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Family home Aviemore wins national award



Eye-catching design in the strathic countryside.

A distinctive house inspired by a distinctive Aviemore backing earned accolades – as the 2021 Saltire Society Home Design Award winner.

“We are thrilled,” said Andrew Brown, director of Brown and Brown Architects in Inverness, whose design in Lower Tullochgrue received one of the honors for the detached house.

“This award is a testament to our fantastic clients, who were willing to do something worthwhile, and the extremely talented team at Spey Building & Joinery in Kingussie, who made the project a reality. “

During the ceremony online, a spokesperson for the judges explained, “Lower Tullochgrue is a distinctive house that comes from a distinctive record to accommodate both its immediate home and a large extended family in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

“He skillfully reuses an existing chalet to provide accommodation with a new social wing that cantilevered into the countryside.

“The architecture is both substantial and delicate. The deep rubble stone walls of the existing chalet are referenced in a dry stone plinth which bears the extension.

“This extension then pushes outward past its masonry base, leaving the ground untouched except for a delicate steel V for support.

“It is an exemplary building in its exploration of design to nourish and support intergenerational life. It does so in a sequence of accessible spaces that are both traditional and modern but still social.

The Tullochgrue house embraces the new and the old.
The Tullochgrue house embraces the new and the old.

Angus Reid-Evans, the boss of Spey Building & Joinery, told Strathy: “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that the project has been recognized.

“It’s not just that it’s a great design and a wonderful build, it’s the circumstances that have prevailed as it has been designed and assembled.

“Things just couldn’t have been more difficult for everyone, with the Covid pandemic at its peak and with all the interruptions and lockdowns.

“But all together we’ve made a brilliant team, each of us overcoming the many, many obstacles to create something that is so appreciated by those who inhabit it and those who have judged it.

“We have worked with Brown and Brown on several occasions and it has turned out to be a very happy partnership each time.”

The interior features clean and elegant lines.
The interior features clean and elegant lines.

The Saltire Society Housing Design Awards, which celebrate the diversity of the best new housing in Scotland, are supported by the Scottish Government and recognize housing’s contribution to social and cultural conversations.

Shortlisted properties were found across Scotland, from the Isle of Uist to Inverness, Perth to Kelso.

Sarah Mason, Director of the Company, said: “Congratulations to all of our 2021 recipients. To the architects, planners, contractors, clients and teams who continue to demonstrate innovation, quality and attention to detail are present in the creation of the Scottish architectural landscape …

“This year may not have been the year we planned, but we are encouraged to see the incredible work that is unfolding under difficult circumstances and we are so grateful for the time and effort of everyone. who not only participate in these rewards, but in creating a better Scotland.

A beautiful large kitchen.
A beautiful large kitchen.

The prices are supported by the Scottish Government.

• All the winners are available at https://www.saltiresociety.org.uk/

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