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Dornoch companies invited to BID for a stronger future


THE newly appointed Dornoch Business Group Coordinator invites businesses to share their thoughts on how a Business Improvement District (BID) might work for them.

The Dornoch Business Improvement Steering Group appointed Paula White as its new BID Coordinator earlier this month, taking a significant first step towards forming a new BID at Dornoch.

Paula White, newly appointed BID coordinator, and Neil Hampton, DACIC member and chair of the steering group.

Ms White, who previously worked with the Lairg & District Learning Center and currently manages Dornoch Hub, will begin her new role working with the steering group and conducting surveys with local business owners.

Over the next 12 months, approximately 200 eligible businesses in the Dornoch area will be invited to share their vision of what a BID could do for them, before a vote on whether or not to implement the new process.

The group aims to follow the lead of other BIDs that have been established in the Highlands, such as Nairn Connects and Inverness City Center BID.

Several voting conditions must be met in order to establish the new regime – in particular a minimum turnout of 25% of eligible voters, a minimum of 25% of eligible rateable value and a majority of votes and rateable value in favor of his training.

The new initiative would be funded through a levy by eligible businesses, based on the taxable value of the property occupied or owned by each business.

If the ballot is successful, the result will be legally binding on all eligible businesses in the region.

Ms White said: “As a group, we are stronger together. We can have a stronger voice as BID and can solve problems together. If created, BID will have a paid person in place who is available to companies to lobby on issues for For example, to combat rising energy costs, we may have the opportunity to approach energy companies to speak on behalf of the entire Dornoch area to to get better prices.The same goes for waste management or council and government issues.

“I’ve spoken to some companies who say finding staff is a real problem at the moment. As BID, we can work with schools and colleges, as well as employment agencies, to help these companies .

“Of course, I could suggest many ways a BID could help Dornoch businesses, but it’s up to the businesses themselves to tell us what they want – we really want to know what they would like us to do. for them as BID.”

The new coordinator will hold her first meeting of the steering group in early December, then will spend the next 12 months talking to companies in the IV25 basin to learn more about the issues facing companies in the territory.

Business owners wishing to find out more are welcome to contact Ms White by email at [email protected] or by mobile on 07471 200103.

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