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The North of England Blackies hit £ 11,000 at Hexham from Yatesfield


One of the best exhibits of Blackface sheep in the north of England at the Hexham auction market, ensured a vibrant trade with a maximum price of £ 11,000 and an average of £ 232 in sheepskin over the year.

Buyers from as far as Inverness in Devon were in attendance to see the first prize for the sheepskin ram from Selby Robson, Yatesfield, the head of the business sold to Andy and Caroline Hunter, buying for their local Steel and Carrick herds . It is per a Westhills of £ 6,500 and per ewe per Toft House of £ 3,200. Yatesfield also received £ 3,600 from David Hope, Albierigg, for another of the £ 6,500 Westhills with a mother of £ 1,300 Larg of Creetown.

There were other celebrations ahead for the Yatesfield team, when Shepherd Frank Hall won the championship with a ram lamb, by a lamb on loan from Westhills, which is destined for Lanark, and over a mother of 1,300 £ Larg of Creetown. He sold to the Robsons at Toft House for £ 2,800.

Two sheep sold for £ 6,000, the first from Neil Robson and his sons David and Joey, Townshields being a £ 7,500 son of Frank Hall, raised from one ewe by Townshields £ 5,900. He also returned home with the Hunters of Carrick and Steel.

Matching that £ 6,000 prize was John and Jonjo Pattinson’s Hotbank herd pen leader, bought by Dennis and Stuart Charlton, Whiteside. His pedigree includes a son bred at home of a £ 18,000 Dudlees on a ewe by a £ 13,000 Penpeugh ewe.

Hotbank No.2 made £ 4,000 selling at Gibsons of Thornton Tower. Direct son of the £ 18,000 Dudlees, his mother is a £ 12,500 Toft House

Father-son duo, Philip and Dan Walton, Wanwood Hill, were sold for £ 5,500 to Richard Thompson, buying on behalf of Clune Estates, Inverness. He is by the tup of stock reared at home, Ov and a sheep by £ 9,000 Toft House

Just behind, for £ 5,000, Toft House’s Stu Robson sold his first son on Stell Green’s £ 7,500 to Dennis and Patricia Yeats of Close. He was bred from a sheep by a £ 1,600 Yatesfield

The same house also received a £ 3,000 sale from Nick Walton, Cowdenburn and the Robsons of Townshields for a sheepskin son of a Penpeugh ram raised from a daughter of a £ 16,000 Wanwood Hill .

Geoff and Fiona Paxton’s father and daughter team, Greenleighton sold their best for £ 4,500 at Toft House. The breeding behind this deal includes a £ 2000 Westhills on a £ 2600 Wanwood Hill ewe.

Greenleighton also sold a son of a Wanwood Hill at £ 1,800 on an ewe by a Burncastle at £ 7,500, for £ 3,000. He goes out to work at the Lamperts.

The highest price for Andy and Caroline Hunter, Steel, was £ 3,500 paid for a sheepskin son of a £ 11,000 Tody House bought by Messrs. Ridley, Shitlington Hall and Stu Robson, Toft House.

Just behind, on £ 3,200, Steve McKay, Dudlees, sold a son of a £ 3,200 Allanfauld, sheep by a £ 3,200 Williamhope, from Peter Turnbull, Shepherds Croft, Pickering.

Another from the same house made £ 3,000 to Jake Elder, Pottsdurtrees. He is the son of a £ 7,500 Williamhope and descended from a daughter on a loan from Monkridge Hill.

medium: 248 sheepskin rams, £ 1091 (+ £ 231.73 for the same number); 14 ram lambs, £ 580 (- £ 40.83 for two more).

OTHERS Main Prices

Sheepskin rams – £ 2,800, Yatesfield; £ 2,600 Wanwood Hill x2; £ 2,500 Stell green; £ 2400 Stell Green, Penpeugh, Whiteside; £ 2300 Stewartshields; £ 2200 Harsondale, Le Lampert, Penpeugh; £ 2100 Whiteside; £ 2000 Green Edges, Whiteside x4.

Auctioneers: Hexham and Northern Marts