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Class Action Lawyers – Burg Simpson Law Firm


When you choose to do business with a company by purchasing their products or trusting them with your personal information, you expect the company to be honest, honor their word, and protect your data. When those expectations are broken, you risk wasting your hard-earned money or experiencing the emotional trauma of knowing someone else has your confidential information. Burg Simpson’s class action attorneys can provide you with the legal help you need to get justice, sue and even file a class action. Start today by calling (866) 649-8734 or complete a free case assessment.


What is a consumer protection claim?

Most states have enacted laws to protect consumers from unfair sales practices and irresponsible storage of customer information. If a business owner breaks these laws, they can be brought to justice and held liable for the harm they have caused to their customers in a consumer protection lawsuit.

Class actions are civil lawsuits that allow a few people to bring legal actions on behalf of a large group of people who have suffered similar harms. This gives consumers the strength in numbers to level the playing field against the company that has wronged them.

What Kinds of Consumer Protection Claims Does Burg Simpson Handle?

Unfair Selling Practices

Most states have enacted laws to protect consumers from predatory sales practices. There are also federal laws that prevent deceptive and unfair marketing practices, prevent businesses from using false advertisements, luring and changing marketing tactics, billing for services never provided, disclosing inadequate information, to distort the nature of the business, etc.

If a business engages in deceptive sales practices, the aggrieved consumer is entitled to compensation. Additionally, if the company’s unfair selling practices have affected many people, consumers may be able to come together to file a class action lawsuit.

Breach of warranty

A guarantee for a product you buy is a promise on the quality of that item. When purchasing certain products, such as cars, the sales contract may include certain guarantees. For example, the sales contract may provide that the parts of the car are guaranteed for a certain period of time and if they do not, they will be replaced by the seller or the manufacturer.

Other warranties are not expressly written or verbal, but are implied. For example, when a good is sold, there is often an implied warranty that the good is fit for the standard use for which it was sold. Likewise, if you tell a seller that you need an item for a particular use and the seller directs you to a certain product, the seller is implying that the product is fit for the use you have discussed.

Data breach

Hackers are always on the prowl, trying to steal everything from your passwords to your social security number. Businesses know this, and if they are to collect your private information, they have a duty to protect it. When a business fails to secure your data and it is compromised by hackers, you can hold the business accountable.

Many states have strong consumer protection laws. Some security data breach notification laws require that companies that possess or authorize confidential personal data to notify customers whenever a breach is detected, in addition to conducting an investigation to determine the likelihood that personal information has occurred. been misused. Depending on the extent of the breach, companies may be required to notify national credit bureaus.

Burg Simpson’s Consumer Lawyers Are Here to Help

Burg Simpson has a national reputation for defending consumer rights in courtrooms across the country. With nine offices in seven states and more than 70 attorneys, Burg Simpson has the resources to fight for the rights of individual consumers against large corporations.

Burg Simpson’s consumer protection attorneys are part of a dynamic team with extensive litigation experience and have successfully tried numerous class actions.

Contact Burg Simpson today by calling (888) 895-2080 or complete a free case assessment form to get started.