Highland Council’s program to promote employment and training opportunities is hailed a success after helping more than 300 people

Glenurquhart Road Council Headquarters. Pictured: Gary Anthony.

The new Highland Council Graduate, Apprentice and Trainee Scheme has provided opportunities for over 300 people aged 16-67.

Members of the Board’s Enterprise Resources Committee praised the success of the program.

The modern apprenticeship scheme attracted 320 trainees across the Highlands. Opportunities were available in a range of sectors, including business, engineering, construction/trades, housing, IT, social services and law.

The council also recruited 11 graduate trainees through its economic prosperity fund.

The scheme is part of the Young Person’s Guarantee, which aims to provide an opportunity for every young person aged 16-24 in Scotland. This can be a job, an apprenticeship, further or higher education, training or volunteering.

Council leader Margaret Davidson said: “Employment has been on my mind for some time, and particularly now as we work on the employees we need for the future.

“It’s important as we look at green jobs, define them, as we look to make seamless connections between our schools. Making young people aware of what they can do when they leave school – in Highland – instead of feeling pressured to leave.

The council plans to participate in Learning Week next month. He plans to create an engagement program with schools, parents, employees and partners to promote available opportunities.

Councilor Davidson noted that a new council will take over in May, with its own agenda and ambitions.

Senior council staff are already working on how to bring everyone together with the same messages around employability.

Corporate Resources Committee Chairman Jimmy Gray said: “This is a vital program that plays a key role in creating opportunity and growth for the workforce and the Highland economy.

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