Rockford scores very low on Illinois Safe Cities list


When you watch titles like “Violent crime, shootings and assaults in Rockford continue to increase”, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rockford’s position on Illinois’ safest cities list is pretty low.

Here’s what the study looked at to establish its ranking

Home safety and security experts on Explain:

We use FBI crime statistics data to rank cities in every state and across the country. To add additional insight and depth to this assessment, we’re including demographic information and the results of our proprietary State of Safety research study.

The ‘Safest’ Cities Rankings are meant to highlight cities with low crime rates and spark conversation and action on how to make all cities and communities safer.

Before I get to the Rockford Rankings, which cities are the safest / least secure in Illinois?

Campton Hills wins the title of Safest City in Illinois, followed closely by Hawthorn Woods (7,663), then Inverness (7,339) to round out the top 3. The most insecure city in Illinois on the SafeWise List is Sauk Village at # 265, while Mount Vernon is at # 264, and Danville (childhood home of Dick Van Dyke) is at # 263

Rockford is ranked low on the list, but so are many of northern Illinois and Chicago.

Overall, Rockford is at position # 248 on the ranking list. The rest of our region unfortunately doesn’t have much to brag about (although Roscoe landed in the top 50 in 38th place). Here are some of our regional numbers:

  • Belvider: 116
  • Rochelle: 127
  • Elgin: 131
  • Rockton: 157
  • Beloit South: 171
  • Amours Park: 173
  • Dixon: 176
  • Free port: 194
  • DeKalb: 238
  • Chicago: 242

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