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Audio calls Wednesday, November 3, 2021 | Sound Offs



Chicken and dumpling war

I really enjoyed the October article written by Julianne Munn on the “Chicken and the Dumpling War” (Thursday October 7, page A12). When I first arrived in Florida I ordered chicken and dumplings and thought the restaurant had the wrong order. What I got were flat, short, wide noodles, not chicken and dumplings at all, for me, since I grew up on chewy dumplings layered on a boiling broth. On the other hand, my husband, originally from Florida, was in the Air Force and stationed in Colorado. He ordered oatmeal and they suggested cream of wheat. When he ordered sweet tea, they told him he could sweeten hers. I won’t go into the sandwich bread he made for me – just once. I love the differences between states, but I’ve also learned that we are much more similar in many ways.

Students need cutting edge technology

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I am responding to someone who was in the Tuesday November 2 newspaper, regarding classroom technology upgrades and how they oppose them (Sound Off from page A9, “A chalkboard works great. good “). I want to ask this person how many days did they teach in a school or support students in a classroom? Until that person has experience, I really don’t think it’s valid to say what’s right and what isn’t. Students today – including ours in Citrus County – must be very technologically advanced. We want them to go out and find jobs, have a life and have everything everyone else has. If they don’t understand this, they will come to your house and steal from you. So make a decision now: what’s more important: paying a little up front or paying a lot more to protect your home?

Manage licenses in the county

Referring to your article (Wednesday November 3, front page), “License fees increased for unsterilized animals”, which I agree with, but the one thing I disagree with is is that the Citrus County licenses are not in effect. Citrus county. They’re outsourced out of state, I believe, of Orlando. Why don’t they just deal with licensing in Citrus County? Why are they outsourcing it to another county?

Animal abuse deserves a prison sentence

(Re story from Wednesday, November 3, page A3, “Man Does Not Plead in Animal Cruelty Case”): I can’t believe the man who neglected his dog and should have been charged of animal cruelty and a felony sentence has just come out free with just probation, so that will give him time to repay the fine. I don’t care about the fine. As a taxpayer, I will pay the fine. Put this guy in jail. I do not understand. What’s wrong with the law that this man is not serving jail time for what he did to this dog?

Do the crime, make the time

I respond to (Wednesday November 3, page A9) Sound Off: “It’s cruel to imprison any creature. ” Truly? An animal, yes. A human being – no. If you are committing the crime, make time. I don’t care if they give you life, 20 years, 10 years, 15 years or whatever. I worked in a prison. I was with these people and I know exactly what it is. So my attitude is, if you do the crime, make time, period.

Call road maintenance about potholes

To the person who is figuring out who to call to fix potholes in Pine Ridge, Citrus Hills, or anywhere in Citrus County (in Wednesday, November 3, Sound Off, “Fix our potholes. hen please ”): Call road maintenance. The number is 352-527-7610. They are open Monday through Thursday. They’ll take care of those potholes. I have done this several times. Good luck.

I was sarcastic

I was reading Sound Off today (November 3) and I see “Grateful for the COVID Policy”. I wrote it and I was sarcastic because I was sick of hearing our governor, our politicians and people running around on the news saying that we are “the state of freedom”. What I was trying to convey is the idea that this is ridiculous policy. People are dying by the thousands in this state. What was it, 800 plus a few died in the county alone? We are a small county. It is time that we start looking at what is really going on and that we are thankful that we have someone trying to get people vaccinated instead of someone saying, “We are going to go to court and arrest him.” . “

Access to the river should be free

I was born on the river in Homosassa and I understand the boat ramps go all the way to the road to the river. Roads to the river are meant to be free to county residents – meant to be.

I love the park lights

Every night when I take my mom to rehab we pass by Liberty Park and we all really enjoy the lights there, especially the cute different colored lights on the tower. We just thought we would like to let you know and let the city know.

Surges continue

What’s going on here on South Pleasant Grove Road in Inverness? We had a power surge yesterday at 9 am. Everything goes out and in two minutes it comes back. This morning at 7:37 am, again the same thing – a power surge and everything turns off, then comes back. The cable is constantly coming out. It will turn off for a few minutes and then come back at last. What happens along this road that everything keeps coming out? This happens at least two to three times a month. It gets very boring.

Hire a local to paint a mural

Irresponsible spending. Why would the city of Inverness spend $ 11,000 to pay someone to paint a mural when you have residents here who are wonderful artists and kids in school who would be more than happy to do it for free?

Building a state-of-the-art animal shelter

Speaking of state of the art, how about building a state-of-the-art animal shelter? Has it become a dead problem?

Print fun sound offs at the end of the year

I was wondering if you keep track of your Sound Offs, like what’s most called in a year or a month or what have you… Maybe a year-end special. Not for this year, not for 2021 – someone is going to get their fingers dirty trying to find him – but for 2022, maybe. … Some of them make me laugh. Some that you can just read straight away. Print the funny end of the year, those made throughout the year. It’s just a thought.

Why do we have to pay?

We have three lots in front of our house where the water flows. We don’t live near the river. Why do we have to pay an extra $ 100 for storm water when it drains onto our own property?

About the stormwater charge

The commissioners now have my attention. I received my new improved tax notice. I know a lot of people have questioned the storm water tax before, but now I have to pay for some kind of storm water mitigation. I don’t have a water problem on my property. Is this tax intended to help people who live near water fight flooding? Why is it? Will it actually be used for what it is meant to be used for? What is that?