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Architect calls on Scottish government to follow Westminster lead in modernizing planning system


The Scottish architect and contractor is calling on the Scottish government to follow England’s lead and update the planning request process.

Danny Campbell founded HOKO Design in 2019 with a mission to fix a “broken” industry by matching homeowners with architecture and design experts.

He criticized the “laborious” application process for extensions and improvements and wants the Scottish government to follow the UK government in introducing a web application to streamline the process.

UK Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced a two-web application system as he revealed plans to digitize the planning system to save developers, architects and homeowners time and money by speeding up and simplifying the process.

Campbell argues that many home improvements – such as extensions and loft conversions – don’t need a full building permit, but complicated rules often waste homeowners time and money by submitting proposals. invalid requests for “authorized developments”.

The new app for homeowners will use plain language and diagrams to help them navigate the system, asking questions to determine if the plans meet local and state requirements.

Users can then request in the app the certificate they need to show that their plans are authorized to develop, allowing construction to continue.

The program will be tested in three regions of the English council before being considered for rollout across the country, Campbell is keen to see similar progress in Scotland.

Campbell, founder of Glasgow-based HOKO Design, said: “The planning application process in Scotland is incredibly long and laborious – around a decade behind all other industries in terms of technology and accessibility.

“As a company, our goal is to provide the perfect customer experience, which is why if a customer wants to act quickly, we want to help them do it. However, negotiating the planning process is a constant lull that we cannot avoid, and inevitable delays are the bane of any project. Any prior assurance that an application will be processed provides a benefit to the owner, to the architect, to the builder, to the economy – essentially anyone.

“We are pushing for the death of blueprints and paper drawings in the planning process. Examining drawings when 3D images are available is as old-fashioned as sending a letter instead of an email.

“At present, the planner can effectively play the role of pseudo-architecture critic, making or canceling a decision on a whim or opinion rather than against defined objective criteria. This is an area where we, as an industry in Scotland and the UK, need to see progress. “

Glasgow-based HOKO Design expanded into the UK earlier this year, opening new studios in Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Inverness and London.

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Napier barracks “could be used to accommodate asylum seekers longer”


The government could consider using military barracks to house asylum seekers for “a few more years,” MPs and peers have heard.

Lawyers have said during a parliamentary inquiry that the Napier Barracks in Kent could be used for housing asylum seekers beyond September, after initially believing the measure to be temporary and expected to last around a year during the coronavirus pandemic.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Immigrant Detention on Thursday heard testimony from legal and medical professionals who worked with people staying at the barracks, after launching an investigation into the use of these sites by the Ministry of the Interior due to concerns about living conditions.

We have heard that the government is planning to extend the use of the fire station beyond September, which is of great concern to us, that it will continue to use it for a few more years.

Sue Willman, Deighton Pierce Glynn Law

Sue Willman, lawyer at Deighton Pierce Glynn Law, told politicians: “We have heard that the government is planning to extend the use of the barracks beyond September, which is of great concern to us as it continues to l ‘use for a few more years.

She urged them to seek “further clarification” on this amid suggestions that portable booths could be moved to the site from an immigrant detention center as part of plans for future use.

Nearly 200 people at Folkestone Barracks in Kent contracted Covid-19 during a major outbreak earlier this year.

In April, the Home Office declared the outbreak over and insisted that asylum seekers remained in “safe, suitable and Covid-compliant conditions”.

But this month, senior health officials said it was still “difficult to consider” the site being considered safe for Covid.

It came after six asylum seekers previously housed there won a court challenge against the government after a High Court judge ruled their accommodation was inadequate.

A High Court judge ruled that the accommodation at Napier Barracks was inadequate (Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration / HM Prison Inspectorate / PA)

The Home Office faced new calls to shut down the site following the decision, but instead insisted that “significant improvements” have been made.

But the investigation has learned that it is so far unclear what these improvements are.

Home Secretary Priti Patel and Immigration Minister Chris Philp have both defended the use of such sites in the past, suggesting they were suitable as they had previously been used for military personnel.

This despite an inspection by two independent watchdogs describing parts of the barracks as “dirty” and “dilapidated”, highlighting “fundamental failures” in accommodating asylum seekers there.

Dr Jill O’Leary, head of the Helen Bamber Foundation’s medical advisory service, told the APPG hearing: “Military personnel have not been in barracks for a number of years.

“They were decommissioned for a reason and even when they were occupied by military personnel it was for one to two weeks at a time, it was certainly not expected that anyone would live there for months, rather than weeks, which is the case. we are seeing with the residents who are staying there at the moment.

Asylum seekers are “inherently vulnerable” and have “significant health problems,” she added.

Dr Juliet Cohen, chief medical officer of the Freedom From Torture charity, said there are differences between asylum seekers and service staff who must be “fit, young, well-nourished and well-nourished individuals. without active health problems “for active service.

“Napier and Penally (another barracks originally used in Wales but which has since been closed) were not suitable for the military, there had been many complaints, they were dilapidated, rarely used and only used for long periods of time. very short periods. “

The investigation also learned that the military and “almost detention-like” environment could seriously affect those who have faced traumatic experiences or torture.

Mr Philp told the Commons earlier this month that no decision had been made on whether the department would continue to use the barracks beyond September.

On Thursday, the Home Office said it still was, a spokeswoman adding: “Significant improvements have been made to the site, including improved housing and more outdoor and recreational activities. “

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Michael S. Burg | Personal injury lawyers

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    New Denver Restaurants Open This Month | Westword



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    Either way, we’re already halfway through 2021, although the scars of 2020 persist. It’s been just over a month since all restaurant dining restrictions were lifted in Denver, and now other challenges – like the rising cost of items like New York gloves and bands served at Pete’s Kitchen, which recently reopened for all weekend night shifts. – delay openings and even force certain places, such as FNG, to close temporarily.

    The past month also brought more painful closures, including Falling Rock, Ballpark’s iconic craft beer destination, and Uptown’s beloved Beast + Bottle. But there is also good news to celebrate.

    Our full list of openings in 2020 included 197 bricks and mortars, an impressive number considering the hurdles faced by owners and operators over the past year. We’ve already seen 128 openings in the first half of 2021, including 28 in June alone – and there’s no sign of this trend slowing down.

    From Evergreen to McGregor Square, Coors Field’s new destination, new restaurants are sprouting up all over the metro area. While there are plenty of local indie additions to the list, such as Campfire, Stoney’s Cantina, and pandemic-born Instagram hit Right Cream, there are also out-of-state-based channels that do. big moves, like Giordano’s, which is now open in the South Broadway space once occupied by Leña, and New York’s Colorado debut have hit the Halal Guys in Aurora.

    It’s all about balance, however, and while we would hate to see the streets of Denver filled with bright, glowing signs of brands founded elsewhere, the fact that these companies choose to come to the area speaks volumes about the nation’s reputation. this city. But we rely on our local culinary talents to continue to meet the challenge of innovating and creating high quality food that surpasses others.

    Stoney's Cantina Devil's Eggs get a street corn-style treatment.DEVELOP

    Stoney’s Cantina Devil’s Eggs get a street corn-style treatment.

    Molly martin

    Here is our full list of openings and closings on the Denver subway in June 2021:

    Restaurants and bars open this month *:

    Campfire, 27883 Meadow Drive, Evergreen
    Carmine’s on McGregor Square, 1951 Wazee Street
    Cupbop, 3452 West 32nd Avenue and 7450 West 52nd Avenue, Unit C, Arvada
    Dating Yummy, 12203 East Iliff Avenue, Suite D, Aurora
    Dochi, 2449, rue Larimer
    The Donut Club, 7302 29th Avenue East
    Eat a Lot Que, 13730 West 85th Drive Unit 103, Arvada
    Cuisine Exile, 320 East Colfax Avenue
    Giordano’s, 24 Broadway
    Gruvi Tasting Lounge (summer pop-up), 1455 South Pearl Street
    The Halal Guys, 14535 East Alameda Avenue, Suite D, Aurora
    Heaven Creamery, 299 Milwaukee Street and 6955 South York Street, # 420, Centennial
    HiLo, 10125 West San Juan Way, Littleton
    JackBeQue, 200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood
    Jet’s Pizza, 98 Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 129, Lakewood
    La Diabla Pozole y Mezcal, 2233 rue Larimer
    Los Chingones, 3541 East Harmony Road, # 100, Fort Collins
    Lost City at Avanti Boulder, 1401 Pearl Street, Boulder
    Mississippi Boy Catfish & Ribs, 5544 East 33rd Avenue
    Moods. Beats. Potions., 2844 Welton Street
    Passport Burger, food truck, Castle Rock
    Pizza 3.14, 1313 College Avenue, Boulder
    Right Cream, 3047, rue Larimer
    Ope ‘n Bubbler at Edgewater Public Market, 5505 West 20th Avenue, Edgewater
    Old Town Hot Pot, 2852 South Havana Street, Aurora
    Snooze AM Eatery, Lobby B, Mezzanine, Denver International Airport
    Stoney’s Cantina, 30 South Broadway
    Tom’s Watch Bar, 1601 19th Street, Unit 101
    Urban Egg, 3033 East First Avenue
    X Denver, 3100 Inca Street
    Bubu, 1099 18th street

    Restaurants and bars closing this month *:
    Beast + Bottle, 719 East 17th Avenue
    Earnest Hall, 2915 West 44th Avenue
    Fall of the rock, 1919, rue Blake
    Morin, 1600 15th Street
    Uncle Zoe’s, 12203 East Iliff Avenue, Suite D, Aurora
    Vinue Food and Wine Bar, 2817 East Third Avenue

    * Or earlier and not previously included on an opening and closing list.

    Do you know something we missed? Email us at [email protected]

    Keep Westword Free … Since we started Westword, he was defined as the free and independent voice of Denver, and we would like to keep it that way. Providing our readers with free access to cutting edge coverage of local news, food and culture. Producing stories on everything from political scandals to the hottest new bands, with bold reporting, sleek writing, and staff who have won it all, from the Society of Professional’s Sigma Delta Chi Feature Film Writing Award Journalists at the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. But with the existence of local journalism under siege and declines in advertising revenue having a greater impact, it is more important than ever for us to rally our support for funding our local journalism. You can help by participating in our “I Support” membership program, allowing us to continue to cover Denver without paywalls.

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    Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass confirms summer rebuild is nearing completion – but another striker could still be signed


    Aberdeen boss Stephen Glass has confirmed his summer rebuild is nearing completion, although he still wants another striker.

    U.S. international forward Christian Ramirez has increased Glass’s summer additions to six as the 30-year-old has signed up until the summer of 2023.

    Glass insists his business is on the verge of completion as his team rebuilding has focused on quality rather than quantity.

    The Reds gaffer also signed Scott Brown, Declan Gallagher, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, Teddy Jenks and Jack Gurr.

    Glass will also challenge the young stars of Pittodria to climb into the first team in the upcoming 2021-22 season.

    While rebuilding her transfer window, Glass said, “At the moment it’s almost done.

    “It is important that we remember the number of players that we have recruited.

    “If you look at it in isolation and think we announced Christian and Declan this week.

    “If we announced all the signings we’ve made today, everyone would love it.

    “The players we have added are quality.

    © SNS Group
    New signings Jack Gurr and Scott Brown during Aberdeen training session at Cormack Park

    “We haven’t added a huge number, but we also have young players who appeared last year and who are now threatening the team’s top positions.

    “It’s important to remember what we added and what we also experienced.

    “From the start Scott came early, Christian Ramirez, Declan Gallagher and JET joined us.

    “These are all really attractive signings.

    “Teddy Jenks comes from Brighton to help us compete in midfield and has a great pedigree as a youth international with England.

    “Jack Gurr is from Atlanta and will be a big addition as well.

    “Gary Woods has also signed a permanent contract and having a number two that can push Joe (Lewis) is important and I think it is important that we have that all over the field.”

    © SNS Group
    New recruits Scott Brown and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas on the first day of training.

    Signing another striker would be ideal

    Glass only has two experienced forwards signed for the next campaign with summer acquisitions Ramirez and Emmanuel-Thomas.

    Ramirez and Emmanuel-Thomas have both signed a two-year contract and are set to make their UEFA Europa Conference League second qualifying round debut with BK Hacken in Pittodria on July 22.

    Teenage forward Michael Ruth, 19, made two appearances as a substitute for the Dons and was loaned out to Arbroath for a period last season.

    Falkirk, led by former Aberdeen U21 coach Paul Sheerin, has launched an offer to loan Ruth to the club.

    Sheerin left the Dons at the end of the season to take charge of the Bairns and reportedly identified Ruth as the forward to lead the club’s Ligue 1 title challenge.

    Glass admits he will ideally sign another seasoned striker this summer.

    He said: “Christian Ramirez and Jay Emmanuel-Thomas are both proven scorers.

    “It would be ideal if we could have another striker.

    “Michael Ruth is part of the squad and he’s a very good finisher.

    Signing Ramirez is not a bet

    Aberdeen beat a fee with Major League Soccer for Ramirez, estimated at £ 180,000 ($ 250,000).

    The club then had to obtain a work visa for the international striker who landed in Granite City on Tuesday morning after a flight from Houston.

    © David Zalubowski / AP / Shutterstock
    New Aberdeen signs Christian Ramirez in action for the Houston Dynamo

    Glass insists there are no bets to sign Ramirez, who has a solid background in MLS and has been crowned twice by the United States.

    He said: “He’s a pure number nine and a very experienced center-forward.

    “Anyone who plays for the US national team has a lot to offer.

    “I think you see the boys playing for them now, like Daryl Dike, and they’re talking about £ 20million for guys like that.

    “The level of player that we get is very high.

    “Christian is a proven goalscorer and has a big presence on him.

    “Bringing a player that age, they’re not on crazy long contracts, and I think it’s less of a bet than bringing a 25, 26-year-old on a three-year contract and it doesn’t work six months to a year.

    “We have seen this in the past.

    “We’re more confident in what we’re getting and what they’ll add to the youngsters at the club.

    “We have a few real focal points there now and they are expected to be goal scorers.

    “These are our players, not lenders trying to fill the gaps.”

    © SNS Group
    An Aberdeen training session at Cormack Park as manager Stephen Glass works with his new hires.

    Pre-season friendlies will be played behind closed doors

    Aberdeen returned for pre-season training on Monday, June 21 at the club’s £ 13million training center at Cormack Park.

    Glass and his team will step up their preparations with a closed-door preseason friendly against the Cove Rangers at Cormack Park on Thursday.

    They will then host Inverness Caley Thistle at the training center next week.

    Then, the week of July 12, the Donations will host St Johnstone and Reading on the same day at Cormack Park as part of the preparations for European action.

    © SNS Group
    Aberdeen is put to the test during a preseason training session at Cormack Park.

    Glass said: “It’s been a good preseason and we’ve been here for 10 days.

    “The boys had a Sunday off after six tough days off.

    “The quality has been really, really good.

    “The fact that they are back in shape means that we can get into football very quickly.

    “I think the players are happy about it, they are happy that the work they have done this summer is paying off.

    “We have a number of games held behind closed doors.

    “We just felt this year that it was important to control the environment instead of going to England or Ireland or abroad and wasting days traveling.”

    Denver beer festivals are back in 2021



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    The 2021 beer festival season unofficially kicked off last weekend with the Vail Craft Beer Classic, which was precisely the only festival to take place in 2020 (organizers were able to keep participants far enough away, who needed to stay at their tables, where they were served beers in compostable disposable cups). And it went well, despite the rain and hail in Vail’s Ford Sculpture Park. In fact, scratch that. It went wonderfully, as it was the first Oktoberfest for many breweries that attended, as well as the attendees, in a year and a half.

    And while a few festivals that had been hoped for in 2021, including the Great American Beer Festival and the Collaboration Fest, have already been canceled or delayed due to lingering concerns about COVID-19, many more have been announced or are currently in planning or renewal. -planned.

    Are you ready to participate? Maybe and maybe not. It will be interesting to see which organizers change their formats or rosters so that participants feel more comfortable and whether or not there will be enough demand for fun that some organizers do not make any changes (long queues, shared pitchers).

    Here are most of the beer festivals we know of so far:

    Left Hand will bring back its Oktoberfest this fall.DEVELOP

    Left Hand will bring back its Oktoberfest this fall.

    Brewing on the left

    Summer Brew Fest Saturday
    Saturday July 24
    Mile High Station

    The Summer Brew Fest 2021 will take place at Mile High Station as usual, with two different sessions spread over the day. Breweries, music and more will be announced soon.

    Winter Park Resort Oktoberfest
    Saturday July 24
    Winter park

    Celebrate summer with unlimited drink samples from over twenty Colorado craft breweries and distilleries, including several in the Fraser area, plus live bluegrass food and music.

    Parker Brewfest
    Saturday August 14
    O’Brien Memorial Park, Parker

    The annual Parker Brewfest returns to O’Brien Memorial Park with around 30 breweries – most from the southern suburbs of Denver, but a few from other areas outside of town as well.

    Beer Festival at Belleview Station
    Saturday August 14
    Bellevue Station

    Local events company Gumpop Presents has hosted at least four different Denver area beer parties this summer and fall. The first is at Belleview Station in the DTC and features unlimited samples from over thirty breweries, as well as food trucks, street vendors, a themed dance party and costume contest with a live DJ, games of lawn, photo booth, DIY pretzel necklace station, swag themed and more.

    Bruz Beers is hosting its Belgian Brew Fest in September.

    Bruz Beers is hosting its Belgian Brew Fest in September.

    Bruz beers

    RiNo Oktoberfest
    saturday 28 august
    2424 Larimer Street

    This Gumpop festival features unlimited samples from over thirty breweries, as well as food trucks, street vendors, a themed dance party and costume contest with a live DJ, lawn games, a photo booth, a DIY pretzel necklace station, swag themed and more.

    Belgian beer festival
    September 4
    Bruz beers

    It’s time for the annual Belgian Brew Fest! This year’s shenanigans will run from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. As always, this is an invitation-only festival for breweries. Bruz Beers thinks carefully when deciding who to invite, selecting those from the community that best represent true Belgian-style beers from their variety of offerings. The brewery says it has an impressive lineup of breweries this year: with four food trucks and two bands, you won’t want to miss the first outdoor beer festival of the season. The festival is sold out every year, be sure to get your tickets soon – $ 40 early bird, $ 48 general admission.

    Ska Brewing 25th-26th Anniversary Party
    saturday 4 september

    Like everyone else, Ska Brewing missed its anniversary in 2020 – which was especially sad since it was Durango Brewery’s 25th milestone. So Ska combines her 25th and 26th into one blast featuring beers from 25 breweries and live music from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Pietasters.

    Craft Beer Conference Events
    September 9-12

    While the annual Craft Beer Conference, which has been postponed from spring in San Diego to fall in Denver, is a convention and trade show only for the industry, there are usually dozens of special events and of pats taking place in the city, which could give the weekends a GABF-like feel.

    Get your liters at the 2021 Denver Oktoberfest.DEVELOP

    Get your liters at the 2021 Denver Oktoberfest.

    Denver Oktoberfest

    Denver Oktoberfest
    September 17-19 and 24-26
    Denver downtown

    Organizers of the longtime Denver Oktoberfest celebration in downtown have said the 51st annual Denver Oktoberfest is officially back. Details are coming soon.

    Telluride Brews and Blues Festival
    September 17-19
    Telluride Municipal Park

    This multi-stage celebration of music and craft beer features an eclectic mix of blues, funk, indie, rock, jam band, gospel and soul concerts accompanied by some of the country’s best craft breweries. The festival also features activities for kids, late night club shows, free morning yoga sessions, local and regional food and craft vendors, and much more.

    Suave Party
    Saturday, September 18
    Raíces Brewery

    Suave Fest, which was billed as “America’s premier Latino craft beer festival” in its first iteration two years ago, is returning after a year off due to the pandemic. Focused on owners and professionals of Latin American craft breweries, the festival will feature at least a dozen breweries, including Coal Mine Avenue Brewing, Atrevida Brewing, Dos Luces Brewing, Jade Mountain Brewery, Wah Gwaan Brewing and Lady Justice Brewing. In addition to the beer, there will be six hours of live Latino music, several food trucks, artisans, crafts, cool merchandise and “one of the best vibes the state has to offer,” a declared Raíces.

    Suave Fest focuses on breweries owned by Latinos.DEVELOP

    Suave Fest focuses on breweries owned by Latinos.

    Sarah cowell

    Park Hill Oktoberfest
    Saturday, September 18
    Oneida Park

    This Gumpop festival features unlimited samples from over thirty breweries, as well as food trucks, street vendors, a themed dance party and costume contest with a live DJ, lawn games, a photo booth, a DIY pretzel necklace station, swag themed and more.

    Longmont October Festival
    saturday 25 september
    Roosevelt Park, Longmont

    This annual event, hosted by Left Hand Brewing at Roosevelt Park in Longmont, will only take place one day this year, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Typically family run and packed with all the usual Oktoberfest music, food, beer, and fun, it has included other Longmont breweries in the past as well. Details are yet to be determined.

    Salida is a lovely place for an Oktoberfest.DEVELOP

    Salida is a lovely place for an Oktoberfest.

    Colorado Brewers Guild

    Meeting of the brewers
    saturday 2 october

    The 25th Annual Brewers Rendezvous will take place in 2021, although the date has been pushed back from summer to fall. This annual fundraiser for the Colorado Brewers Guild will take place, as always, at Riverside Park in Salida, but the number of participants will be limited to a lower amount.

    Sloan Lake Oktoberfest
    saturday 2 october
    16th Avenue and Raleigh Street

    This Gumpop festival features unlimited samples from over thirty breweries, as well as food trucks, street vendors, a themed dance party and costume contest with a live DJ, lawn games, a photo booth, a DIY pretzel necklace station, swag themed and more.

    WeldWerks Invitation
    saturday 30 october

    The WeldWerks Invitational brings together 45 of the country’s best breweries serving some of their rarest and most sought-after beers in an intimate and relaxed setting. Expect to see classic breweries like Horus Aged Ales and Jester King, which have been part of the Invitational since year one, fan favorites like Side Project Brewing, and newcomers like HOMES Brewery, Ology Brewing and Equilibrium Brewery, to name a few. Tickets for people who already purchased them for last year’s canceled Invitational will go on sale July 1. The remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public on July 7.

    Keep Westword Free … Since we started Westword, he was defined as the free and independent voice of Denver, and we would like to keep it that way. Providing our readers with free access to cutting edge coverage of local news, food and culture. Producing stories on everything from political scandals to the hottest new bands, with bold reporting, sleek writing, and staff who have won it all, from the Society of Professional’s Sigma Delta Chi Feature Film Writing Award Journalists at the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. But with the existence of local journalism under siege and declines in advertising revenue having a greater impact, it is more important than ever for us to rally our support for funding our local journalism. You can help by participating in our “I Support” membership program, allowing us to continue to cover Denver without paywalls.

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    Grenfell smoke vents show management’s ‘incompetence and indifference’


    The Grenfell Tower smoke control system standard shows the “incompetence and indifference” of the building management organization and its advisers, a public inquiry said.

    Investigation into the June 2017 fire in the West Tower of London, which killed 72 people, found that a fire in the 24-story building in April 2010 revealed some concerns about the self-opening vents ( AOV).

    Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organization (KCTMO) has been appointed by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) to manage its social housing stock.

    Adrian Williamson QC, representing the bereaved, survivors and residents, told the inquest: “The smoke control system (SVS) is yet another story of incompetence and indifference on the part of the TMO and its members. advisers.

    “The SVS has a long and turbulent history dating back to its initial construction of neglect and non-compliance.

    “This story is interrupted by a serious fire in 2010 and the catastrophic fire of 2017.”

    The Grenfell Memorial Wall (Jonathan Brady / PA)

    Resident Sayeda Ahmed eventually inhaled smoke from the April 2010 fire and made his way to the building.

    Mr Williamson said lawyers for RBKC wrote to Ms Ahmed’s legal team stating “that they are prepared to admit that on the date of the fire in which we are concerned, the detection system of ‘fire that was in place at Grenfell Tower was defective and therefore they are prepared to accept responsibility for your customer’s claim’.

    Janice Wray, Health and Safety Advisor at KCTMO, sent an email to the London Fire Brigade (LFB) in which she said ‘in retrospect the delay should have caused us to reflect on any interim measures needed until ” that repairs are carried out. completed and the system was fully operational again ”.

    Mr Williamson described this period mentioned by Ms Wray as a ‘period in which repair work had been necessary, had not progressed, had not been carried out in time and had not been carried out before l ‘April 2010 fire’.

    He told the board of inquiry that none of this information had been passed on to the fire risk assessor and added that “this was a typical example of laxity and bad behavior. TMO management ”.

    Stephanie Barwise QC, also representing the bereaved, survivors and residents, said PSB, a company that has installed a smoke control system in the block, has been given an opportunity to justify their system.

    She said that the PSB had since April 2018 “to explain the basis of its design and yet did not”.

    She added that it is not clear whether the PSB consulted an independent expert to counter the opinions that were given to the investigation.

    People watch the tributes outside the nearby Notting Hill Methodist Church after the Grenfell Tower fire.  (Yui Mok / PA).
    People watch the tributes outside the nearby Notting Hill Methodist Church after the Grenfell Tower fire. (Yui Mok / PA).

    Lee Bennett QC, for PSB, told the investigation that the system the company created for the Grenfell Tower was a reasonable design response and complied with building regulations.

    Looking ahead to the potentially critical expert opinion that could be presented to the inquiry, Bennett added: “The PSB anticipates that some aspects of the future evidence will be difficult for them. “

    He said: “This work has been under intense scrutiny for years now and it may be that some aspects of his work on the Grenfell Tower project could have been done better.”

    He acknowledged that the paperwork and record keeping was “less than optimal” with respect to the test and commissioning process, but PSB believes these issues have been satisfactorily addressed.

    “Our position is that when PSB left the site in April 2016, the system was working as expected,” Bennett said.

    He added that the system was designed “for a fire in a single apartment on a single floor, not to cope with the undeniable catastrophic fire and its devastating consequences which occurred at the Tower on June 14, 2017” .

    Martin Seaward QC, for the Fire Brigades Union, asked the Board of Inquiry to find that firefighting activities were quite as planned in the early stages of the fire and should have been allowed in the design of smoke control systems, but were not.

    He said there were failures in the design, commissioning, installation and maintenance of the smoke control system.

    The work of the firefighters was made “impossible” because of failures in the active and passive fire protection systems inside the tower, according to Seaward.

    He said there were many fire doors that weren’t self-closing or fire resistant, as well as fire controls that didn’t work, so the elevators couldn’t be used. for fire fighting and evacuation. The floor numbers in the stairs and halls were covered and unclear, and the emergency lighting was not working properly.

    The hearing was adjourned to Thursday at 10 a.m.

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    Aizen Power Review: Do Arnold Joyce Male Enhancement Pills Work?


    Aizen Power is a formula created by Arnold P. Joyce, a 47-year-old medical researcher based in Cleveland. It seeks to help men maintain better erections by using natural vitamins and plant ingredients.

    Its creator has always been passionate about plants and their role in maintaining the good health of the human body. He has spent most of his adult life researching how they can help men maintain healthy erections.

    His research led to the creation and eventual manufacture of Aizen Power. The formula was created from a combination of different herbs and vitamins.

    What causes a weak erection?

    Erectile dysfunction or ED has many causes, most of which fall under psychological or physical categories.

    Physical causes

    Erectile dysfunction in older men is commonly attributed to physical causes that can affect the blood vessels and nerves responsible for a normal erection.

    Medical conditions top the list of physical causes. Conditions that can lead to ED:

    Besides medical conditions, there are a host of other physical conditions that can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including:

    • Treatment of prostate problems
    • Certain medications, for example antidepressants
    • Congenital genital problems
    • Substance abuse

    Psychological causes

    A man facing an emotional problem of any kind may not be up to the task, regardless of his age. Common emotional issues are known to lead to erectile dysfunction:

    • Depression
    • Prolonged emotional distress related to social, professional or economic problems
    • Worry about not being able to get and maintain an erection
    • Relationship conflicts

    Aizen Power — The Solution to Weak Erections

    Through his research, Arnold developed Aizen Power, which he markets as a formula to transform your life.

    It is marketed as a formula capable of supporting the health of your erections in a way never seen before. You can trust this formula to work for you as it is:

    • 100% natural: The formula was developed from ingredients obtained from local producers. These growers allow plants to reach full maturity and don’t rely on chemicals to speed up the growing process.
    • 100% efficient: The ingredients are combined in the right proportions, ensuring that their properties are not altered in any way.
    • 100% safe: All the ingredients used to make Aizen Power are processed under strict conditions using state of the art manufacturing equipment.

    Ingredients used to make Aizen Power

    As we mentioned at the start of this review, Aizen Power is a formula created from a blend of many vitamins and herbs.

    Did you know that the plants you eat act as a building block to fuel the body whenever it needs energy stores? This is the same energy used to control the penis.

    People also read: Best Male Enhancement Pills

    Most men with erectile dysfunction choose to follow a diet that they believe will correct erectile dysfunction or prostate problems. Instead of making this mistake, you should choose to eat in a way that will provide your entire body with all the nutritious whole foods it needs to stay healthy. A good diet should provide nutrients to the prostate, penis, and other related sex organs to keep them functioning optimally.

    Whether your concern is erectile dysfunction, low testosterone levels, or prostate health, Aizen Power contains the ingredients needed to dramatically improve your sexual functions.

    They include:

    Every bottle of Aizen Power is made in the USA in a GMP certified and FDA approved facility. The manufacturing process takes place under strict, sterile and precise conditions.

    All capsules are non-GMO and can be used safely by any man, young or old, with erectile dysfunction. The manufacturer wants you to know that they do not contain any harmful toxins or stimulants.

    Benefits of taking Aizen Power

    The company recommends a dose of two capsules per day to end the ED cycle and maintain better erections using this formula; Aizen Power has a few additional benefits. They include:

    • It improves blood circulation throughout the body
    • It stimulates the process of weight loss

    It is not uncommon for erectile dysfunction treatments, creams and pills to have side effects. However, Aizen Power users have not yet reported any side effects resulting from their use of these pills.

    Aizen electricity price and where to buy

    According to the official website, consumers can purchase a thirty-day supply of Aizen Power for just $ 69. It is billed as a one-time fee, allowing you to support normal and strong erections.

    Remember, the product was made from a blend of 100% natural ingredients designed to help you regain your manhood.

    It’s a chance to enjoy the best sex of your life again. Every order placed today comes with free delivery to the United States.

    The pricing information is as follows:

    It is important to note that this formula is only available for sale on the official website. So use this time to pick up your preferred package and enjoy free shipping across the United States. Contact company customer service for account or order information, or email the company with any product questions at:

    • Order Support: https://www.buygoods.com/orderlookup
    • Product support: https://aizenpower.com/help/contact-us.php

    The website says the formula sells out quickly, hence the need to place your order today. However, once available stocks are exhausted, it may take up to 8 months for new stocks to arrive.

    Refund policy

    A sixty day refund policy is available for customers who are not happy with the product or do not notice any results within the allotted time. All customers have to do is contact the company and request a full refund. A refund will be issued regardless of whether you have used all of the pills or not.

    The bottles will be shipped to your home or business within a few business days. You can request your refund by following these steps: Confirm that you are within sixty days from the day Aizen Power was shipped to you. Return the bottles to the company at the following address:

    • 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112.

    Summary of the power of Aizen

    If you are male and have symptoms of erectile dysfunction or prostate problems, Aizen Power can solve these health problems. The formula uses several all-natural ingredients to treat any erectile dysfunction issues you might have and give you a great sex life again.

    To learn more and get your very own bottle of Aizen Power exclusively, visit the official site today.

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    Disclosure of Affiliates:

    Links in this product review may result in a small commission if you choose to purchase the recommended product at no additional cost to you. This serves to support our research and writing team and please be aware that we only recommend high quality products.


    Please understand that the advice or guidelines disclosed here do not even replace, at a distance, sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Be sure to consult a professional physician before making a purchasing decision if you are using any medications or have any concerns as a result of the review details shared above. Individual results may vary because statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The effectiveness of these products has not been confirmed by FDA approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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    Rangers, Celtic last plus Hibs, Hearts, Dundee United and the rest of the SPFL eye movements



    Declan Gallagher officially became an Aberdeen player today as he got down to work on the training ground.

    The Scotland international has signed a pre-contract with Motherwell’s Stephen Glass side and competed in Euro 2020 with the national team.

    Declan Gallagher officially became an Aberdeen player

    But he was back at the Dons training base today as he met his new teammates.

    Gallagher has opened up to Red TV over his decision to join Aberdeen

    He said: “I am delighted to be here.

    “It took a while for me to be announced as an Aberdeen player, although I signed a pre-contact before the end of the season. It has been a long time ! But just delighted to be here now and to meet all the boys, the manager and all the staff.

    “I didn’t have too much free time but that’s how I like it. I had a week to spend time with the family but couldn’t wait to leave. I was training for a month with Scotland so my fitness is still there and I wanted to continue and get off on the right foot with Aberdeen.

    “I chose Aberdeen because it’s a huge club. I think this is a club that is going in the right direction after talking to the manager and hearing his thoughts and ideas and the way he wants to play the game here.

    “It was something that really appealed to me. He managed to attract Scott Brown, one of the biggest names in Scottish football. For me, the club’s stature is another step in the right direction for my career.

    “I feel like defenders don’t thrive until my 30s and I feel like I’m at the top of my game. I was capped older than most, but it shows that every year I get better and better with age. “

    Advisers decide to push for grass cutting at former Showfield farmers in Nairn after discretionary Covid-19 cash allocation

    Nairn Showfield. Photo: James Mackenzie.

    Councilors are to push for mowing the grass at the former Farmers Showfield in Nairn back into the local authority’s work program.

    Grass cutting and other work on the site was announced last week to continue this year after advisers agreed to allocate a share of £ 1,470 of funds from the Covid-19 neighborhood discretionary fund. the region under construction.

    However, it was also made clear that this only applied to this year as the board was unable to make a longer term commitment to ongoing maintenance as it does not own the site. .

    The field is owned by the Farming Society who recently bought a new site at Househill to host their annual show.

    The future of the old exhibition field is uncertain, with previous plans for it to become the base of a new supermarket having been scrapped after objections and housing plans at the far end of the field. Lodgehill Road did not continue.

    Councilor Laurie Fraser said this is an important community asset.

    “The council is looking at all possible opportunities to offload expenses to Nairn’s common good or to remove them from the council’s responsibility if it is not a legal obligation,” he said.

    “Historically, the Farmers Showfield has been used as an open public space and apart from the football activities it is practically a public park. Lawn mowing has been done by the council for over 40 years.

    Nairnshire Council Committee Chairman Tom Heggie said: “As this land does not belong to the Council, the committee recognizes that this funding is a short-term solution and that a solution needs to be found further. long term to ensure grounds maintenance, and lawn mowing at this site may continue beyond the 2021 season.

    “We will discuss this issue at our next committee. “

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