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After maintaining a steady pace for much of June, restaurant openings slowed last week. Coffee-focused spots represent three of eight recent openings, with Kardia Coffee making its downtown debut; Mango Tree Coffee, a selfless mission café, opening in Englewood; and Tí: Café Ta bringing Vietnamese coffee drinks and food to Broadway. Also new to Broadway – just across Louisiana Avenue from Maria Empanada – is Tikka & Grill, which specializes in Nepalese and Indian cuisine.

Two very different barbecues opened last week: Lot Que is a traditional barbecue from the owners of Lot One in Arvada, while JackBeQue is a vegan spot near the Tech Center.

DIA travelers now have another dining option with local roots: A Snooze outpost opened there on June 28. Meanwhile, McGregor Square, the development next to Coors Field, showcased its food court, Milepost Zero, on July 1. The concepts are currently open there. include Troy Guard’s Little Chingones, as well as Chicago brands Giordano’s, with its deep pizza, and Buona, offering Italian beef sandwiches, among others. Other companies are expected to join Milepost Zero soon.

And while there aren’t any permanent closures to put on the list this week, restaurateur Lon Symensma’s LeRoux announced his temporary closure via an Instagram post on July 1: “We’re doing some refreshments to improve our customer experience ahead. to reopen late summer / early fall. ”

McGregor Square continues to grow with the opening of Milepost Zero.DEVELOP

McGregor Square continues to grow with the opening of Milepost Zero.

McGregor Square

Here is the full list of openings and closings (even temporary) this week:

Restaurants open this week: *

JackBeQue BBQ, 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood
Café Kardia, 2401 Blake Street
Lot Que, 13730 West 85th Drive Unit 103, Arvada
Café Mango Tree, 3498 South Broadway, Englewood
Milepost Zero, 1601 19th Street, Suite 150
Snooze, Hall B, Mezzanine, Denver International Airport
Tí: Café Ta, 30 Broadway
Tikka & Grill, 1300 South Broadway

Restaurants that are temporarily closing this week: *
LeRoux, 1510 16th Street

* Or earlier and not mentioned in a list of previous openings and closings.

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