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UK Bairds Malt Launches Malt 2.0, Produced From New Sassy Barley Variety



The Early Assessment Program is a testing program run by Bairds Malt and its Scotgrain Agriculture business partners to help identify and assess new varieties of barley for introduction to markets around the world. New varieties are grown each year in different trial plots, with micro-malting then undertaken by Bairds to test each crop’s suitability for commercial scale introduction.

Malt 2.0 is the first new malt to be produced from the Sassy barley variety, a new variety that has shown great promise as the preferred barley variety for future harvests.

“This is an excellent variety for farmers and an excellent variety for maltsters, well suited to the changeable Scottish climate,” says Don Peters, seed manager for Scotgrain Agriculture.

At the heart of our Malt 2.0 is KWS Sassy, ​​a bold variety of barley, particularly well suited to the varying growing conditions of the Scottish climate and offering ever higher yield to the producer. KWS Sassy represents a journey of almost 10 years from the initial crossing of seeds to their commercial use. Bairds notes that he goes to great lengths to work in partnership with seed specialists and his in-house agronomists to identify barley varieties of the future. Ever since Golden Promise was discovered over 50 years ago and enabled the company to build its Inverness Maltings deep in the Scottish Highlands, Bairds has recognized the importance that as yet unknown varieties could play in supporting the growth of the malting, brewing and distilling industry in the future.

Eddie Douglas, Commercial Director of Bairds Malt, said: “This malt is a testament to the extensive research we are conducting to ensure a sustainable future for the brewing and distilling industries. Heirloom varieties are important because they tell us as much about the past as they tell us what we should be looking at in the future. That said, to create a sustainable future, we need barley varieties that work best in our maritime climate and that measure up to our customers. “

Bairds is currently expanding its malt production in Scotland, with a refurbishment of its existing Arbroath malt houses and the addition of a new malt house at our Inverness Maltings in the heart of the Highlands. In addition to meeting the growing demand from our maltster customers, increased capacity also offers opportunities for Scottish malt barley producers.

For more ordering information (2.0 is available in North America), surf the website here!