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Welcome to Burg Simpson — Phoenix Lawyers, AZ Can Trust.

Burg Simpson’s attorneys and professional attorneys in Phoenix, AZ are dedicated to helping catastrophic people rebuild their lives after a serious accident. For more than 40 years, we have dealt with almost all types of injuries, illnesses or wrongful deaths. We never stop striving to be Good lawyers. Change lives.

Business / commercial litigation – Commercial and commercial disputes are inherently complex. Burg Simpson’s team of seasoned commercial lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona are able to draw on a rich, diverse experience in commercial and commercial litigation to assist our clients. When issues arise that involve partnerships, corporations, trade, sales, jobs, commerce, and merchandising, Burg Simpson Arizona can help.

Construction defects – Burg Simpson’s construction defect attorneys have decades of experience fighting builders and real estate developers while defending the rights of homeowners and homeowners associations. Construction defects in Arizona are generally classified as design or construction defects in a building that can range from soil problems to structural problems, creating potential safety risks for you and your family.

Dangerous drugs and medical devices – If you or a loved one has been injured by a dangerous drug or faulty medical device in Arizona, our lawyers will fight for your rights. For more than 40 years, Burg Simpson has represented thousands of consumers who have experienced serious side effects from prescription drugs or who have been harmed by defective medical devices.

Medical error – Our Phoenix, AZ attorneys can help you navigate state medical malpractice laws and direct opposing parties through mediation. These cases can be complex and extremely technical, which is why Burg Simpson has assembled a team of lawyers, medical experts and nurses to look at all the facts of your case. We cover all types of medical malpractice cases including birth defects, childhood injuries, and more.

Personal injury – Burg Simpson Arizona is dedicated to helping injured victims fight for their rights in personal injury cases. Common bodily injury claims we work with include injuries from road / auto accidents, construction accidents, and assault claims. Call our Phoenix, AZ attorneys today at 602-777-7000 to set up your free case consultation.

Product liability – Product liability arises when a manufacturer, seller, distributor or retailer is held liable for putting a defective or dangerous product into the hands of a consumer. Whether it was manufacturing flaws, design flaws, or failure to adequately warn consumers of the risks of a product, we have worked on both the claimant side and the defense side of these cases.