The £ 850,000 Sustainable Communities Fund for Green Recovery of Coastal Areas in the Highlands and the Rest of Scotland opens for applications today

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A fund designed to support local regeneration and sustainable development around the Scottish coast opened today for a second round of applications.

The Sustainable Communities Fund, which started in 2020, is made up of two different grant streams and is expected to total £ 850,000 over three years. To align with the Scotland-wide activity related to the COP26 climate change conference, this year’s applicants will be invited to show how their work will help achieve net zero.

Community Capacity Grants – open to all communities within a five mile radius of the Scottish coast or one of Crown Estate Scotland’s four rural estates, provides early stage financial support for community projects that will help to local regeneration and sustainable development.

Grants will range between £ 20,000 and £ 50,000, with a total of £ 250,000 made available this year from the program.

Environmental Grants – available to tenants from Crown Estate Scotland, provides grants ranging from £ 5,000 to £ 20,000 for projects which can deliver demonstrable environmental benefits within 18 months of award. A total of £ 100,000 is available this year.

Annie Breaden, Policy Officer at Crown Estate Scotland, said: “We are really excited to launch our second year of these grants and have already seen the difference the funds have made to projects in Scotland.

“In recognition of the will of communities and businesses to fight climate change, this year focuses on reducing emissions. We have also increased the fund by £ 100,000 following the high number of strong applications last year.

The Minister of Environment, Biodiversity and Agrarian Reform, Mairi McAllan, said: “Empowering coastal communities to improve and regenerate their local areas through this fund is not only beneficial for sustainable development. and the environment, but will play a crucial role in our green recovery. “

Some of the community capacity projects that were successful in the fund’s first year included those focused on affordable housing, local renewable energy projects, community daycares and more.

Full details on the application process and how the grants will be allocated are available here.

The Community Capacity Grants Program is administered by Foundation Scotland and the Environmental Grants component of the program is administered by Crown Estate Scotland.

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