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Sheriff of Inverness gives heroin addicts another chance


Inverness Justice Center.

A sheriff befriended a drug addict she released from prison to be assessed for a drug treatment and testing order.

Inverness Sheriff Court has learned that Lee Dyce (34) was having difficulty securing housing or benefits when he was released last month to meet with social workers to assess his suitability.

The court heard that her housing situation made it difficult to communicate with Dyce about further meetings.

Sheriff Neilson accepted the explanation provided by defense attorney Marc Dickson and gave homeless Dyce an additional four weeks to engage with the drug treatment team about the order. test.

He is now due again in court on August 12, when he finds out whether he should be admitted to the program or returned to prison.

At a previous hearing, the court heard that Dyce, who admitted to having committed a serious assault, had become addicted to crack and heroin.

Historically, he has also had alcohol problems, the court was told.

His victim was attacked in an alley between Nelson Street and Madras Street in Inverness for an unpaid debt.

Thrown to the ground by Dyce, he had to have a metal plate surgically implanted on his fractured jaw to help him recover from the assault.

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