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Olympic ‘Florida Man’ Gets Dunnellon Airboat Ride | Local News



DUNNELLON – When NBC needed a location that would represent authentic Florida for a long distance segment on seven-time Olympic gold medalist Caeleb Dressel, Dunnellon was the place to be.

In the spring, the network arranged for Dressel to visit Capt. Bob’s Airboat Tours in Dunnellon to reinforce their good faith “Florida Man”. When the play aired during coverage of the Olympics, “Capt. Bob Jewett’s phone exploded.

“A friend of mine from Colorado called me and said, ‘Dude, I sat and saw you at the Olympics and you passed out. “

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“I think he’s laughing at me. He knows that I am not at the Olympics with the state I am in.

Jewett then received a link to the video – https://tinyurl.com/2p5csjtw – of giving him one of his iconic tours to Olympic champion and Dressel’s wife, Meghan, and was stunned.

“Honestly, I forgot about it,” Jewett said, “and I didn’t think they were going to show it during the Olympics.

“I was quite impressed. It was pretty cool.

In the video, Dressel describes his love for the weirdness of Florida, which inspired the popular meme, Florida Man. Dressel is from Green Cove Springs and was NCAA Champion at the University of Florida.

“This is Florida! Dressell could be heard screaming at the airboat fan in the video.

Dressell jokingly admitted that Captain Bob’s run was faster than his own swimming speed, the best in the world.

Captain Bob Jewitt on his airboat returning from a tour.

“Captain. Bob was like, ‘Yeah, we’re going about 50mph. It’s not what we expected,” said Dressell. “I can’t really compare swimming to launching on an airboat, but I think it definitely boosted my Florida Man stats. “

“I ride the hydrofoil like this pretty much every time I ride it,” Jewett told Riverland News. “I give everyone a good ride, and I gave him a good ride. He had never been on an airboat, and he absolutely fell in love with it.

Jewett’s tours primarily cover the Withlacoochee River, while he also shows passengers the clarity of the Rainbow River. He has owned the airboat business since 2007 and has owned Angler’s Resort since 2008 and the Blue Gator since 2009. They are located at the southern tip of Dunnellon, opposite Town Hall.