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Celtic close gap at top, ex-Gers McKay star hits with bottle, club slams ‘appalling’ Needham tweets



The Rangers have entered into an educational partnership with a leading institution in the world of football.

Club Ibrox have announced that they are the first Scottish club to affiliate with the Football Business Academy (FBA).

Credit: Le Soleil

The FBA said the Glasgow club shared an “ambitious vision” with them and clarified that the relationship would give Gers access to the best students in the FBA, giving graduates a fast track to football.

A statement on the FBA website read: “In recent months, the club has shared an ambitious vision spanning a plethora of projects and departments, many of which are well suited to receive support from the diverse profiles that FBA candidates represent. From digital transformation and business growth strategies to facility development and the Rangers Charity Foundation, the club will be able to tap into a wide range of skills, ideas and perspectives.

“The FBA Professional Master in Football Business selects candidates from different academic and professional backgrounds who are then exposed to a very practical learning path. This includes a wide range of courses taught by industry experts on topics such as football industry macro trends, football financial strategy, women’s football development and stadium business operations, supplemented by guaranteed internship, field trips, networking events and business plan student.

“Through this partnership, Rangers will be able to ‘seek out’ talent from the football industry and benefit from external perspectives on how the club can learn from other best practices and innovative solutions from around the world. . “

A Rangers statement read: “Rangers can announce an exciting new educational partnership with Football Business Academy.

“The club are delighted to confirm that they will be the first Scottish club to work with the FBA to help develop future leaders in the football industry.

“The FBA is an international educational institution based in Switzerland that aims to improve and provide applicants in their program with the skills and tools necessary to be successful in the sporting environment.

“The rangers will provide opportunities for FBA candidates to get involved with the club and provide the work experience required to assist in the development of aspiring students.”

Ibrox general manager Stewart Robertson said: “I am delighted that the Rangers are joining the prestigious FBA family.

“This partnership will provide fantastic opportunities both for ourselves and for FBA candidates who can look forward to exceptional opportunities to work with the club in the months and years to come.”