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122,000 provide housing for refugees fleeing war in Ukraine

Volunteers from the Lewisham Polish Center prepare to load a van with donations for Ukrainian refugees (Rick Findler/PA)

More than 120,000 people and organizations have expressed interest in hosting Ukrainian refugees, the government said.

According to the latest figures from the Department of Leveling, Housing and Communities, 122,305 expressions of interest have been received by the Homes for Ukraine program.

The response to the scheme, which encourages members of the public to open their homes to people fleeing fighting in Ukraine, comes amid heavy criticism of the government’s response to the refugee crisis.

Downing Street hailed the “enormous” public response to the call for accommodation as a sign of the UK’s support for the Ukrainian people.

But Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey said the government was still doing nothing to help Ukrainians who had fled to neighboring countries and were now trying to reach Britain.

The new scheme aims to connect refugees with individuals, charities and other organizations that can provide accommodation for at least six months, allowing Ukrainians without family ties in the UK to enter the country.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesperson said: “We have seen a huge response from the British public. The Prime Minister salutes the generosity of the British people.

“We knew when we opened the program that there would be an outpouring of support, but the speed of adoption and the strength of interest in this is overwhelmingly welcome and a sign for the people of Ukraine at the level of support there is for him.”

However, Sir Ed, who was visiting the Polish border town of Przemysl, said – unlike other European countries – there was little help on the ground for refugees trying to make it to the UK.

He said the new scheme, which required them to apply online to be matched with a sponsor in Britain, was too complicated and too bureaucratic.

“Our government is so wrong. It’s just a desperate way to go about it. They pretend they are doing something and they really aren’t,” he said in a telephone interview with the PA news agency.

“How are you supposed to meet people on social media? They are traumatized, exhausted, emotional people.

“Sometimes they left in such a rush that they didn’t even bring all their papers, apparently they have to find a British contact one way or another. Absurdity.

“We should be here to say if you want to come, that’s how we’ll make it for you. The government is not ready to do what is necessary for people who want to come. It’s just shocking.