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HAUNTED WIRRAL: The “ghost” of Sherlock Holmes


WELCOME to Haunted Wirral, a feature film series written by world renowned psychic researcher, Tom Slemen for the World.

In the latter tale, a ghostly detective solves the case.

FOR confidential reasons, I have changed a few names in this particular story.

Like every other town in the 1960s, Birkenhead had its Rachmans – callous landlords who exploited their tenants and neglected to carry out even the most basic safety tests on their flats and studios.

One such landlord, named Wyatt Lundy, owned six houses in Birkenhead and Rock Ferry which had been subdivided into flats and he had had a few run-ins with Birkenhead council on several occasions due to his blatant disregard for modern health and safety regulations. of security.

In February 1961, Lundy was renting flats in two adjoining dilapidated Victorian houses, a stone’s throw from Birkenhead Park, and two young women – Irene, 19, from Dacre Street and her friend, Cathy, 18, from Priory Buildings, came see a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of one of the adjacent houses.

Irene had decided to leave her home because of her drunken father, and Cathy had chosen to live with her because of the constant arguments and fights that took place in her own family home.

Wyatt Lundy himself showed prospective teenage tenants the flat and said he would reduce the rent to “an unheard-of pound and seven shillings a week”.

Irene paid two weeks in advance and a three-pound deposit, and she had to borrow money from her uncle Vincent to pay the deposit.

Right after Lundy took Irene’s money, he said he had to go away on business for a while, but assured his new tenants that he would be back in a week.

The next day was Cathy’s birthday and her Aunt Sheila visited the flat and brought her niece a huge birthday cake she had made along with a birthday card and a ticket of £5.

As soon as Aunt Sheila left, the girls went shopping. When they came back, they couldn’t find the birthday cake. What the girls found was a note that read, “I had the cake, it was delicious. I might soon eat you two adorable birds!” and it was signed “the Phantom”.

“I don’t like the look of it,” Cathy said nervously, staring at the odd note, but Irene said, “There are no ghosts; it was probably that owner – all the owners have a spare key for their Wait until I see Mr. Lundy.

That night, the girls lay in bed, listening to the faint sound of footsteps, but couldn’t determine where the sound was coming from.

Cathy was convinced it was “the Ghost” but Irene assured her it was heavy-footed neighbors next door.

The next day at noon, Irene made a list of things to buy for the apartment, and the girls left around 1 p.m.

They returned to the apartment at 2:20 p.m. to find another note that read, “I’m not the owner Lundy haha. I’m really a ghost and I’m watching you.”

Irene then discovered that her gold earrings and a piggy bank she had put her tanners in were missing. Irene went straight to the police station and was simply advised to change the lock on her apartment door. When Irene got home, they were walking up the common staircase when a man’s deep, resonant voice sounded behind them.

“Ladies, I overheard your conversation about a theft from your home! I can be of assistance; I’m a consulting detective.”

The girls turned around, startled, and saw an old man in a deerstalker, and an Inverness cape holding a cane aloft, and in his mouth was a calabash. In other words, the old man was dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

“Introduce yourself and give me the facts!” he said. Irene told the eccentric man who she and Cathy were and about the ghost and his notes.

The spirited old man rushed up the stairs and pulled out a magnifying glass to inspect the banister near the apartment door. He was then admitted to the apartment by Irene and he immediately asked to see the notes.

He examined the notes with a jeweler’s eyepiece and announced, “They’re from your Basildon Bond notepad, but there was a note between those two; have you made a list with such a note?

“Yeah, a shopping list,” Cathy recalls, and Irene pulls the list out of her pocket. “I wrote this list today – why?”

“When did you write it?” the eccentric old man asked, and Irene said, “Today around noon.”

The man said, “When we place these three notes together, their spines provide us with a timeline.

“The glue that covers the ends of the notebook pages to form a spine has distinctive markings, and it’s obvious that the so-called ghost wrote his second note after you left for the shops.

“He says he can see you, but it’s likely he can actually hear you, so he must be nearby.

“I noticed a non-slip tread pattern on the handrail outside the stairs, and above is a ceiling hatch. The footsteps you heard are coming from the attic and are not d “supernatural origin. Our ghost is up there, and needs to be athletic to pull himself up that hatch from the handrail.”

The old man then produced the name of a burglar (very good at picking locks) wanted by the police after his escape.

“He’s in our loft?” a frightened Cathy asked, and the old man nodded and told her to open the window.

He then pulled out a police whistle and blew it hard. A few moments later, they all heard the heavy footsteps above the ceiling and the opening of the trapdoor of the common staircase.

The old man pulled a long blade from his cane, which was actually a sword staff. He rushed outside and swung his blade at the young man who was trying to get down from the attic.

Tenants came out of their apartments to see the strange sight, and there was a loud knock on the front door downstairs; a policeman answered the whistle.

The old man came downstairs, ushered the policeman in and directed him to the wanted man in the attic before going down to the basement.

When Mr Lundy returned, he said the basement flat had been empty for five years. An elderly “eccentric” who had dressed up as Sherlock Homes had lived there, but was long dead, he said.

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