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Alcohol is the main item seized by security at Highland Court, figures show


ALCOHOL was found to be the most seized prohibited item by police or security from people entering Inverness Justice Centre, which houses the Sheriff’s Court.

A freedom of information request to the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) reveals that six people were drunk between March 30, 2020 and November 22 last year.

The court deals with many offenders from the wider Ross-shire and Highlands region in addition to the city.

However, no drugs were seized during the same period.

A knife was confiscated and a syringe/needle.

The SCTS said two “miscellaneous” items were taken from people, but it was not specified what they were.

The SCTS has also been asked to provide information on “items stolen from people entering Inverness Justice Centre”, but this is information that the SCTS does not hold.

However, a spokesperson said: ‘No items have been reported to SCTS as stolen from Inverness Justice Center for the period indicated.’

The SCTS added: “We take the safety of all court users very seriously.

“We are working closely with partners, including the police, to take every reasonable precaution against bringing weapons, potential weapons or other contraband into courthouses.

“Any item deemed to pose a potential risk to public safety could be confiscated upon entering a courthouse.

“The discovery of any weapon or potential weapon by staff is immediately reported to the police.

“Police officers are deployed to courts across Scotland performing a number of duties.

“The objective of the deployment of the police in the courts is to reassure the public, maintain public order and prevent intimidation.”

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