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Hotel plan for Inverness music site recommended for approval

Artist’s impression of the new hotel planned for the Forges site.

Readers are reacting to the news that council planners are recommending that a bid to create a new hotel on the site of the Ironworks site be approved.

Highland planners have therefore recommended for approval to demolish the iconic Ironworks concert hall and, in its place, build a seven-storey, 155-bedroom hotel.

Councilors of the South Planning Committee, you have the power to stop this incredulous development from happening.

Why is Ironworks so important to the Highland economy? Is it because so many people travel from all over the country to attend concerts, book hotels, eat out, have a drink, etc.? ? A well-known local economist says the loss of the steel plant clearly outweighs the benefits of another new hotel.

The Ironworks has seen some wonderful artists over the years – great bands, top-notch DJs and always encouraging local talent. It was only recently that a local DJ who got his start at Ironworks got his music played on Radio 1.

Events like boxing, wrestling, bingo, variety shows, etc. all take place at Ironworks, the talent is so rich and varied that it would be a sacrilege to lose it.

The main objective of Highland Council’s Moray Firth Development Plan is ‘town center first’ and any new development must not detract from the vitality of the town centre.

Well, if tearing down the main concert hall in the Highlands and replacing it with a seven-storey hotel doesn’t hurt the vitality of the town centre, I don’t know what is.

Councillors, ask your constituents what they would prefer – another new hotel or the Ironworks to stay put.

In my opinion the Ironworks is indeed iconic, known far and wide for its year-round quality entertainment, so Councillors, do the right thing for Inverness – tell Bricks Group Developments that the Ironworks rest.

Douglas Lyall

Eilean Donan Road


“If this is approved, it will confirm that Inverness is a city playing at being a city! We will be a venueless city capable of hosting decent sized music events! If the planners had any ideas for improving “the city”, they would encourage places that attract tourists, not turn our main downtown locations into hotels! Soon there will be nothing left to do in the center of Inverness and once tourists have ‘seen the monster’ they won’t be coming back! We will end up with a center of tired hotels and people saying Inverness is boring because there is nothing to do! So how much money will this redirect to Glasgow and Edinburgh as we will all have to travel there to see decent bands? Instead, make Inverness a city where people want to come to be entertained and enjoy all we have to give! There are hundreds of areas to locate hotels! This is pure madness! We are becoming a town where there is nothing to do for those not interested in spotting red deer! HMO Hotels and Accommodation – Magical Inverness! – Steve Raeburn

“I really hope the right decision is made. Save the ironworks site. We don’t need another hotel, we need a concert hall in the town centre. Highland Council is doing what it takes for the Highlands.– Linda Anne Wilson

“Linda Anne Wilson I agree with most of that (the Ironworks definitely needs to stay, in a way). No way tearing down Ironworks for a hotel! Lots of other sites could be found, I’m sure. I’m sure. But Inverness badly needs more hotel rooms – it’s almost impossible to get a room during the summer let alone a reasonably priced room. Tourism is arguably the biggest industry in the Highlands and the lack of accommodation is a big problem.I noticed a lot of tourists this year (seems to be Americans/Canadians just now) The local economy needs tourism and it has been badly battered Overpriced and scarce housing has been a drag on that lately. Andy McIvor

“I understand that we need tourists to boost our local economy, but with the incredible number of homes being built in Inverness and the surrounding area, shouldn’t Highland Council be doing more for the locals? A bigger concert hall is definitely needed. Also while I’m at it…more schools and another hospital. – Monica Douglas Cormack

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