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Loch Ness communities come together in an ambitious attempt to improve local health and well-being, economy, culture, sport and the environment



Susan Clark, Carol Masheter and Monique Riddle of Glen Urquhart Community Rural Association at Loch Ness Hub, Drumnadrochit.

Residents near Loch Ness are invited to help shape the future of their community by participating in a survey.

The Glenurquhart Community Action Plan (CAP) will be launched on Tuesday with the aim of improving the region over the next 20 years.

Residents are invited to give their opinions and participate in discussions on topics ranging from health to the local economy.

It is run by the Glen Urquhart Rural Community Association (Gurca) which has partnered with the Soirbheas charity and the Glen Urquhart Community Council.

The plan, available online and in paper form, has been divided into themes such as people’s health and well-being, the local economy, culture, sport and the environment.

Susan Clark, administrator of Gurca, said Glen Urquhart was a vibrant rural community.

“As a community, it has accomplished a lot over the past few years, such as the Glen Urquhart Care Center, Glen Urquhart Childcare Center, GCP Homes and most recently the Loch Ness Hub,” she said. declared.

“But now is an important time to look to the future of our growing community. The resumption of Covid-19, the impact of Brexit and the climate emergency all provide a catalyst to look to our future and talk about how we want to address key issues here at Glen Urquhart.

“We want the people who live, work and have businesses in the community to be involved in this process and to tell us what they think.”

The investigation will be open for a few months and will allow Gurca to create a full picture of what residents want to see.

Covid has halted plans for physical sessions, but these are expected to take place in the future.

Ms Clark continued, “Gurca, Soirbheas and the Community Council are very keen that as many people as possible who live, work, have businesses or own land in Glen Urquhart participate in the CAP process so that it is as inclusive as possible. possible. possible.

“The CAP will be used in several ways, including by giving priority to projects that the community carries out itself, by helping Soirbheas to direct its funding, in support of funding requests that are addressed to other donors for projects. projects, leading the lobbying of the Highland Council or the Scottish Government or statutory bodies when it is their responsibility to make improvements.

Gurca aims to have the CAP in place by the summer to start the improvements.

For hard copies of the survey contact Carol Masheter on 07514 452783 or to track progress online click here

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