, cafe and furniture store.

“Margaret and Gordon are strong supporters of green projects, sustainability and the march to net zero and this energy storage project is an opportunity to diversify their business.”

A Notice of Demand (PAN) proposal has now been submitted to Highland Council on behalf of Anesco Limited for a development on land at Blackpark Farm.

An online consultation event will take place from November 23, 2022 to December 14, 2022 on a dedicated website. Exhibit material, detailing the proposed development, will be uploaded for viewing on the website. It will also have live chat facilities on November 23, 2022 between 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. to allow the public to ask the project team direct questions about the proposed development.

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Recent points boost may be vital to title push, says Caley Thistle’s Billy Mckay

Match winner Billy Mckay believes Caley Thistle has earned the right to be in the thick of the action at the top of the Championship.

The striker’s second-half goal beat leaders Partick Thistle 1-0 on Friday night at Caledonian Stadium as ICT joined the Jags on 17 points.

Ayr United made it a three-way tie for first place after their 5-0 rout of Queen’s Park.

Caley Thistle’s victory made it four straight wins after away wins against three other strong rivals, Raith Rovers, Dundee and Ayr United.

Mckay, whose 85 goals make him the club’s second-highest all-time goalscorer behind Dennis Wyness (101), believes getting through tricky away competition is a huge achievement as they chase for the title.

Caley Thistle fans enjoy the moment Billy Mckay scored the winner against Partick Thistle.

He said: “It was a super three-pointer for us. We’ve won four league games in a row and that could be very important.

“We didn’t start the season in the best way, then we faced three away games – at Raith Rovers, Dundee and Ayr – and you’d think our difficult start would continue, but we won those games. and we followed it Friday against Partick.

“It’s all tough away games and we didn’t play very well at times, but that’s what you have to do in this league.

“I was here before I got promoted (with Ross County) and when you win games when you’re not playing well, that’s a good sign.”

Patience paid off against the Jags at 10

Partick’s Kyle Turner was sent off five minutes before the break for a reckless challenge on Roddy MacGregor.

Mackay felt the Highlanders deserved the points because of the way they conducted business afterwards – before and after the red card.

He said: “Even when Partick had 11 men we were playing well. We looked more likely to score and I had a chance in the first half.

Partick Thistle’s Kyle Turner is red carded for a challenge on Roddy MacGregor.

“Sometimes when we faced teams that were down to 10 men, we struggled to break them down.

“But this time we were patient and we got the goal, which was great. It was encouraging to see how well we moved the ball and used that extra player on the other side of the pitch.

Harper’s goals hailed by Mckay

Mckay’s strike saw him level five goals with not just a teammate, but arguably one of the Championship’s great lifters, Cammy Harper.

And Mckay has been impressed with the 20-year-old and welcomes the defender-turned-midfielder’s contribution.

He said: “If Cammy keeps scoring, that’s great for the team. We need everyone to participate.

“He’s been great since moving into midfield and he was unlucky with a great shot against Partick and the keeper (David Mitchell) made a great save.”

Mckay’s winner came when he buried the ball in the middle of a busy penalty area and the striker was relieved to see it fly.

He said: “When the ball fell on me I looked up and just saw bodies in front of me. I lowered my head and kicked as hard as I could and luckily he went through a defender and the goalkeeper to hit the back of the net. I was delighted.”

Billy Mckay lowers his head and buries the ball into the net for the ICT winner against Partick Thistle.

Tips for winger MacKay

On-loan Hibs ace center Daniel MacKay led to Friday’s winner and the former Northern Ireland international says the winger, who was man of the match, could still improve .

He added: “Even when we were against 11 men, Dan was dangerous. He put in a number of crosses and had shots and when he’s like that he can be unstoppable.

“Dan will face times when teams double down on him and that will be a challenge for him.

“That’s when you just have to learn how to move the ball and, if he does, he’s done his job because we’ve created an overload elsewhere on the pitch.

“He was fantastic on Friday and, if he can keep doing that, I’m sure I can make a few more of his crosses.”

Daniel MacKay flies against Partick Thistle.

ICT ready to test Cove meets

On Saturday, ICT travel to Balmoral Stadium to take on Jim McIntyre’s Cove Rangers side.

Inverness lost 4-1 in the league encounter at Caledonian Stadium in August but Cove took them on penalties before losing the Premier Sports Cup shootout in July.

Back-to-back wins over Arbroath and Dundee lifted Cove, although the weekend’s 3-0 loss to Raith Rovers was a setback.

Mckay expects nothing more than a tough 90 minutes at Balmoral Stadium, but stressed their own form gives them confidence they can come along the A96 with three points.

He said: “Cove has improved since the start of the season. They changed part of their starting line-up and it will be a completely different game for us.

“However, we have won our last four games, so we believe we can beat anyone.”

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[Recent points surge can be vital for title push, says Caley Thistle’s Billy Mckay]


The songs that made the Beatles


It’s been 60 years since the Beatles released their first single

Last week saw one of those milestones, an anniversary that startled a certain generation. Wednesday marked 60 years since the Beatles released their debut single, Love Me Do, igniting the spark that ignited Beatlemania and changed music still.

The milestone immediately transported a certain generation to the ’60s, to a time of beehives, bells, and even more questionable. fashion choices. For those of us who grew up listening to our parents’ record collections, other memories have surfaced.

All I need to hear are the opening notes of a Beatles song and I’m back in the car for the long Saturday drives with my dad at the wheel, mum in the front and my brothers and I fighting in the back.

For almost 16 years the Beatles have been the soundtrack of my life and for this week’s Life in Songs justice I called on the man behind the wheel, the one who sat for hours doing compilations “for the road”.

READ MORE: The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ at 60 and their Scottish heritage

Russell Kyle (aka Paw), also spent his early career as a music journalist and, while he admits his choice might be controversial, there are few better candidates to pick the songs that made The Beatles.

Spin and Scream, 1963

“Taken from the Fab Four’s highly anticipated debut album, Please Please Me. Of the 14 tracks, eight were original McCartney/Lennon compositions and it should be noted that Paul was the main name in the songwriting credits. Proving that they were a great rock and roll band at heart, the two tracks that stood out were I Saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout.On the latter, John took the lead and had a bad cold.He said to the band: “We have to do this in one take, my voice won’t last a second.” His hoarse voice makes it a classic.

All My Love, 1963

The band’s second album, With the Beatles, was released a few months later in 1963 and saw the band switch to the Lennon/McCartney credits on songwriting. Again the album had 14 tracks with John and Paul writing seven songs and George making his songwriting debut with Don’t Bother Me. For me the track that stood out was All My Loving which had number one written on it but which was never published in 45. »

If I fell – 1964

“This track is taken from A Hard Day’s Night, the soundtrack to their first movie, where every song was written by John and Paul. It was a massive hit album and possibly the first in the history of the music where everyone knew the lyrics to every track! The whole album is littered with classics and If I Fell and I Should Have Know Better were the crème de la crème of the 13 tracks. If I had to pick one, it would be If I Fell and I Should Have Know Better I was falling.

No Answer – 1964

“This song comes from The Beatles For Sale, where Ringo made his vocal debut with a rather weak Honey Don’t. The album saw them return to 14 songs, including No Reply, I’m A Loser and Eight Days A Week. It’s hard to choose from so many great songs, but No Reply wraps it up with great lyrics, a great hook, and a strong vocal.

You must hide your love – 1965

“Help was the band’s second movie soundtrack and a brilliant listen, from the opening title track to the closing Dizzy Miss Lizzy. The elpee also includes the most covered song of all time with approximately 1400 different versions of the McCartney classic, Yesterday. But ‘You’ve got to hide your love away’ is the standout, not just for the way the whole song is produced but, again, for John Lennon’s vocals.

In my life – 1965

“Many believe that Rubber Soul is the greatest Beatles album of all time. Drive My Car opens the proceedings with other highlights including Girl, Norwegian Wood and Nowhere Man. John Lennon’s incredible In My Life is one of his best compositions. This one resonated even stronger after John died, there was so much of him in the song and when he died it became even more poignant.

Gotta Get You Into My Life – 1966

“By 1966 the band had ditched the costumes and the ‘Beatles Cut’ was replaced with much longer, wilder hair, but the band’s sheer brilliance continued. Revolver was yet another 14-track gem with Here , There and Everywhere, Good Day Sunshine and Got To Get You Into My Life, the latter being the tough pick of the best.You should also find a great cover by Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, one of the few bands to really render justice to a Beatles song.

A Day in the Life – 1967

“Now we come to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – the album was consistently voted greatest of all time. It is, without a doubt, the most creative album the band has ever produced and it is extremely difficult to choose a song that stands out when you have Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, She’s Leaving Home, Lovely Rita and Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!. A day in the life shadow and tell such a beautiful story. During the recording, the orchestra was told to play all their instruments to the extreme, not to worry about the melody. It becomes almost a mob but rises to a great crescendo.

I am the walrus – 1967

“Magical Mystery Tour was, in many ways, a strange album and a lot of Beatles die-hards didn’t think of the band doing a bus tour. But, he provided some brilliant songs in I Am The Walrus, Hello Goodbye, Strawberry Fields Forever and the genius of All You Need is Love. What Beatles fan can forget the band singing All You Need Is Love with a worldwide live TV audiences tune in to see an impeccable vocal performance by John Lennon while chewing gum throughout! I am the Walrus is my pick though, such a quirky, yet excellent song.

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I’m so tired – 1968

“Has this group ever done a bad elpee? The White Album is packed with great tracks including Blackbird, Sexy Sadie, Back in the USSR and Rocky Raccoon. John reportedly once said of Ringo’s drumming skills (with his tongue firmly in his cheek) that he probably wasn’t the Beatles’ best drummer, but it’s worth listening to his playing on Don’t Pass Me By. But I’m so tired, this is my pick of this brilliant double album.

Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight – 1969

“When Abbey Road came out, people were like, ‘Is this the end of the Beatles?’ but they were back to their best. The eccentric and murderous Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Here Comes The Sun, Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam make this album a lasting memory, but my favorite is actually two songs, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight, which blend seamlessly into one perfect track.”

Across the Universe – 1970

“For the finale, I’m going with the old adage of leaving the audience happy, which the band did with their last album, Let it Be. It’s a magnificent record, from the opener Get Back to the closer Let It Be. Add the two beauties of John Don’t Let Me Down and Across The Universe and you have a production of some substance. The latter is a beautiful song, with John’s haunting melodies and wonderful lyrics.


Fiber 1 creating more connections for all

From left to right ; Natalie Sutherland-West, Claire Taylor, Gino Stirrat, Cody Wood, Lynn Stewart and Stewart MacDonald…Photo: Daniel Forsyth..

A LOCAL telecommunications company hopes to take the next step in its journey after being named a finalist for a prestigious award. Fiber 1 has come a long way since its inception in 2017, and the company’s appearance at the highly regarded Comms National Awards (CNA) in London on October 13, 2022 should provide further proof of that.

The company’s relatively short running time only makes its consistent ability to reach the finals in UK telecom prices all the more impressive.

CNA’s nomination follows Fiber 1 recently coming highly recommended at the Channel Champions Awards at Regents Park in 2022 and winning UK Reseller of the Year at the Comms Business Awards in 2021. “We are delighted to to be a finalist at such a prestigious awards ceremony,” said COO Lynn Stewart.

“It’s a huge achievement to be recognized nationally by a panel of well-known industry leaders.

“Fibre 1 has faced stiff competition in the UK telecommunications industry and were delighted to bring the price down to

Scotland on behalf of the Fiber 1 team.”

Fiber 1 team from left to right: Stewart Macdonald (General Manager) and Lynn Stewart (Operations Manager).  Photo: Beth Taylor
Fiber 1 team from left to right: Stewart Macdonald (General Manager) and Lynn Stewart (Operations Manager). Photo: Beth Taylor

Fiber 1, headquartered at Forres Enterprise Park, has grown from two to nine employees and expects new hires in 2022. The company has just expanded and opened a new office, right in the heart of Edinburgh, on St Andrew’s Square. The opening of the new office in Edinburgh represents an expansion into new territory for the company, as it seeks to bring its knowledge, excellent support and telecommunications expertise to potential customers and channel partners across the central belt of Scotland.

Dietmar Wand, Head of Channel and Business Development, Fiber 1, said: “It is great to join Fiber 1 at an exciting time of channel growth.

“The company recently developed a new FTTP/fiber portal, and we are now preparing to launch extremely exciting channel connectivity products in the near future.

“Fiber 1 prides itself on offering excellent prices, an excellent selection of fiber optic networks, self-service portals and world-class project managers. In my new role, I will ensure that we continue to deliver that. »

Stewart Macdonald, Managing Director, added: “While we have established several great partnerships and relationships, there remains an untapped market for excellent fixed and mobile connectivity from a trusted source.

“We have known Dietmar for many years and are convinced that it will be an excellent addition to our growing distribution business.”

Fiber 1 also provided connectivity and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to a growing direct customer base, with over 350 customers not only in Moray and the Highlands, but across the UK.

Having recently completed complex fiber installations at the Port of Dover for DFDS. Other clients include MOWI, Orbex, Gleaner, New Cairn Distillery (Grantown) to name a few.

Fiber 1 also has a presence in London through its membership of Scotland House, which provides flexible office workspace, allowing the company to keep abreast of all the latest technologies and advanced communications capabilities. This enables the company to provide best-in-class communication and connectivity solutions to local customers.

Fiber 1 has recently added Business Mobiles to its portfolio, at very competitive rates.

Dietmar Wand, Head of Channel and Business Development at Fiber 1.
Dietmar Wand, Head of Channel and Business Development at Fiber 1.

“Fantastic deals will be offered on unlimited data sims, customers will get insight into usage across three major mobile networks – EE, Vodafone and O2 – with full flexibility while switching networks and a seamless process in case breach of contract.

“Enterprises will also have a dedicated account manager to ensure ongoing local Fiber 1 support. All mobile requirements will be handled for the customer.

“As part of the new mobile offering, there will be bespoke and tailored tariffs, and all mobile needs will be managed locally for customers.

“There will be an invoice expense tool, to keep employers informed of employee data usage, and of course there will be support and advice from members of the Fiber 1 support team. .”

While the focus is on ever-broadening horizons, Fiber 1 is proud to be a local company and will continue to support local customers first.

“We are looking to continue the positive growth in the market while continuing to provide positive recruitment of high quality jobs in the region.

“We want to reinvest as much as possible in our region.”

On growing the business, Lynn added, “We have fantastic customer support and communication skills, and we don’t outsource.

“Whether it’s marketing, billing or support, it’s all handled internally, so it’s a much more personal experience and, in our opinion, better for the customer.”

Fiber 1 also has affiliate partnerships with football clubs, which gives revenue back to the clubs’ community development programs.

Fiber 1 have been delighted to extend their short film sponsorship for the next three seasons for Elgin City Football Club.

Fiber 1 team from left to right: John Innes (Channel & Business Development Manager), Claire Taylor (Operations Manager), Gino Stirrat (Channel & Support Coordinator), Natalie Sutherland-West (Helpdesk/Support Coordinator), Stewart Macdonald (Managing Director ), Lynn Stewart (Operations Manager), Cody Wood (Operations Coordinator), Wayne McNicoll (Supply Manager) and Dietmar Wand (Distribution and Business Development Manager).  Photo: Beth Taylor
Fiber 1 team from left to right: John Innes (Channel & Business Development Manager), Claire Taylor (Operations Manager), Gino Stirrat (Channel & Support Coordinator), Natalie Sutherland-West (Helpdesk/Support Coordinator), Stewart Macdonald (Managing Director ), Lynn Stewart (Operations Manager), Cody Wood (Operations Coordinator), Wayne McNicoll (Supply Manager) and Dietmar Wand (Distribution and Business Development Manager). Photo: Beth Taylor

Other clubs the partnership is affiliated with are Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC, Ross County FC and, just launched, new schemes with Brora Rangers FC and Dundee FC.

Fiber 1 also actively supports Moray School Bank, providing their connectivity and VoIP phone system free of charge on an annual basis.

Given the current cost of living crisis, this charity works tirelessly to help families in Moray.

Additionally, Fiber 1 supports as many good local causes as possible, including MFR Cash for Kids, and targeted initiatives throughout the year.

Fiber 1 truly believes in a positive approach to social responsibility and applauds reinvestment in the local community and good causes.

Fiber 1 was named a finalist for the Comms National Awards.
Fiber 1 was named a finalist for the Comms National Awards.

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Russell Brand and Jeremy Corbyn join the Human Chain in support of Julian Assange

An image of Julian Assange (Victoria Jones/PA)

Comedian and actor Russell Brand and former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn joined hundreds of protesters outside the Palace of Westminster to demonstrate against the extradition of Julian Assange.

The Australian activist and Wikileaks founder is awaiting deportation to the United States from HMP Belmarsh, where he fears he could face a 175-year prison sentence.

Mr Assange’s wife, Stella, accompanied by their two young sons, were cheered on by protesters forming a human chain that snaked along Westminster Bridge, along the Houses of Parliament facade and into the gardens of the Victoria tower.

One of the boys smiled at the reception from the crowd, some of whom were carrying life-size cardboard cutouts of their father.

Mr Corbyn, who has linked arms with Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe and former union boss Len McCluskey, urged other politicians to support Mr Assange’s cause.

“I would say to MPs – in fact from any party – that you are here to represent democracy and rights,” the independent MP told the PA news agency.

“That’s what you’re signing up for…if Julian Assange is extradited, it will scare other journalists into doing anything to expose the truth.

“It becomes a self-censorship of journalists around the world. They’ll say, ‘wait, I’m not touching that, look what happened to Julian Assange’.”

While most protesters lined up outside Parliament, others marched through the streets chanting “Free Julian Assange” to the tune of Nelson Mandela from The Specials.

Brand made a brief appearance, holding Ms Assange’s hand as the couple were surrounded by reporters.

Mr McCluskey, after tying a yellow #FreeAssange ribbon into a makeshift scarf, claimed the US government was making an example of the imprisoned journalist.

The former Unite boss, who led Britain’s second biggest union until last year, said: ‘This is a global elite who are making it clear no one will put them under surveillance .

“They want to rule the world without anyone challenging what they’re doing, and that’s all Julian has done.

“He told the truth, and the truth was too much for them to swallow.”

A row broke out later in the day as stewards tried to move protesters through Victoria Tower Gardens after the human chain was broken.

“They are not real stewards, they are not real stewards,” insisted a man in an orange jumpsuit, while other activists refused to leave their posts.

“I’m not doing this for fun,” protested a steward before leaving.

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Weekend Open Discussion October 7-9


Welcome to the Open Thread, your daily dose of wacky randomness from TLO. Everything is allowed, within reason. Are you buying a house and want advice on the process? Post your questions here! Have you ever bought a house and have a question about something going on in the house? Ask that old TLO. Got a weird legal situation and need non-binding legal advice from strangers claiming to be lawyers? Apparently we have dozens of them! Want to make others jealous of the amazing lunch waiting for you in your office fridge? Keep that to yourself, we don’t need any more reminders, our deli sandwich is going to suck. Got some big, exciting news and want some positive affirmations? We have a lot for you! Let’s go to the program:

Friday – EFL Championship: APR v Reading (3pm ESPN+)

Bundesliga: Hoffenheim vs Werder Bremen (2:30 p.m. ESPN+)

2. Bundesliga: Arminia Bielefeld v Karlsruher SC (12:30 p.m. ESPN+)

La Liga: Osasuna v Valencia (3 p.m. ESPN+)

Scottish Championship: Inverness Caledonian Thistle v Partick Thistle (2:45 p.m. Paramount+)

Saturday – EPL: Chelsea against Wolverhampton Wanderers or Newcastle United against Brentford (10 a.m. USA), AFC Bournemouth against Leicester City, Manchester City against Southampton, Chelsea against Wolverhampton Wanderers or Newcastle United against Brentford (10 a.m. Peacock), Brighton & Hove Albion against Tottenham Hotspur ( 12:30 p.m. NBC)

Sunday – EPL: Crystal Palace vs Leeds United & West Ham United vs Fulham (9am USA/Peacock), Arsenal vs. LIVERPOOL (11:30 a.m. USA), Everton v Manchester United (2 p.m. USA)

EFL Championship: Huddersfield Town v Hull City (7am ESPN+)

MLS: Atlanta United vs NYCFC, Chicago Fire vs New England Revolution, DC United vs FC Cincinnati, Inter Miami vs CF Montreal, NYRB vs Charlotte FC, Orlando City SC vs Columbus Crew SC, Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC (2:30 p.m. ESPN+/Locals ); Austin FC vs Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas vs Sporting KC, Houston Dynamo vs LA Galaxy, LAFC vs Nashville SC, Minnesota United vs Vancouver Whitecaps, Real Salt Lake vs Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders FC vs San Jose Earthquakes (5pm ESPN+/Locals)

Average UK house price falls from previous high in September

House prices edged down 0.1% in September (Yui Mok/PA)

According to an index, the average house price fell slightly in September, compared to the record level recorded the previous month.

Figures dating back to the summer indicate the housing market may have already entered a more sustained period of slower growth, Halifax said.

In the UK, house prices edged down 0.1% in September, according to figures from Halifax.

The annual rate of house price growth also slowed, from 11.4% in August to 9.9% in September, returning to single digits for the first time since January.

A typical UK property now costs £293,835, according to the Halifax Index.

In reality, house prices have remained largely flat since June, up around £250

Kim Kinnaird, Halifax Mortgages

The number of mortgage products available has fallen sharply following the recent mini-budget and, as product choice has gradually returned, lenders have priced them higher.

The average five-year fixed-rate mortgage and the average two-year rate rose above 6% this week – the first time this has happened in over a decade – according to data from Moneyfacts.co.uk.

Kim Kinnaird, director of Halifax Mortgages, said: “Events of recent weeks have led to greater economic uncertainty, but in reality house prices have remained largely flat since June, up around £250.

“This compares to an increase of over £10,000 in the previous quarter, suggesting the housing market may have already entered a more sustained period of slower growth.

“Predicting what happens next means making sense of the many variables currently in play and the housing market has consistently defied expectations of late.

“While stamp duty cuts, a shortage of homes for sale and a strong labor market all support house prices, the prospect of interest rates continuing to rise sharply amid the cost of housing compression. life, as well as the impact in recent weeks of rising mortgage borrowing costs on affordability, will likely put more downward pressure on house prices in the months ahead.

“This will no doubt be a cause for concern for homeowners, but the unprecedented rate of house price inflation we have seen in recent years has been well above the historical average.

“It’s important to look at slower growth in this context – since the start of the pandemic, average property values ​​have risen by around 23% (nearly £55,000) with detached house prices up by over £100,000 over the same period.”

In the UK, annual house price growth is strongest in Wales, at 14.8%.

Meanwhile, Scotland, London, East England and North East England have seen annual house price inflation fall to single digit levels.

The West Midlands has overtaken the South West to record the highest annual growth rate in England, with house prices rising 13.3% over the past year.

Tom Bill, head of UK residential research at estate agent Knight Frank, said: “It’s a safe bet that UK property prices have now peaked.

“The impact of rising mortgage rates will begin to hit demand and purchasing power in the coming months, which we believe will lead to a 10% decline over the next two years for prices in the Kingdom. -United.”

Mark Harris, managing director of mortgage brokerage SPF Private Clients, said: “While the turmoil of the past two weeks will go down in the history books, money markets appear to have calmed down a bit.

“It is important to reiterate that the mortgage market is still open for business.”

As the cost of living crisis looms, some buyers are compromising on their priorities to secure a property within their original budget

Matthew Thompson

Alice Haine, personal finance analyst at Bestinvest, said: “While the pace of rising mortgage rates has accelerated since the mini-budget, the situation is not a complete surprise.

“Mortgage costs have risen steadily since December, when the Bank of England began raising its base rate by a record 0.1% in a bid to rein in runaway inflation.

“The base rate now sits at 2.25%, with expectations it could climb as high as 1% at the Monetary Policy Committee meeting next month, pushing mortgage rates up again.”

Nathan Emerson, chief executive of estate agent body Propertymark, said: ‘Buyers… are analyzing the market and taking their time moving, so we will continue to see that reflected in the prices achieved.’

Matthew Thompson, sales manager at Chestertons, said the estate agent “is seeing an increasing number of house hunters who want to secure a property as soon as possible and take out a fixed rate mortgage”.

He added: “It helped keep the September property market active and competitive. As the cost of living crisis looms, some buyers are compromising on their priorities in order to secure a property below their original budget.

Martin Beck, EY Item Club’s chief economic adviser, said: “Combined with the weakening economic outlook and the compression of household incomes, the EY Item Club expects property values ​​to decline by 5% or more in the next year.”

Nicky Stevenson, managing director of estate agent Fine & Country, said sterling’s weakness provided a window of opportunity for overseas investors, adding: “In higher value market areas like London, economies can now be achieved compared to the beginning of the year and we are already seeing a spike in interest from abroad.

Iain McKenzie, managing director of the Guild of Property Professionals, said: “Estate agents are still seeing stock shortages in many parts of the country, which has supported high property prices throughout the boom.”

Here are the average home prices in September and the annual increase, according to Halifax:

– East Midlands, £245,082, 11.7%
– East of England, £340,839, 9.7%
– London, £553,849, 8.1%
– North East, £170,999, 9.9%
– North West, £229,106, 12.8%
– Northern Ireland, £184,570, 10.9%
– Scotland, £204,305, 8.5%
– South East, £399,895, 10.6%
– South West, £311,229, 12.5%
– Wales, £224,490, 14.8%
– West Midlands, £255,822, 13.3%
– Yorkshire and Humber, £208,318, 11.4%

Striker combination gives Torquay United hope

If Torquay United fans are looking for reason to be happy, and they must certainly be with the Gulls bottom of the National League after 12 games, the new combination of summer signing Aaron Jarvis and loanee from Stoke City Will Goodwin up front might be the best option.

Centre-forward Jarvis has looked like a handful since finally returning from a pre-season injury last month, and he scored a high-quality first goal in Tuesday’s 3-2 home loss against Maidenhead, while Goodwin’s well-taken midweek opener was his third of the campaign.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s trip to York, manager Gary Johnson said: “Aaron and Will can be a very strong partnership for us.

“Will is developing as a good striker – that’s why Stoke allowed him to come to us, to learn the game in a more competitive environment.

“He’s got all the tools, and there’s still more to come from him.

“We hope these two can continue, and we need to provide them with more quality balls.”

United may have lost Kieron Evans (fractured ribs) and Ross Marshall (calf) in the first half to Maidenhead, but Johnson will hope right-back Dylan Crowe and skipper Asa Hall can be back from their own injuries.

The Gulls may still be recovering from a midweek game in which they were handed a controversial penalty, and they also conceded a last-minute winner seconds after clearing their own header from the line, but Johnson stressed: “We shouldn’t feel sorry for ourselves – we shouldn’t do that, we should perform after bad decisions.

“There aren’t any teams in this division at the minute that don’t have more weaknesses than strengths – it’s the day, it really is.

“If we play well, we will have every chance of winning.”

There may be over a hundred points left to play, but Gulls fans are inevitably concerned about such a poor start and even the prospect of a long relegation fight.

“I can understand people’s concerns about this,” Johnson said.

“We’re all human, but I’m not worried right now because I 100% believe that’s not an option – it’s not going to happen.

“Although it seems a little dark to some, we have to keep going and believe in what we are doing.

“Everyone makes mistakes and everyone makes mistakes in judgement, even in the Premier League – that’s football.

“We have to break the habit of losing or drawing when we’re at it.”

Three years ago Torquay took just one season to recover from the south of Newfoundland, but it took much longer for York, a club with a great history, to escape from the north of Newfoundland.

They finally did after moving from their much-loved former home ground of Bootham Crescent to New York Community Stadium in 2021.

City (9th) got off to a decent start after promotion under former Macclesfield and Port Vale manager John Askey.

One of their summer signings, ex-Gulls on loan striker Scott Boden, has already moved to Buxton but former Plainmoor players Manny Duku and Fraser Kerr are there, center forward Duku after spells with Raith Rovers and Inverness CT and centre-back Kerr after a short spell at Chesterfield.

Askey has several experienced players who are proving useful at the moment – Mike Duckworth in defence, Mitch Hancox and Gus Mafuta in midfield and Luke James and captain Lenell John-Lewis in attack.

John-Lewis, 33, who has played for Bury, Grimsby twice and Shrewsbury among others, has scored six goals so far.

Saturday’s referee is Michael Barlow from Bolton.

Inverness street cleaner sweeps away 35 years of work

A worker in Inverness town center has just completed 35 years of work to keep the streets looking their best.

Street cleaner Martin Macdougall, from Merkinch, says he enjoys working in the Highland capital as he meets people and is outdoors most of the time.

The 57-year-old started working when Inverness was still a city and over the years has seen it develop into a bustling city.

Every day is different

Mr Macdougall handed out hundreds of parcels to children during Covid. Image: Martin Macdougall/Facebook.

Mr Macdougall, who is an avid cyclist, says every day is different at work, but over the years he has seen changes.

While working through the pandemic, Mr. Macdougall decided to go the extra mile and delivered hundreds of packages to children across the city, and beyond, to give them something to do.

He said: “It’s just a nice job to do and meet new people and I just like to keep my town center clean.

“There were a lot of changes in that time. The city has become much bigger with more hotels.

🗣️ Congratulations to Martin! 👏👏👏 Congratulations to our downtown street cleaner Martin Macdougall on his 35th birthday…

Posted by Inverness City Center BID on Wednesday October 5th, 2022

“The best thing is the people and tourists who come to talk, not just to show you the way, but to tell you that your city looks so clean.

“It gives me the opportunity to chat with them about their visit to Inverness and how beautiful it is.”

When asked if what was dumped on the streets had changed, he replied, “Well, there’s a lot of trash.

“We do a lot of cigarette butts and chewing gum. But we have a chewing gum machine which is ideal for downtown. There’s not so much chewing gum on the streets anymore.

“Certainly more people in the city now than when I started, and with all the big events going on in Inverness it can get really busy.”

“Dedication to excellent service”

When asked if he had a favorite day at work, he replied, “I think every day is something to look forward to, and better when people come over and say ‘thank you for your hard work.’

“A compliment is always appreciated.”

Martin Macdougall with fellow Rangers fan and World’s Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman. Image: Martin Macdougall/Facebook.

The Inverness Business Improvement District praised Mr Macdougall for his long service.

In a social media post, he said: ‘Congratulations to our town center street cleaner, Martin Macdougall, on his 35th birthday today as a street cleaner with Highland Council!

“An incredible achievement, well done Martin! 35 years of dedication and commitment to providing excellent service.

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[Inverness street cleaner sweeps up 35 years in the job]


Boys’ tennis: Regional qualifiers for individual state tournaments begin Thursday

1 senior singles player Ilan Schinagel and the Overland men’s tennis team travel to City Park in Denver on October 6-7, 2022 for the Region 5 Class 5A tournament, where tournament berths Individual State 5As are in play. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Colorado Sentinel)

Qualifying for the individual Class 5A and 4A boys’ tennis state tournaments will take place Oct. 6-8 with local teams seeded based on how they finished in their leagues.

The state tag team championships were moved to separate doubles tournaments this season by the Colorado High School Activities Association, but individual glory for three singles and four doubles positions remains available.

Regional courts have been divided by league standings and two singles players or doubles teams from each position will advance to individual state tournaments October 13-15 (5A at City Park and 4A at Pueblo City Park). Aurora’s eight 5A programs are spread across five regions, while Rangeview (the only 4A program) heads to 4A Region 3.

Regis Jesuit continues to be alive in the 5A State Tag Team Tournament – ​​as he will play a semi-final match at Valor Christian on October 11 – and will also host the Region 4 Tournament October 6-7 in Colorado. Athletic Club Inverness which also includes Smoky Hill. The game is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. each day.

Two Aurora programs also met together in two other regions, both of which will be played at North Lake Park in Loveland: the 5A Region 3 tournament from October 6-7 includes Eaglecrest and Grandview (who also qualified and reached the quarters 5A Tag Team Tournament Finals), while Cherokee Trail and Vista PEAK (which has a team for the first time) are competing in the 5A Region 7 Tournament October 7-8.

Overland is at the Region 5 tournament October 6-7 at City Park, while Hinkley travels to Valor Christian October 6-7 for Region 2.

Rangeview is part of the 4A Region 3 Tournament field October 6-7 at Pinehurst Country Club.

Courtney Oakes is sports writer for Sentinel Colorado. Join it at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports

Boys’ tennis: 2022 class 5A/4A regional pairings, calendar


DAWN | Pairings and schedules for the 2022 Class 5A Men’s Regional Tennis Tournaments scheduled for October 6-8, where teams and individuals will attempt to qualify for the State 5A Tournament October 13-15 at City Park in Denver:

Courtney Oakes is sports writer for Sentinel Colorado. Join it at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


Region 1 (in Cherry Creek HS)

Program: October 6-7. Other teams: Cherry Creek, Chatfield, Chaparral, Erie, Legend, Powder, Windsor

Region 2 (at Valor Christian HS)

Program: October 6-7. The Aurora team: Hinkley. Other teams: Valor Christian, Arapahoe, Boulder, West Pueblo, Lakewood, Douglas County

Region 3 (in North Lake Park, Loveland)

Program: October 6-7. Aurora teams: Eaglecrest and Grandview. Other teams: Fossil Ridge, Rock Canyon, Rampart, Skyline, Northglenn

Region 4 (at Colorado Athletic Club Inverness)

Program: October 6-7, 8:30 a.m. each day. Aurora teams: Regis Jesuit and Smoky Hill. Other teams: Air Academy, Legacy, Loveland, Bear Creek, Silver Creek

Region 5 (in City Park)

Program: October 6-7. The Aurora team: By the road. Other teams: Denver East, Broomfield, Heritage, Columbine, Fountain-Fort Carson, Centaurus

Region 6 (at the Apex Tennis Center)

Program: October 6-7. Other teams: Ralston Valley, Fairview, Ponderosa, Fruita Monument, Highlands Ranch, Greeley West

Region 7 (in North Lake Park, Loveland)

Program: October 7-8. Aurora teams: Cherokee Trail and Vista PEAK. Other teams: Rocky Mountain, Arvada West, Castle View, Liberty, Doherty

Region 8 (at Mountain Vista HS/ThunderRidge HS)

Program: October 6-7. Other teams: Mountain Vista, Monarch, Pine Creek, Fort Collins, ThunderRidge, mountain range


Region 3 (at Pinehurst Country Club)

Program: October 6-7. The Aurora team: Range view. Other teams: Mullen, D’Evelyn, Evergreen, Northfield, Standley Lake, Wheat Ridge

Loans in case of difficulty: what is it?

Common Types of Financial Hardship Loans

Although hardship loans come in a variety of forms, each can be used to cover unavoidable expenses. But remember that not all options will suit your situation. Consider the pros and cons of each to choose the best one for you.

Unsecured Personal Hardship Loans

An unsecured hardship loan is a type of personal loan which does not require a guarantee. Instead, lenders will determine how much you can borrow by evaluating your credit score and financial situation. If you have poor credit, you may find it difficult to qualify for a difficult unsecured personal loan, as most lenders have strict requirements.


Using an unsecured personal loan during a difficult time can have several advantages. The first is that you don’t need a valuable item to use as collateral. You also won’t have to worry about the lender repossessing any collateral if you fail to repay the loan.

The inconvenients

Like any type of financing, unsecured loans also have some disadvantages. Since you don’t need collateral to secure the loan, your lender will take on more risk. And the more risk the lender is exposed to, the higher your interest rate and annual percentage rate (APR). This option could therefore be more expensive than the alternatives.

Secured Personal Hardship Loans

Unlike an unsecured personal loan, a secured loan requires some form of collateral. As a result, most lenders will have less stringent qualification guidelines, which will likely make it easier for borrowers with low credit ratings to get approved.


The main advantages of a secured personal loan are its lower interest rates, longer terms and larger loan amounts. These benefits are possible because secured loans help mitigate some of the lender’s risk, as mentioned earlier.

The inconvenients

On the other hand, using collateral means that the lender can claim your property as their own and sell it to recover their losses if you cannot make the payments. Simply put, a secured financial hardship loan can expose you to more risk than an unsecured loan.

Home Equity Loans

You may have heard of home equity loans used to fund a home improvement project, but did you know you can also use them for emergencies? If you own your home and have significant equity, you can convert some of it into cash if you’re in dire straits.


Home equity loans offer fixed interest rates that are generally lower than personal loans. Home equity loans also use longer loan terms, which means paying off the loan could be easier. The more time you have to repay what you have borrowed, the lower the monthly payments will be.

The inconvenients

This type of loan could unfortunately mean a lot of debt. A second payment can be difficult to manage if you’re already struggling to pay your mortgage. Also, home equity loans use your home as collateral. So if you default, you could lose your home to foreclosure.

401(k) Hardship Withdrawal

Depending on your situation, you may be able to take out a short-term loan from your 401(k) retirement plan. Most employers offer this option for specific purposes, such as:

  • Repair a primary residence
  • Avoid seizure or eviction
  • Reimbursement of eligible medical bills
  • Financing a university degree
  • Support for funeral expenses

Before choosing this option, discuss your situation with your plan administrator to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria.


Borrowing from your retirement account could help you avoid taking out high-interest loans or racking up credit card debt. Plus, you don’t need to meet any lender’s requirements or have your credit history checked to access the funds.

The inconvenients

You may be taken to pay a penalty or taxes if you withdraw from your 401(k). This option could also hurt your future retirement plans if you don’t repay what you’ve withdrawn quickly enough.

Alternative payday loans

Payday loans are notorious for their predatory lending practices and can cause a vicious cycle of debt. Fortunately, many credit unions and online lenders offer alternative payday loans (sometimes called PALs). These loans come with short terms, typically one year or less, and low borrowing limits.


You can use a PAL to quickly cover a last-minute bill without applying for a loan from a payday lender. Also, this type of hardship loan might be more affordable than an unsecured personal loan.

The inconvenients

The short amount of time you have to repay the borrowed amount means that your monthly loan payments could be higher than expected. APRs for PALs can also be extremely high, especially compared to home equity loans or secured personal loans.

Peer-to-peer lending

Over the past decade, peer-to-peer lending platforms have grown in popularity due to their accessibility. A peer-to-peer (P2P) loan is similar to borrowing money from a family member or friend, except the people lending you money can be anyone using the platform.


P2P loans generally use low interest rates to ensure affordability. Borrowers with little or no credit can also use this option as the requirements are more flexible than with a traditional personal loan. Finally, some P2P lenders may require investors to meet specific criteria before they can lend money to borrowers, which helps promote user safety.

The inconvenients

Just because you have access to a P2P lending platform doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get enough funds to cover the cost of an emergency. And, if you default on a peer-to-peer loan, you could hurt your credit score, just like with a traditional installment loan. It should also be noted that some platforms may charge high service fees for any loan you take out.

Government ‘completely misguided in attacks on the rights of victims of slavery’

The government is “totally ill-advised” to attack the rights of victims of slavery – and plans for legal reform could reduce protections for victims, two former commissioners have warned.

Dame Vera Baird, who quit as victims’ commissioner for England and Wales on Friday, said plans to potentially reduce modern slavery laws outlined by the Home Secretary “would undo “the Tories’ previous pledges to support them and could ‘break the faith’ of other victims of crime.

Dame Sara Thornton, who completed her term as anti-slavery commissioner in April, said further legislation risked being “ineffective in achieving its objective, but more importantly in reducing protection for victims”.

It comes as Suella Braverman told the Conservative Party conference: ‘The hard truth is that our modern slavery laws are abused by people who play with the system’ as she indicated reforms may be needed .

Home Secretary Suella Braverman speaking at the Conservative Party annual conference in Birmingham (Jacob King/PA)

The two commissioner posts are currently vacant, with replacements still to be found. But “given the proposals on the table, both need to be fulfilled urgently,” said Dame Sara.

Ms Braverman told delegates: “We have seen a 450% increase in modern slavery claims since 2014.

“Today, the largest group of migrants by small boats comes from Albania – a safe country. Many of them claim to be trafficked as modern slaves. It’s good that they paid thousands of pounds to come here, or that they voluntarily made a dangerous trip across the English Channel.

“The truth is that many of them are not modern slaves and their trafficking claims are lies.”

She also highlighted “glaring examples of convicted pedophiles and rapists trying to outsmart the system” by making last minute allegations about modern slavery to “block their removal from our country”, adding: “Some even continued to commit other crimes in the interim.”

Dame Vera told the PA news agency: ‘No one is treated as a victim of modern slavery unless dedicated front line government decision makers say they are. Many have been violently forced into forced labor or sexual exploitation. They are severely traumatized and, like other victims of violent and sexual crimes, they need help to cope and recover.

“Tackling their rights would reverse the Tory policy of supporting them started by Theresa May and shatter the faith of other victims of crime that they would be helped. Is there a reason the government doesn’t appoint a new modern slavery commissioner to advise them on this or don’t they want independent spokespersons for victims? »

Proposed reforms to key laws such as the Modern Slavery Act are of great concern to me at a time when independent voices that listen to victims’ experiences and hold government to account are absent.

Claire Waxman

Dame Sara said she found from data obtained through freedom of information laws that less than 4% (1,099) of people who crossed the English Channel in 2021 (28,526) were reported as victims of modern slavery under the national referral mechanism.

She told PA: “If we’re going to change policy on the basis that modern slavery law is being abused, I think the government needs to give us much better information and data, so we can have a appropriate public discussion.”

A recruitment process is underway for both commissioner roles.

According to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), final interviews are expected to take place in December for applicants for the victim post, suggesting the position may not be filled until next year.

It is understood that options, including the appointment of an interim commissioner, have been presented to ministers for consideration.

Dame Sara said when she left her post five months ago she was told there were two candidates vying to be the next anti-slavery commissioner – but nothing has happened since.

When asked what progress had been made in appointing a successor, the Home Office said a “fair and open recruitment campaign is underway for the new anti-slavery commissioner and that it would be inappropriate to comment further while this process is ongoing.”

London Victims Commissioner Claire Waxman told the AP: “Proposed reforms to key laws such as the Modern Slavery Act are of great concern to me at a time when independent voices who listen to the experiences of victims and hold the government to account are absent.

“The interests of victims of modern slavery should be at the center of any changes to this legislation, and we must ensure that their voice is not deliberately overlooked in order to advance reforms that could criminalize vulnerable people and challenge our international obligations”.

Charlie Whelton, head of policy and campaigns at Liberty, said the Home Secretary’s plans to “water down” modern slavery laws “will put more people at risk”.

Sonya Sceats, Executive Director of Freedom from Torture, said: “Rather than showing compassion to the survivors of the worst human cruelty, Suella Braverman wants to make their situation worse. The sidelining of survivors’ needs is precisely why the government’s victims commissioner resigned in disgust last week.

Campaign group After Exploitation said there was “no reason for victims to abuse a system which offers no guaranteed support, safe accommodation or immigration protection to victims”.

Steve Valdez-Symonds, director of refugee and migrant rights at Amnesty International UK, said Ms Braverman had “inherited a dysfunctional and oppressive immigration system which now leaves thousands of people far more vulnerable at work, to sex and other cruel exploitation” and instead of fixing the “appalling mess”, it “promised to further undermine the laws designed to protect people from such abuse”.

Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council, described the decision as “a potentially dangerous tinkering based on rhetoric when what is desperately needed is fresh thinking to both support refugee claimants asylum who fled war, persecution and conflict and create a system that is fair and compassionate and can win public trust”.

Who are Linfields? Full truth after Kelty Hearts draw Northern Ireland champions to SPFL Trust Trophy

Who are Linfields? Full truth after Kelty Hearts draw Northern Ireland champions to SPFL Trust Trophy

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