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Infrastructure is key to achieving sustainable economic growth in the thriving Highlands and Islands

Grant Campbell, the SCDI man up north.

I had the pleasure of joining a number of our regional committee members on a recent visit to the port of Kishorn, where we were treated to an in-depth tour of the impressive facilities and a presentation of future development plans. ‘expansion.

As well as continued support for the aquaculture industry, the Port of Kishorn will undoubtedly be a key location to support the energy transition through fabrication, decommissioning and operation and maintenance of future offshore projects.

It is estimated that in this small corner of the Applecross Peninsula, up to 1000 skilled jobs could be created with a future labor pipeline spanning decades.

But despite significant investment in port infrastructure by the owners of KPL and with the Scottish Salmon Company investing tens of millions of pounds in their new facilities next door, rural infrastructure and skills shortages continue to be the greatest challenges for those companies that are committed to large-scale local investments.

Across the Highlands and Islands, if we are to achieve sustainable economic growth with thriving rural communities at the heart of it, we need to ensure that key infrastructure such as transport links, utilities, digital connectivity, housing and education are in place for businesses. who choose to invest in and help attract and retain qualified people to live and work in local areas.

Our clubs of young engineers and scientists have been supporting the needs of industry for over 30 years and it is STEM outreach to primary and secondary school children in our communities that will inspire them to join the traditional and emerging industries that will be part of of the future economy for generations to come.

SCDI is working with the Scottish Government and will publish a report for the Business Purpose Commission next month.

This will look at how Scotland can help encourage, nurture and support worthwhile businesses in the county’s diverse economy and geography. Our aim is to help promote the creativity and ingenuity which have contributed greatly to social development in Scotland and which will play a key role in economic recovery.

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