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Lone Tree becomes an employment center for companies | New


According to city officials, more than 10,000 employees work within half a mile of the Sky Ridge Regional Transit District light rail station off I-25 and Lincoln Avenue.

While that was always the plan for Lone Tree, it took years and an extension of the light rail at RidgeGate Parkway before the development push began in earnest.

This area is now home to Sky Ridge Medical Center, a large Charles Schwab campus and, as of Wednesday, the headquarters of construction giant Kiewit in Colorado. Apartment buildings are also popping up as new ones are under construction near the Sky Ridge and RidgeGate Parkway RTD stations.

“This is the vision we planned for the community when we annexed the land in 1999,” said Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet. “A lot must have happened since then. “

Chris Stolzer

Kiewit Senior Vice President Chris Stolzer speaks on Wednesday at the grand opening of the Kiewit (K1) Headquarters building at Lone Tree.

“The work of RidgeGate and Lone Tree to achieve the Southeast Extension with the Sky Ridge Station has been key to creating a great corporate campus site,” said Keith Simon, Executive Vice President and Director of development of Coventry Development Corp., the lead developer in the community. for Ridgegate. “And we at RidgeGate then decided not to develop the site until we could find the right company. Kiewit was the perfect fit and we were fortunate to be able to make a deal with them to sell the 12 acre site.

Kiewit officials agree the site is perfect for its 400,000 square foot two-building campus that will eventually house 1,700 employees. Its front door is less than 100 steps from the light rail platform.

RidgeGate Station

Render of Regency Partners RidgeGate Station Apartments under construction near RidgeGate Parkway RTD Station in Lone Tree.

“The most important thing for us was that the access to the RTD light rail, with the ability to go directly to DIA, and located in the middle of I-25,” said Chris Stolzer, senior vice president of Kiewit, in an interview with the Denver Gazette ahead of a grand opening ceremony Wednesday. “We did a survey and found that approximately 90% of all of our employees live within 15 to 20 minutes of here. This was an important factor: we are close to the homes of our employees.

Many employees took advantage of a “reverse journey,” he said. They live in the city center, but take the tram to their workplace in the suburbs.

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Kiewit also has relationships with Sky Ridge for employee health care programs and Charles Schwab for certain financial services.

“To have an engineering and construction company of this size in our community is remarkable,” said Millet. “They were part of the community even before this building opened. I know many of them by first name.

The campus will allow Kiewit to move most of its Denver metro employees to one location. It currently rents offices in Inverness, Meridian and Centennial.

The $ 200 million campus could be larger than the headquarters of the massive construction and engineering organization in Omaha, Neb., Stolzer said. The project started in May 2019 and the first wave of employees moved there in July.

“We are always delighted to welcome new investments and new businesses to our city,” Millet said during the opening ceremony. “But boy, we have once again passed our weight with the possibility of having the Kiewit campus here.”

Kiewit built some of Colorado’s most iconic projects including the ‘Camp Carson’ in Colorado Springs during WWII which is now Fort Carson, the Dwight D. Eisenhower tunnel eastbound on I-70 at the end 1970s Union Station and many others are worth around $ 13 billion worth of construction in Colorado, according to Mike Colpack, president of Kiewit’s Design Build Operations.

“This building has really improved the employee work experience and allows us to collaborate, connect and work at a high level,” Colpack said. “I have been with the company for 30 years and have never been in such a good working environment.

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“I also think it’s a reinforcement of a long-standing commitment we have to the state of Colorado.”

Employees and potential employees will have access to closed housing.

Regency Partners is under construction on Novus at RidgeGate, a development of 240 Class A apartments immediately west of Sky Ridge Station.

“The goal is to provide high quality housing in close proximity to some of the community’s largest employers and sustainable transit,” said Jim Fransescon, Managing Director of Regency Partners. “As Denver continues to grow, access to sustainable transit continues to be an important part of our community’s infrastructure and is in high demand by residents. “

Across I-25 at RidgeGate station, Koelbel and Company and Coventry recently opened a 67-unit multi-family property that will be Lone Tree’s first affordable rental housing project.

Fansescon said last week that Regency inaugurated Phase I of the RidgeGate Station project on the east side of I-25, which provides for 269 units. It will eventually house 540 apartments.

“We were excited to partner with Coventry on (Novus) because we think it’s a great place and we believe the development will set a new standard in the market.”