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More than 200 Ukrainians in the council area


Ukrainian refugees who have been relocated to Argyll find jobs very quickly.

Argyll and Bute Council reports that its resettlement program from the war-torn country is proving successful.

Many refugees have already found jobs within the community. And the community has enrolled its first cohort of education professionals on its career path.

A Ukrainian family walks on a railway line with their luggage after crossing a border crossing with Poland at Kroscienko in the southeast of the country. Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Details of how Ukrainian refugees are settling are revealed in a report to the full council. Morag Brown, Resettlement Manager, said: “This will see them working in our schools initially in a support role to gain experience and knowledge about our program.

“We intend ultimately this will lead to recognition or registration of the GTCS (General Teaching Council for Scotland). The other advantage of this approach is that it provides Ukrainian speakers in schools with Ukrainian students. We have 50 students in 14 institutions across the authority.

How many Ukrainian refugees are currently in Argyll?

In Argyll and Bute there are currently 232 Ukrainian Displaced Persons (UDP).

Of these, 111 are here on Homes for Ukraine visas where sponsor and guest match up before arrival.

There are 64 people on super sponsor visas where people are matched with a sponsor or assigned social housing after a temporary stay in a hotel.

And 57 people are currently staying in a hotel on a super sponsor visa, with corresponding discussions ongoing.

The number of people changes every day

The number of people in sponsorship and temporary accommodation changes daily.

As customers leave hotels when successfully matched, they are quickly replaced by new customers arriving in Scotland.

There are also a number of new arrivals each week through the Homes for Ukraine programme.

Around 9,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Scotland since war broke out in February.

Hotels like The Oban Bay have welcomed refugees alongside guests

In Argyll, the program has seen the Oban Bay Hotel on the Corran Esplanade accommodate refugees while remaining open to regular guests.

Meanwhile in Inverness this month, a major city center hotel closed to guests. The Craigmonie Hotel on Annfield Road has agreed a six-month contract to be used exclusively to help people fleeing the conflict.

Since four sites across Argyll and Bute joined the scheme, a total of 167 people have stayed at participating hotels. The team found matches for 93 people who opted for sponsorship in Argyll and Bute or further afield.

Local matching is much more efficient

The Resettlement Team Leader added: “Local matching is much more efficient for Argyll and Bute than the national matching service.

“It’s because we’ve built a relationship of trust with the UDP and we know our region, our job market, our schools and our sponsors and can make informed decisions about what would be a good sustainable game and what won’t be.

“The UDPs in hotels, with one very small exception, are very happy in Argyll and Bute, but they are also clear that they don’t want to stay somewhere too remote.”

How many housing units are made available by social landlords?

Social landlords in the region have made properties available to the refugees.

West Highland Housing Association has two occupied properties. Fyne Homes has seven occupied properties. And the Argyll Community Housing Association (Acha) has five properties currently decorated, carpeted and furnished.

The use of spoken English courses for speakers of other languages ​​has been high. Other tutors are being recruited.

Ms Brown concludes her report: “What is clear is that our sponsors and communities are supportive, welcoming and safe and Argyll and Bute provides both a place to recover from the horrors of war and to plan. the future, whatever it is. ”

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[More than 200 Ukrainians in the council area]