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What the Newspaper Say – October 7



What the Newspapers Say – October 7 (PA)

Thursday’s articles are driven by reaction to the Prime Minister’s opening speech at the Conservative Party conference.

The temperature,The Guardian and I report that business leaders reacted angrily to Boris Johnson’s speech. He has been accused of making them the scapegoats for labor shortages after the Prime Minister said companies should not use Brexit as an excuse “not to invest in people”.

The daily telegraph leads with Mr Johnson’s pledge not to build houses on ‘green fields’, while the I said the Prime Minister “ignore the cost of living crisis in Britain”.

Metro said the “joke-filled” speech appealed to party supporters, but was “short of politics.”

Elsewhere, the Daily mail reports that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has led an illegal phone hacking racket in the UK.

Some 100,000 pigs are at risk of slaughter due to a staff shortage at slaughterhouses, according to the Daily Mirror.

The Financial Time leads with roller-coaster natural gas costs after Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to stabilize soaring global energy prices.

And the Star of the day says television medium Uri Geller has claimed aliens were to blame for the blackout that hit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this week.