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What the Newspapers Say – April 3

What the Newspapers Say – April 3 (PA)

The country’s Sunday papers feature Boris Johnson’s plan to increase Britain’s energy autonomy, the suspension of a Tory whip and reports from Mariupol.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that the Prime Minister is set to expand the government’s current nuclear commitment by adding to the country’s current fleet of nuclear power plants.

The Sunday Times leads with the suspension of Tory MP David Warburton over allegations of “sexual assault and cocaine abuse”.

Conservatives fear a backlash in the polls over high taxes, says The Observer.

the Sunday Express says the Chancellor should ‘recover the billions lost to fraudulent Covid loans‘ to reduce the tax burden.

the sunday mirror leads with Justice Secretary Dominic Raab’s department agreeing to a decision to grant parole to Baby P’s mother, who died after months of abuse.

During this time, the Sunday of the Daily Stars says parole bosses are unable to stop Tracey Connelly from using dating apps once she is released.

The Independent contains first-hand accounts from survivors of the Russian siege of Mariupol.

Sunday people leads with a call to catch the country’s “cruelest burglars” after they steal from a disabled grandfather the money he had saved for his funeral.