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A second community group opposed the Highland Council’s plans for the Lochloy to Nairn crossing



Lochloy bridge option

A second Nairn community council opposes the design and location of a proposed active travel walkway across the railway line to the A96 from Lochloy housing estate.

The community of Nairn River has already expressed opposition to the plans.

And they are now receiving support from Nairn West and Suburban CC (NWSCC) who agree that the real solution should be a level crossing to transport vehicles as well as pedestrians and cyclists on the railway line to the national highway.

Although she is not a member of the Statutory Advisory Committee, NWSCC President Sheena Baker said she felt she needed to make her views known on the idea of ​​the crossing, first brought up there ago. is thirty years old and now at an early stage of consultation.

The council agrees with local residents that the proposed site has been significantly compromised due to the release of land allotted to developers and the subsequent construction of houses immediately adjacent to the proposed location to cross the bridge.

“At Balmakeith Industrial Park (across the tracks) a similar event occurred which was only partially mitigated by the assignment of a breach site for a compliant ramp and the connection path.

“We now believe that the current proposed site is now so compromised in reality that it is unsuitable for the proposed crossing and that none of the designs

made public are appropriate or satisfactory.

“We suggest that a possible alternative would be to relocate the crossing approximately 500 meters east of the current proposed location, this alternate location could use the existing landscaped mound and shrubs to hide the abutment ramp from the side. north and a straight linear ramp on the south side could be connected to the initially planned breach site.

“It would benefit cyclists as well as pedestrians and would connect perfectly with the excellent trail system that exists within the estate. It would also connect existing accommodations such as Boath Park and beyond to allow them to walk or ride. bike to King Steps and Culbin Forest. regions and beyond. “

The community council adds that while this is outside the mandate of the consultation, it suggests that a new road link at the east end of Lochloy connecting the Nairn bypass should be considered during the early stages of the selection process and Design.

“In addition, we consider that future developer contributions collected from recent subsequent developments in the region should be attributed and allocated

to a south and east link on the railway line.

“Developer contributions (DC) were collected for every house built in the now extended Lochloy area. The use and allocation of CDs for community facilities should reflect local priorities / needs and be based on consultation with the community which should be public, open and transparent. “

Current DC 2018 guidelines state that contributions will generally not be tied to the completion of a given project.

She added: “If the community of Lochloy comes to the majority opinion that in 2021 the crossing is no longer relevant or required, we would strongly recommend that the funds be reallocated to other local solutions that take into account the changed circumstances and which reflect the current identified. transportation and community needs.

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