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Computational Materials Scientist Job at Lightwave Logic, Inc.


Lightwave Logic, Inc, (LWLG) is a fast-growing, publicly traded technology company located near the Denver Tech Center in Englewood, Colorado, and we offer competitive job openings. Our team is made up of world-class technologists. Our materials scientists synthesize new chromophores to technical specifications driven by our photonic device engineers to meet the demands of rapidly growing optical communications markets. The devices use a chromophore-polymer matrix as part of a silicon-based photonic integrated circuit (PIC) platform, for data centers and high-performance computing applications.

Lightwave Logic is seeking an experienced Computational Chemist with experience in modeling the chemical and physical properties of polymers and other organic materials. The position will involve working closely with our synthetic chemists and photonic devices team to coordinate development directions and efforts and to adapt modeling tools based on empirical data to provide the most accurate predictions.

This position offers the successful candidate the exciting opportunity to play a key role in the development and demonstration of new materials with far-reaching applications.


  • Actively identify the needs of experimental researchers, product developers and business partners, translate their needs into concrete research and/or business problems, and design solutions by leveraging your expertise in chemistry and modeling materials.
  • Develop chemistry tools and methods to enable other scientists on the team to leverage computational chemistry in their projects
  • Use expertise in multiscale computational chemistry methods (e.g., ab initio, semi-empirical, empirical, density functional theory, molecular mechanics/molecular dynamics) to predict properties of condensed phase materials ( eg, refractive index, transition temperatures) and in dynamic processes (eg alignment under external electric field).
  • Apply expertise in DFT quantum calculations for electronic structure predictions (e.g., molecular dipole moment, polarizability, absorption wavelength) of highly delocalized polarizable chromophores.
  • Help synthetic chemists design highly potent chromophores and develop efficient pathways to complex target molecules and solve problematic reactions.


  • PhD in Computational Chemistry, or related field, with in-depth knowledge and experience in molecular modeling with demonstrated experience in successfully designing functional materials.
  • Familiar with advanced modeling tools used to predict microscopic molecular properties and macroscopic physical and chemical properties related to thermal, optical and electrical properties of guest-host systems. .
  • In-depth knowledge of the structure-activity relationship in the fields of functional materials, polymers and in particular chromophores.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively communicate and present technical research to technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Experience in applying machine learning to modeling is a plus.
  • The ideal candidate will have a solid theoretical background, significant experience in scientific programming as well as extensive demonstrated expertise with standard software packages.

Social advantages

  • Fully paid medical, dental and vision coverage (employee and family)
  • Company contribution of $500/year (prorated) to your medical FSA
  • PTO and vacation as stated in company manual
  • 401K (Safe Harbor, 4% match)