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Red Craig, Forres resident calls for speed limit reduction on increasingly busy Mundole road



The road to Mundole near Redcraig becomes dangerous as traffic increases with developments in the town.

A RESIDENT of a street on a once quiet country road requests speed restrictions as traffic continues to increase.

Having lived at 6 Red Craig near Mundole for almost 30 years, Donald Wilson has been the perfect place to see more and more vehicles using the rat-run from South Forres to the A96 at Findhorn Bridge.

He said, “Red Craig has about 32 homes, double that if you factor in Riverview Country Park. We have a mix of families including seniors and children. This is a narrow, three mile loop with passages, very popular with walkers, joggers and cyclists of all ages.

“There are several collection points on the road for schoolchildren. It is also used by residents returning from the bus stop on the A96. The road is now more commonly used as a fast lane for traffic to Inverness. It is constantly in use during the day and young drivers use it as a fast lane at night! “

Donald says traffic increased as more houses were built at the end of Grantown Road. More traffic and insufficient security measures are synonymous with danger.

Donald said: “There is a long straight line where you can hear the drivers put their feet on the ground. So far there have been three near misses in my area. I had a car that hit my gate, another in my hedge that I replaced with a wall and one in my neighbor’s hedge. Additionally, children waiting for the school bus have to cross the road and wait on the side of what is often treated as a race track.

Donald asked Moray’s advisor George Alexander to point out the issues on his behalf.

Cllr Alexander (Forres, Independent) said: “It was always only a matter of time until those living south of the city saw the Mundole road as a quick way to access the A96 if they are heading west. There is no junction until you reach the Findhorn Bridge and this compares favorably to negotiating traffic lights at Forres Care and Health Center, the delay at the Orchard Road junction if traffic is waiting to exit St Catherines Road, plus the fact that there is a 30mph limit to the Lidl roundabout. Ideally, the road should have a lower speed limit and more provisions for pedestrians. Dare I suggest that Forres needs a link road to the west! “

Donald would like to see a new speed limit on the road, which currently has a 60 mph restriction.

He said: “The road from Red Craig Place to the A96 junction should be classified as a built-up area and the same speed restrictions should be in place as you would find in town. If nothing is done to calm the speed in the area, we will have a major accident.