Mundelein opens the first suburban cannabis fair


Illinois takeout cannabis lounges are opening at a snail pace, but there are a few. Today, Mundelein gave the green light to the first on-site smoking company in the Chicago suburbs.

Right now it appears (forgive me if I missed one) that there are about 3-4 cannabis lounges open and doing business here in Illinois. There is Aroma’s Hookah Bar in Dekalb, The Luna Lounge in Sesser, and there are plans to open locations in West Peoria and Carbondale as well. All are BYOC (bring your own cannabis).

Seven states currently allow cannabis salons, and Illinois is one of them

However, only Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada have open and open cannabis lounges. California and Colorado COVID regulations have kept their state lounges closed. Don’t be a little surprised to see more states accepting the opening of lounges.

Why are there lounges / bars for drinking alcohol, but no lounges / bars for smoking weed?

That’s a very good question. Imagine if there were a lot of liquor stores and other places to buy alcohol, but only 3-4 places in the state to drink that alcohol. The idea that you could only drink this beer in your own home and nowhere else wouldn’t suit the general public very well. So why is it any different with legal recreational marijuana?

Clean air regulations and zoning issues have reduced the number of lounges

In California and Oregon, decades of indoor air quality (second-hand smoke) regulations have had to be reviewed and amended to give the green light to businesses that smoke on site. There is also the problem of designating most of the commercial buildings available as a “smoke-free” structure. Changing that has resulted in the threat of legal action.

Mundelein’s new Cannabis Lounge Rise has yet to announce an opening date

One of the differences with Mundelein’s new salon, compared to others around the country, is the availability of cannabis on-site.

As part of its new deal with Mundelein, Rise will allow salon customers to consume only store-bought cannabis flowers, drinks and concentrates. Edibles will be banned because they are easier to overconsume unintentionally, officials said.

Alcohol will also be banned.

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