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Ambitious goal of making Inverness carbon neutral and having the lowest air pollution of any Scottish city while making active travel the ‘preferred’ mode of transport



Torvean has the newest park area in Inverness. It was created as part of a new road project which also has land for new housing.

Inverness 2035 does not shy away from some of the most controversial issues of recent years and sets an ambitious target for the city to become carbon neutral and have the lowest air pollution levels of any Scottish city.

The recent debate on how to make the city more environmentally sustainable – like the Spaces for People interventions – has been heated, although people on both sides agreed that a comprehensive plan was needed.

Inverness 2035 offers a travel revolution with cycling, walking and interconnected, green and reliable public transport becoming the preferred modes of transport.

UN sustainability goals would be integrated into local public policy so that, at the heart of urban planning, all new housing and public buildings are constructed with solar or renewable infrastructure as a prerequisite for consent.

He says: “There will be a large program of investment in active transport and cycling infrastructure throughout the city area.

“Inverness will have more pedestrians and cyclists than cars on popular roads. Inverness will be Scotland’s cycling city, active travel routes will be well thought out (so that) visiting the city center is an enjoyable experience.

“Our local economy will benefit from increased traffic in the city center because it will be easy to access and travel. Public transport will be interconnected, green and reliable, which will make it a preferred mode of transport for getting around the city.

Closely associated with a vision to make Inverness carbon neutral and achieve air pollution reduction ambitions, there is a plan to green unused urban spaces so that ‘feeding our nature will be at the heart of Inverness in 2035’ .

Any unused public space would be turned into community assets and supported with funding to create green spaces for parks and home gardens where fresh produce can be grown, capitalizing on projects such as Edible Inverness.

In line with movements across Europe – such as Berlin – the city center would be home to thriving green spaces while parks would be created alongside new real estate developments.

Inverness 2035 says: “The city center will be redesigned to create green spaces in the heart of the city. The city will be home to several community land use areas. Public parks will be created with each new major housing development, as well as rest areas.

“Sustainable urban agriculture will be part of public planning and there will be a fund to support urban agriculture projects in and around the city.

To read the full Inverness 2035 policy document Click here

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