Croy and Culloden Moor Community Council lobbies Highland Council over lack of play space for children in Croy

Croy Primary is feeling the pressure of new developments.Community Councilor Lesley-Ann Stoddart.Photo Gary Anthony …

Concerns about the availability of play spaces for children in Croy have been raised with the Highland Council by the Croy and Culloden Moor Community Council.

A portable classroom has been installed at the basketball court at Croy Primary and local community council chairman Bruce Strachan said he understands there are plans to install more units in the future.

The former teacher said: “The school needs to be expanded.

“The portable unit that has been installed has two classrooms and there are plans to build two or three more.

“So the basketball court will no longer be available to the community. “

He said the problem then was what would happen to the local soccer field, which is the only flat area and playing space in the village.

“The football space has drainage issues and we need to look at whether it can be brought up to standard,” he said. “We also thought of a multi-use play area (MUGA) but then we have to determine how it will be financed, who will manage it and who will have access to it.

Mr Strachan added: “A few years ago there was to be a play area in Heathfield near the village hall, but that never materialized and we will also consider that as an option.”

Croy Primary is feeling the pressure of new developments.  Cabin already occupying part of the basketball area Photo Gary Anthony ...
Croy Primary is feeling the pressure of new developments. Cabin already occupying part of the basketball area Photo Gary Anthony …

Community Council Secretary Lesley-Ann Stoddart said: “It’s the old story – there are a lot of new developments and houses under construction, but the infrastructure for the communities is not in place and it is not in place. t is an issue the Highland Council must resolve.

“Children need play areas to develop and socialize with their peers.

“If they don’t have these facilities, it can lead to antisocial behavior.

“We need to do better and provide for our children. “

A Highland Council spokesperson said: “The Highland Council Education Department intends to increase the number of classrooms at Croy Primary School to meet the demands of the growing school population. They have installed a double class modular unit (summer 2021) and plan to install additional units as needed. An extension / renovation of the kitchen / dining room is also planned.

“To compensate for the loss of some of the play areas, improvements to the drainage on the land are proposed (probably in the summer of 2022). This will allow the grass to establish itself before any additional play space for the modular units is occupied.

“This will ensure that students have access to a play space as the land is in poor condition and currently cannot be used by the school. The possibility of installing a multi-use playground (MUGA) with a polymer surface that can replace the existing basketball court is also being explored.

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