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Inverness Chamber of Commerce chief believes city center developments will boost confidence after Covid



by Stewart Nicol, Managing Director of the Inverness Chamber of Commerce

The redevelopment of Inverness Castle is a foundational project that will bring more visitors to the city.

As the saying goes ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs’, and I can’t help but think that this applies to the development work going on in the city of Inverness at the moment. .

I would strongly state that these important developments are vital for the city and the Highland region at large and will enhance both as a place to live.

I am impressed with the close collaboration that is evident in all ongoing projects as developers and partners seek to coordinate activities and minimize disruption.

The city of Inverness is the heart and economic center of the whole region and I will always advocate for other large capital investments for suitable projects. All cities need capital investments to regenerate, remodel and reinvent themselves and I would say that such activities are a testament to their dynamism and success.

In addition, foreign investment shows and engenders confidence in the city for the benefit of residents and visitors. Such an investment was much needed anyway and I would say it is more important than ever as we recover from the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Stewart Nicol.
Stewart Nicol.

Two of the most significant developments currently underway relate to Inverness Castle and the town’s Victorian market. Both are foundational and essential projects in attracting more visitors to the city and region for the benefit of the entire Highland economy.

Providing more housing in the city center remains a key activity in addressing one of the most pressing challenges facing our region. Such developments, especially when delivered to the Raining’s Stairs level, are critical as we reallocate our downtown area and meet the demands of our ever-changing society.

There is still a lot to accomplish in our downtown core with plenty of nettles to grab hold of as we stay the course. Strong leadership will be needed, in addition to focused collaboration as we collectively tackle neglected buildings and the creation of a fit for purpose transportation hub, for example. As many of us know, rarely is something worth doing in life that is easy.

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